Alan watts bibliography

alan watts bibliography

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The following books are some of the major works of religious science fiction. They represent a variety of viewpoints, from atheistic to devoutly religious. 1931 The weigher of souls Andre maurois 1951 The Illustrated Man ray bradbury 1958 a case of Conscience james Blish 1959 a canticle for leibowitz walter. Miller 1962 The Eleventh Commandment Lester del rey 1962 Stranger in a strange land Robert. Heinlein 1962 Something Wicked This way comes ray bradbury 1967 The last Starship From Earth John boyd 1968 The masks of Time robert Silverberg 1972 The missionaries. Compton 1979 The fountains of Paradise Arthur.

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Sammons (Greenwood Press, 1988). Focuses primarily on Christian fantasy via criticism/commentary. Chesterton In the Image of God: Theme, characterization, and Landscape in the fiction of Orson Scott Card - by michael. Collings (Greenwood Press, 1990). Lewis: Christian and Storyteller - by beatrice gormley. Lewis The man his Message - by various Latter-day saint writers including neal. Top and others Glorificemus: a study of the fiction of Walter. By rose secrest (University Press of America, 2002) Some major Religious-themed novels Most science fiction novels touch upon religious themes to varying degrees. This may be simply by including generally human issues such as writing morality or summary ethics as thematic elements, or it may be by explicitly portraying religious characters, cultures, and institutions. "Religious science fiction" is a sub-genre in the speculative fiction genre which includes fiction in which explicitly religious topics such as organized religion, god, life after death, etc. Are major thematic elements.

Includes fantasy, sf, and horror. Stories by McSherry, silverberg, Charteris, dozois,. Harris, hoch, jonas, jack london, robert louis Stevenson, wagner, wellen,. It is interesting to note that many authors have fiction which appears in more than one of these religiously-oriented anthologies. Boucher and Silverberg have the most: their work appears in four anthologies each. Asimov, card, hoch, lacoe, and Malzberg all have work which appears in three of these anthologies. These may be authors with more particular interest in writing about religious topics. Works of Commentary and Literary Criticism about Religious SF/F legs This is a very incomplete list, but it includes works which address the writing of the four most prominent religious science fiction writers: Lewis, tolkien, Chesterton and Card. "a better country the worlds of Religious Fantasy and Science fiction - by martha.

alan watts bibliography

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Authors include maureen Duffy, allan Gurganus, joyce carol Oates, michele roberts, james Morrow, david Plante, john wakeman, bapsi sidhwa, and many others. Jewish Sci-fi stories for Kids,. (Pitspopany Press, 1999. Stories by Stephanie burgis; Eliot Fintushel; Miriam paper Baskin; Dan pearlman; Mark Blackman. Greenberg and Charles. Stories by McSherry, bloch, Asimov, boucher, cartmill, derleth, gibbon, nathaniel Hawthorne, hoch,. Kornbluth, murray leinster, Price, quinn, wellman, yarbro, beaumont.

Stories by diane walton, jason Kapalka, donna farley, peter Watts, van Begamudre, jena Snyder, Erik. Spigel, Brent Buckner, Allan Lowson, louise marley, ursula Pflug, Claude-michel Prevost, sandra. Riedel, keith Scott, Steve stanton, mary woodbury, and MacGregor. God: An Anthology of Fiction,. Stephen hayward and Sarah Lefanu. Short stories (not necessarily. F.) from authors with religious backgrounds incl. Zoroastrian, jewish, catholic, muslim, others.

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alan watts bibliography

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Smith, tilton, Urrutia, weyland, james. Wright., and Bruce young. Greeley michael Cassutt (Tor, 1991). Featuring stories by james Blish, jack Mcdevitt, robert Silverberg, michael Cassutt, nancy Kress, james Patrick kelly, jeff Duntemann, gene wolfe, boucher, Greeley, walter. Miller., and. Washed by a wave of Wind,. Shayne bell (Signature books, 1994).

Latter-day saint/Utah science fiction. Featuring essay by barbara hume, and stories by dave wolverton, nicita, fogg, cummings, bell, diana lofgran Hoffman, Shunn,. Worthen, diann Thornley, gifford, dalton-woodbury, virginia ellen baker, harmon, boyer, doering, Glenn. Anderson, lyn Worthen, bezzant, pendleton and Orson Scott Card. Susan MacGregor (Turnstone Press, 1998). Canadian spiritual, religious sf/f.

