After meeting report

after meeting report

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Wrap Up, all in all, i had a great experience at the Open, even though, from an objective standpoint, my 1884 total was less than I thought I would have put up on my worst day. To be fair, i think i could have pulled something in the 780-790 range, which would have put me over 1900, and it was a long day with a lot of challenges. More than anything, Im proud of my mental performance. At Boss of Bosses last year I backed into a win after crumbling mentally before even my opening squat attempt, and this year, despite a more difficult weight cut, training injuries, and higher stakes, i kept my cool almost the entire time. To me, that shows real growth as both a lifter and a person. Thank you, i could not have done any of this without all of the incredible help and support I received from all of my friends and family. My girlfriend Staci saved the entire meet at 4:30 on Saturday morning. Jacob called nine perfect attempts and was coaching on another level entirely.

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I opened with a slow 374, followed that with an even slower 391, and, knowing that I needed at least a little more to stay competitive, dug deep mentally and finished with a 396 final attempt. Terrible numbers but given my training, they were all the right calls. I was.5 kilos behind John and.5 kilos behind Anthony going into deadlifts. Deadlift, fortunately, the deadlift is my lift, and my deadlift training had been on point all prep. I think this video with 772 from my final session tells the story better than I could: so, we opened at 715, to tie johns total and take the lead in Wilks on bodyweight with (I weighed in.1 kilos less than him). That was the heaviest pull of the final flight, so it put me in the best possible position. Jacob got to make all my attempt selections after the rest of the lifters, so he could pick the exact number I needed to win, and thats what happened on my second attempt of 755. When John and Anthony both missed their third attempts, i was able to go yolo on my third to try to beat Ed coans all-time world record of 791 and become the first person under 181 to deadlift 800. I thought I had the lift all the way until halfway up my thigh when my grip suddenly gave out. Still, 40,000 and best lifter wasnt a bad consolation prize, and even the chance to take that big of a record on that big of a stage was something special.

I think that threw me off just a bit. My second attempt was slower than Id have liked, so we called a much more conservative 733 squat on daddy my third — five pounds below my meet pr but something that I could hit ten times out of ten. Since john and Anthony hobaica both narrowly missed their second squats, 733 would still be enough for the win on that lift. Chris cranked the Kraits hard on that attempt, and i knew I had the lift as soon as I started the descent. I got so much bounce out of the hole that I didnt even feel the weight on the way. John finished with a 722 squat, giving me a 5-kilo lead going into the bench. I have almost nothing to say about bench. I hadnt trained with over 315 in three weeks, so we took 10-kilo jumps warming up from 264 to 352.

after meeting report

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I went to bed at 207. Ultimately, i think the cut had only a minuscule impact on my performance and put me in a great position to win the meet. Strategy, meet day, i woke up on meet day feeling pretty great. I didnt sleep all that well, but I never do the night before a meet, and I felt I had enough energy to perform near my best. I got to the venue pretty early to give myself plenty of time to warm up and chat with John haack, whos a super cool guy and a ton of fun to share the same platform. I didnt get to talk as much with most of the other competitors, but there were some fantastic energy and consummate professionalism across the board, and I was proud to compete with everyone there. Squat, squat warm-ups felt perfect. Chris Duffin was generous enough to offer to wrap my knees, and, having self-wrapped throughout my entire meet prep, it made a huge difference. We had originally projected a 751 squat to take the American record, but there was some confusion on the platform before my second attempt at 716 that started when biography Chris had already half-finished wrapping my knees.

Unfortunately, i ran out of hot water after about 30 minutes. My girlfriend Staci had to find a sauna open at 4:30 in the morning so that I could sweat out the last eight pounds — much more difficult conditions than the typical hot bath that I prefer. She did, but it took so long for me to sweat the weight out that we only just made it to the venue before the 10 am cutoff for morning weigh-ins. Physically, i still felt fine at this point, but mentally, between the hot water fiasco and the tight timing, i was so wrecked that I just started laughing when I finally weighed in.2 kilos. Because the 90-kilo and up guys lifted the day before, i wouldnt even have been able to compete had I missed weight. I chose to rehydrate with an iv this time, and by noon (two hours after weigh-ins i felt 100. Fortunately, i had the rest of the day to eat and rest.

