Juvenile probation essay

juvenile probation essay

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Law Rubric, during this time, punishment for juveniles was of their family members. There were no law enforcement officers or aftercare officers. Children had no idea that the juvenile justice system would try to rehabilitate or correct their actions. By 1883, courts became heavily involved in the problems with juveniles. They were concerned about the welfare of its children and the concept of parens patriae was formalized by ex parte Crouse. This gave the courts legal authority to intervene in the lives of children.

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The punishments were whipping, mutilation, banishment, torture and death (Bartollas, 2011). The common law tradition in England stated that children under the age of seven should not face legal penalties. Children between age 7 -14 were held accountable for their actions and were punished accordingly. In English history alone, there were 160-200 children executed for their crimes. Juvenile justice began in the colonial period, with the emphasis of English practices. However, family was the cornerstone of the community and was the source of primary means of social control. We will write a essay custom essay sample. Probation and juvenile justice or any similar topic specifically for you. Do not Waste, your Time, send, by clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. More Essay examples.

Probation and juvenile justice introduction. I will discuss issues regarding juveniles that lead to the development of the juvenile court. I will also discuss how probation was developed and the roles of the probation officer in regards to juveniles. I will also talk about the positive and negative aspects of the juvenile justice system, from my point of view as well as others who work or have worked in the juvenile justice system. The conclusion for the paper will be my thoughts on how to make improvements within the system itself. Probation and juvenile justice. Throughout our history, there has been little emphasis on the needs plan of juveniles. Juveniles that violated the law were typically punished in the same manner as adults. Juveniles as young as seven were subject to the same punishments as adults.

juvenile probation essay

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Profile of the female. Virginia: commission on youth document. Hobbling a generation: young African American Males In The Criminal Justice system Of America's Cities: Baltimore, maryland. Office of juvenile Probation. County of Lancaster, pennsylvania. Testimony by tim Roche, deputy director of the center on juvenile and. Criminal Justice to the louisiana State senate, committee on Judiciary. Retrieved February 20, 2007, from. This paper will include gps information regarding the history of the juvenile justice system.

Both parole and probation programs are made to change the behavioral problems of the offenders. They believe that rehabilitation can be made better to the offenders if they stay in a community than staying in prison. In the parole program, offenders are given the second chance to change their behaviors, as well in the probation program. The offenders tend to learn their lesson after they undergone in this two programs. References: Case Study 1: juvenile court Offers Mentoring Services to youth on Probation. Retrieved February 20, 2007, from p? Tjpc/tyc coordinated Strategic Plan. Practice and Theory of Probation and Parole. . Retrieved February 20, 2007.

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juvenile probation essay

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Juvenile delinquency of the youth is the main product from emotional problems like family problems as well as the financial instabilities of child. They tend to break their moral integrity and thus committing crimes. Drug abuse and sexual pleasures is their final outlet to escape from realities problems. According statement to miller (1992 the national Center on Institutions and Alternatives (ncia) showed a report that almost 42 of the population of African American minorities in Washington dc is subjected to juvenile delinquency cases. While in louisiana, a total of 1,407 youth committed juvenile delinquency. The portion of 238 youth (17) were committed for physical attack succession; 24 (1.7) for homicide; 139 (9.8) for robbery; and 107 (7.6) for sex offenses.

Because of the alarming news and impact of juvenile delinquency in the society, today's the government of United States made a program to lessen the impacts and cases of juvenile delinquency. Children who commits the case were been rehabilitate in a rehabilitation center to put in to realization the crime they had committed and how to escape from the disorder of their behaviors. Parole and probation are both part of the rehabilitation program. Dressler (1959) defined parole as the release of the delinquent outside the rehabilitation center under supervision of a parole officer. The release is unconditional and the behavior of the delinquent is being monitored. While probation is the release of the delinquent to the community in which he can rehabilitate his behavior better. The delinquent under parole program had stayed in the rehabilitation center.

They ways that they are different is the first journal talks about the different types of juvenile probation that a youth can face if the court ordered. The second journal talks about the independent and dependent variables of why each certain role can play either a negative positive outcome in the way the juvenile acts in life and where they are places for probation. References juvenile Probation Law and Legal Defenition. Retrieved June 13, 2011, from http definitions. Retrieved June 13, 2011, from http www. Slonim-nevo,., anson,.

Evaluating practice: does it improve treatment outcome? Social Work research, 22(2. Juvenile Probation on the eve of the next Millennium. Federal Probation, 63(2. Merriam Webster Definition Probation. Retrieved June 13, 2011, from merriam-webster. We will writustom essay sample. African-American juvenile Probation and Parole, for only.90/page, order Now. Juvenile delinquency is the act when a person ranging from ages of 10 through 17 years commits crime in the society.