Kube-McDowell, mel Gilden, Gregory benford, Craig Shaw Gardner, Shariann Lewitt, damien Broderick, suzette haden Elgin, Alan ryan, Charles. Grant and Brian Aldiss. Ldsf: Science fiction by and for Mormons,. Scott Smith and Vickie smith (Thousand oaks, calif.: Millennial Productions, 1982). Stories by Abbott, Absher, bentley, collings, duncan, evenson, gillum, hurst, lacoe, lankin, littke, newell, reeve, stephen Scott, Urrutia, and Vestal.

Ldsf 2: Latter-day science fiction,. Benjamin Urrutia (Ludlow, massachusetts: Parables, 1985). Stories by Graffam, haddad, hagios, lacoe, menashy, mykals, Shunn, Scott. Smith, Straubhaar, and weyland. Ldsf 3: Latter-day science fiction,. Benjamin Urrutia (Ludlow, massachusetts: Parables, 1987). Stories by bates, card, collings, cutler, gillum, heimerdinger, lacoe, salmon, Scott.

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Gold, pamela sargent, bernard Malamud, Sheckley, isaac Bashevis Singer, Ellison and Tim Kirk. More wandering Stars,. Featuring stories by Asimov, gotlieb, malzberg, gold, mel Gilden, harvey jacobs, hugh Nissenson, singer, haldeman, woody Allen, cynthia ozick, dann, howard Schwartz, ellison and dozois. The new Awareness: Religion Through Science fiction,. Greenberg and Patricia. Stories by Sturgeon, zelazny and others. Alan ryan (New York: Warner books, 1982). Stories by silverberg, tanith lee, daniel Gilbert, lafferty, richard Bowker, Alan dean Foster, Steve rasnic Tem,. Paul Wilson, joel Rosenberg, Gregg keizer, Frank ward, hilbert Schenck, night nicholas Yermakov, michael.

alan watts bibliography

Clarke, john Brunner, john Brunner, Anthony boucher, lester del rey, damon Knight and Bradbury. Roger Elwood (Pocket, sep '74). Stories review by george zebrowski,. Grasty, terry dixon, rachel Cosgrove payes, barry. Malzberg, kidd, Lloyd Biggle,., Elwood, james Howard, john. Thomas and Richard. Dann (Harper row, 1974). Featuring stories by Asimov, davidson, carr, silverberg, horace.

henry kuttner, lee sutton, winston. Sanders, Philip Jose farmer, Arthur.

Roger Elwood (Concordia, 1973). Featuring an introduction and plan essay by roger lovin, and stories by lovin, george. Smith, raylyn moore, dean. Koontz, clancy o'brien, leigh Brackett, raymond. Jones, gail Kimberly, barry. Malzberg, and Thomas. Chronicles of a comer and Other Religious Science fiction Stories,.

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Return to m/lit m/lit/ has extensive resources for the study of biography religious science fiction and fantasy. The resources available here include an extensive database with over 20,000 categorized citations from speculative fiction novels and stories, as well as summary pages derived from the database. A list of authors, grouped by religious affiliation, is also available. This page provides some reference to selected external resources: books and selected external web sites helpful in the study of religious sf/f. The list of religious science fiction/fantasy anthologies provided here is fairly extensive. The list of novels, however, only includes selected, major works of this sub-genre. See also: Science fiction featuring Various Specific Religions. Novels links, anthologies of Religious Science fiction/Fantasy, flame Tree planet.

Alan watts bibliography
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  2. Julia bolton Holloway, julian of Norwich and Other Mystics, bibliography. Note that this is a comprehensive bibliography. No attempt has been made to sort out scholarly, journalistic, business, military or student documents, though there is some annotation. Help and advice for a carmarthenshire bibliography If you have found a problem on this page then please report it on the following form. We will then do our best to fix.

  3. He is the principal investigator of the new Horizons mission to Pluto and the Chief Scientist at moon Express. Bibme free bibliography 2) organize url links. Bibliography for civil War Arkansas books. The civil War diary of a minnesota volunteer, henry Ahsenmacher. Paul, mn: Minnesota genealogical Society, 1990). Major religious science fiction novels and anthologies, and link to religious science fiction websites.

  4. Alan Wilson Watts w ɒ t s 16 november 1973) was a british philosopher who interpreted and popularised Eastern philosophy for a western audience. Born in Chislehurst, England, he moved to the United States in 1938 and began Zen training in New York. Visit m's Alan Watts Page and shop for all Alan Watts books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Alan Watts. Sol Alan Stern (born november 22, 1957) is an American engineer and planetary scientist.

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