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after meeting report

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So for four of the last six weeks of my meet prep, i was benching less than 315. I knew Id just have to take whatever was there on bench, that it would be an awful number, and Id have to make up the difference on deadlift. Recent: How I'm Training for the 2017 us open Powerlifting Championships. I also struggled with my knee wraps leading into the meet. Gracie made it very clear that the judges wouldnt be giving any slack on depth calls, and I had been training with some extremely aggressive wraps that gave me great support and rebound but made it almost impossible for me to sink even 95 loads.

So i switched to the elitefts Kraits, which give just as much rebound with less casting, making depth much easier but changing the feel of the descent just enough so that I needed another two weeks or so of practice before actually getting comfortable with. Unfortunately, i didnt have that luxury, so we just had to plan to win the squat and not worry about putting up records that very well might have been there on meet day. Weight Cut, ill write up a very detailed article about my approach to cutting weight later, but for now, Ill just mention that until the day write of weigh-ins, i felt great. I trained around 210 pounds for most of my meet prep and dropped down to 205 about two weeks out my reducing my carb intake by half. Then, with a typical sodium and water load, i managed to get down to 190 by the morning of weigh-ins. I left any sweating for that morning because i wanted to be at weight for as little time as possible to have the least impact on my performance.

Looking Forward, we wrapped up with a presentation of the scheduled dates and locations for the next few iso c standards committee meetings (meeting information link included where available august 2-7, 2010: Rapperswil, Switzerland. November 8-13, 2010: Batavia, illinois, usa, march 21-26, 2011: Madrid, Spain, finally, heres a copy of summary slide i presented, which will also be in the post-meeting mailing. Heres to C11 (we hope)! First of all, this was an amazing experience, and Im still running through everything that happened yesterday over and over again in my head. Ill probably need to make a follow-up post later in the week to share some of the things ive forgotten to write here, but I wanted to get as much as possible while its still fresh in my mind.

Second, to me, by far the most important part of this meet report is thanking everyone who helped me in every aspect of my training. Ive written about the importance of having a team before, but yesterday drove it home for me in a new way. That said, most of you probably are more interested in the other stuff, so ive left that for the end! Finally, i want to congratulate, joe sullivan on placing second in the super-competitive heavyweight division, walking away with 10,000 in prize money, and putting up a monstrous squat while still a junior. The guys incredible, and if you dont follow his training log, you need to fix that now. Lead Up, ive already written about my training strategy going into the meet, and what ive learned from my meet prep, but I didnt share a few things for competitive reasons. First, six weeks out from the meet, i tore my pec — a minor injury, but I had some nice bruising, and it was a full two weeks from then until I could bench again. Fortunately, tammy from Kinetix Body Science helped me rehab it and within four weeks of the injury, i was able to handle 90 loads again. I then promptly re-aggravated.

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Heres the concise summary from the core working group report by Steve adamczyk (of edg fame and longtime core working group chair we discussed two things related to exception specifications: noexcept (N3050 and deprecating exception specifications (N3051). There was some spirited discussion of what happens when you violate a promise not to throw. In the end, we decided that in such a circumstance terminate gets called, and its unspecified whether any cleanup reviews is done for local variables between the throw point and the point of the violated noexcept. Its believed that for efficient implementations of exception handling a noexcept will not add any overhead and will not restrict optimization opportunities. The old-style exception specifications, including the throw form, will now be deprecated. The library specification needs to be updated to use noexcept instead, and that wont happen at this meeting. Note that the decision to call terminate is not final and alternatives will be considered at future meetings. There was general (but not universal) agreement that the program should not be allowed to continue executing if a noexcept is violated because in that case the program will almost certainly be in a corrupt state, and so the consensus was in favor of guaranteeing.

after meeting report

By removing it from C0x, it removes the maintenance burden of being forced to support export indefinitely to maintain full standards conformance (though of course edg will continue to support it as an extension in their compiler front end for however long seems right phone based. The committee agreed, and today voted to remove export entirely from C0x. The export keyword is still reserved for future use, but has no defined meaning in the C0x standard. Deprecated Exception Specifications, Added noexcept, as also considered at our previous meeting, this week we went ahead and deprecated throw-specifications (e.g., throw throw( Base, derived1 ). For rationale, see the two background references referred to in the proposal, one of which is an article by me: As noted in the second reference, a non-inline function is the one place a throws nothing. E., throw exception-specification may have some benefit with some compilers. Because this would have some utility, there is a replacement for empty exception-specifications the noexcept keyword, which has the basic use syntax void f noexcept. It optionally takes a compile-time constant true/false expression that if true means the noexcept is in force, which helps libraries to write efficient overloads. This feature will be written about for years to come, but thats the basic idea.