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The experimental group received psychosocial intervention and evaluation, by single-case design, and the control group received psychosocial intervention only. (Slonim-nevo,., anson,. The dependent variables goes a little more in death with several variables like, self-esteem, relations with pees, mother and father along with juvenile interactions, anger, and level of functioning in recent months. They all tie in one way or another. This tells the courts guaranteed if the juvenile is able to be on probation or not. When I compare the two journals they both pretty much reach the same conclusion that revelation the probation system is effective. The ways that they are the same is that they both deal with ways that a juvenile can face and what they could go into if the court ordered.

juvenile probation essay

The camps teach them that there is a life outside of crime. Also, it teaches the young juvenile order and discipline in life. When the offender returns back to society it is the hope that they will continue to do the right things in life. This is not advantages quit an effective way for probation since it is expensive to house the offender. Another reason why this way is not an effective way in the probation system is since after the juvenile returns back to society the boot camp has now control of who the juvenile hangs out with. They may end up hanging out with the same crowd that they did before. In the second journal that I read evaluating Practice involved the study of two types of variables the independent variable and dependent variable on why and why the juvenile probation is and is not effective. The first thing that this journal brings up is the independent variable. The independent variable in this study was the use of single-case design as a factor affecting treatment outcome.

type is for the offenders who commit more serious offenses like armed robbery or murder of more than one person. This makes the youth offender have to attend more meetings with their probation officer. Instead of once a month meeting he or she might have to meet with their probation once a week. Along with meeting their officer more the courts set tougher guidelines that the youth will have to follow like not being able to leave home outside of school. The third and final probation that is effective in todays society would be the method of juvenile boot Camps the high risk violent offenders. Juvenile boot Camps are intended for the worst offenders that commit violent crimes like again murder. Juvenile boot camps emphasize strong discipline, modeled on military programs, and a strict physical conditioning regimen. The typical program is aimed at non-violent offenders, and involves a 3-month commitment followed by after-care (Peterson, 1996). Boot camps teach the offender that he or she is there for one reason and that they are not there by choice.

The first which would be dealing with the traditional approach to real probation. Traditional probation deals with the simple way to handle probation these cases are usually simple offenses committed by the juvenile. Cases like this range from a simple underage drinking charge to a small gang affiliation charge. The first step in this process would be that the courts would assign a probation officer to them and their certain case. The courts can set how many times a month the youth offender has to see his or her probation officer. They can also set what types of restrictions that the youth will have to abide to or else he or she may have to have other penalties that again the court sets will set for them. In these cases restrictions may but do not all ways include punishments like curfews, urine drug tests, or community service. If the youth offender has a more serious charge against them they may face the second type of probation intensive supervision probation.

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Evaluating the purpose and Effectiveness of juvenile Probation Matthew Wilson juvenile justice 113 06/13/2011 The effectiveness of juvenile today can be categorized into several things like with the specific programs that are offered to juvenile offenders and the different level of crime that they commit. This essay is revelation going to talk about the different types of probation programs, the purpose of juvenile probation, and if they are effective or not. Although, i am going to only list a few today there are more out there that i am not going to talk about today. According to georgia courts (USlegal. Com, 2011) the purpose of juvenile probation is to give a form of a sentencing to young juveniles so they do not have to leave their own community. However, the courts can put certain stipulations on the juvenile to where they may have a curfew, where they have to report to their probation officer on a certain day in the month, attend classes on a regular basis, and most importantly staying out. In the first article that I read from journal of juvenile Probation System on the eve of the new Millennium for Federal courts (Corbett. 1999) is that it talks about the three main types of juvenile probation.

Juvenile probation essay
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  3. The juvenile justice system And Its Policys Criminology Essay. Juvenile justice information exchange juvenile justice. Several kids reportedly kept in solitary conditions for. Free probation essays and papers 123helpme.

  4. Search Term Papers, college Essay examples and Free essays on m responsibilities of the Office of juvenile Probation. According to Traci meredith, houston county juvenile Probation. View this term paper on juvenile Probation Programs a comparison Contrast. Order a custom Written Essay. Standard juvenile probation requires the wrongdoer to go to regular meetings with a probation officer.

  5. Over the years, juvenile probation has moved from social workers working with youth on court. Read this essay on juvenile diversion. Juvenile diversion and probation are methods to rehabilitate offenders. This gives the court sentencing discretion, such as probation under guardianship, placement. This example juvenile justice system Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only.

  6. Write my essay on probation court officer. Juvenile Probation Essay example for Freejuvenile Probation Essay. Office of juvenile Probation. County of Lancaster, pennsylvania. Just send your request for getting no plagiarism essay. Juvenile probation is not a new practice, but one that is always getting refined.

  7. Probation and juvenile justice - law Essay example. More law, Childhood Essay topics. During this time, punishment for juveniles was of their family members. This 967 word juvenile probation essay example includes a title, topic, introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. This essay is going to talk about the different types of probation programs, the purpose of juvenile probation, and if they are effective or not.

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