the meeting that are likely of general interest, finally adopting changes weve contemplated before. Removed Export Template, as I reported after the last meeting ( here and here the committee considered the question of whether to deprecate, remove, or leave in the export template feature. For context, the only reason were even considering this is because Edison Design Group (edg the only company to ever implement export, is recommending export be removed or deprecated. Recall that back in the 1990s the committee originally voted the feature in over edgs objections in the first place, then in the late 1990s and early 2000s edg graciously and gallantly went on to invest enormous effort to implement the feature in order. However, given the passage of time, edg reports that their experience in the field has been that nearly no one actually uses the feature, and that it would be right (and okay with edg) to deprecate or remove. At our previous meeting, the general sentiment was in favor of deprecation only. However, at this meeting edg reported that they would prefer the feature to be removed rather than just deprecated, because a deprecated feature is still part of the standard and required for conformance.

Here are some highlights of what happened today, which was another landmark in the progression of the C0x standard. Approved Final Committee draft (FCD) for C0x. The biggest news is that this afternoon we voted in the final remaining feature changes to C0x, and to much applause then unanimously approved the text for international ballot as a final Committee draft (FCD). Fcd means that, assuming no surprises, we intend to do only bug fixes and editorial corrections for the next year or so, and then ballot a final standard. If we can do that, assuming all goes well, C0x could officially be published as soon as next year as iso c 2011, and we can stop with the x-is-hex jokes and just start calling it C11. This is a big milestone, and it was achieved thanks to removing a couple biography of controversial features last summer and a whole lot of work by the iso c committee members over the past six months in particular. That work includes countless hours spent between our full face-to-face meetings at face-to-face ad-hoc meetings to swat library bugs, teleconferences on resolving core language questions, and triple-digit person-hours invested in four teleconferences during December-February purely about c and C compatibility that have greatly helped. All in all, your committee members have put in an enormous amount of effort to bring this in, and the draft is in far better shape for this meeting than anyone could have expected last summer.

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Note: i usually post trip reports after the public post-meeting mailing goes live a few weeks after the meeting, so that I can provide links to minutes and papers. This time, i wanted to post the report right away to share the news. If youre interested in the post-meeting papers, including the official minutes, watch the 2010 papers page which is where they will appear in a few weeks. The iso c committee met in Pittsburgh, pa, business usa on March 8-13, 2010, hosted by the. Cert software Engineering Institute at, carnegie mellon University. As usual, about 50 experts attended, and we had eight official national body delegations from Canada, finland, France, netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States. The meeting just concluded a few minutes ago (yes, the meetings run through Saturday afternoon).

After meeting report
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  4. After the draft for comment goes out. Posted on September 21, 2017September 21, 2017 by Grahame Grieveposted in meeting Report, uncategorizedleave a).

  5. As I reported after the last meeting (here and here the committee. Heres the concise summary from the core working group report by Steve adamczyk (of. Second, to me, by far the most important part of this meet report is thanking everyone who helped me in every aspect of my training. After a formal objective and subjective evaluation campaign, mpeg selected three technologies as starting points for the test. After the meeting, the event organizers will be asked to submit a report within 3 weeks after the meeting.

  6. Meeting, exploring ways in which the. After meeting in break-out. After spending a lot of time with real estate types, he is admittedly very excited to get out and venture. 24 thoughts on, meeting, report : Sunday, march. You can email Office document report 1 and 2 after the meeting. These 2 reports take snapshots of the voting result graph and convert them.

  7. If you want the video to be available on demand, make sure make video on demand available after the meeting. The meeting report includes Session IDs. This is a discussion on Bangalore t-bhp photo meet report. It was nice meeting up with all of you guys and of course we thrilled ourselves. This report presents summaries of the sessions that took place during the Global Risks.

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