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tivoli resume

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Issue id 0403766: When using the Traffic Management load Balancing set Up NetScaler for XenApp/XenDesktop wizard, applying the application firewall policies through the security settings will result in erroneous condition. Issue id 0409057: When using the Traffic Management load balancing set Up NetScaler for XenApp/XenDesktop wizard, you get a distorted view of the published resources when you apply the application firewall settings in the security section. Issue id 0411152: When you use the Traffic Management load balancing set Up NetScaler for XenApp/XenDesktop wizard, applying the Optimization settings makes applications and desktops unavailable when StoreFront is accessed through a vpn. Workaround: do not apply the optimization settings. Issue id 0446549: After you set the sso domain (Single sign-on Domain) value, the value is not displayed on the configuration utility when you navigate to security aaa application Traffic settings change Global Settings. Issue id 0447077: When you create a monitor using the graphical user interface and choose the default browse option to select the in-built monitor scripts from the /nsconfig/monitors folder, the folder does not display any scripts to choose. Issue id 0449229: The configuration utility includes an option to enable net Profile when you create a storeFront monitor, but that option should not be enabled for a storeFront monitor.

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To check whether your NetScaler appliance or vpx has the correct default setting, log onto the netScaler command line and type the following command:show appfw jsoncontentType If your NetScaler appliance has the default content type set, you should see the following response or something similar. Issue id 0374304: If you access the configuration utility through Internet Explorer 9 or 10 and rename a virtual server, a no such resource error message appears, even if the rename operation is successful. Workaround: Use the mouse to click the ok button, instead of the pressing the enter key on the keyboard. Issue id 0374437: If, when using the configuration utility to configure the netScaler appliance, you press AltTab to switch between programs, the current dialog box might disappear, hidden behind the main configuration utility screen. To reach the dialog box, press AltTab a second time. Issue id 0388534: If you access the netScaler configuration utility from the Start screen on a windows 8 machine, the java based configuration views are not displayed. Workaround: Switch to the desktop screen to display java based configuration views. Microsoft Windows 8 does not support plug-ins on the Start screen, and therefore java cannot run on the Start screen. For more information, see m/en/download/faq/win8_faq. Xml Issue id 0389328: If you use the google Chrome browser to access the netScaler configuration utility, and the monitor resolution is low, you might not be able to use the mouse to scroll the screen. Workaround: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to scroll the screen.

Application Firewall Issue id 0364134: Globally bound auditing syslog policies under Application Firewall are not displayed when you perform the Show Bindings operation on the configuration utility. This issue is observed only in a cluster business setup. Workaround: The bindings are visible in the command line interface by using the show system global command. Issue id 0372768: If you use the default browser pdf plugin to view an application firewall report, embedded links might be inactive. Workaround: Use the Adobe pdf browser plugin. Issue id 0399596: When you update the application firewall signatures from the netScaler command line, you must update the default signatures first, and then issue additional update commands to update each custom signatures file that is based on the default signatures. If you do not update the default signatures first, a version mismatch error prevents updating of the custom signatures files. For example, if you had two sets of custom signatures, named custom_signatures and custom_signatures_2, that were based on copies of the default signature file, you would update the signatures on your NetScaler appliance by issuing the following commands: update appfw signatures default Signatures" update appfw. The default json content type is configured when version.1 (121.1) is installed on new hardware or in a new vps.

tivoli resume

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Issue id 0436798: The netScaler appliance might fail to respond if an icmp error causes the packet engine to enter a loop and thereby resulting in roles a pitboss process failure. Known Issues and Workarounds aaa application Traffic Issue id 0435529: When the netScaler adc is configured to use aaa with saml authentication, and it receives a response from the idp, it reformats the response in standard saml format. (This process is sometimes called "canonicalizing" the response.) The adc might not reformat saml samlp: response namespace prefix tags correctly because it expects saml: assertion format, which results in failure of digest verification. To work around this issue, you must remove the namespace prefixes definition, as described in this url: ml AppFlow Issue id 0388563: The following behavior occurs during a high availability failover on a netScaler appliance that has active ica session applications business launched: The applications stop. Citrix Receiver displays a dialog box, stating that the connection is disconnected. When you click ok in the dialog box, the applications disappear. If you launch any fresh applications without logging off and then logging back on, all the previously launched applications resume with their previous status. Issue id 0396892: Sometimes, the AppFlow exporter may not export the correct information due to which the client ip address is displayed incorrectly on the netScaler Insight Center dashboard.

Ssl issue id 0235990: If you upgrade to this build, the number of ssl chips for which the status is shown as up on an mpx 21550 platform with 36 chips is less than the actual number of chips that are. This is only a reporting issue. System Issue id 0397587: The mptcp data_ack signal is not sent in the subflow in which the mp_fail signal is sent. Issue id 0432728: A signed short integer overflow can occur during packet processing. Subsequent packets are corrupted. Issue id 0439579: If large number of small packets are sent through the packet processing pipeline, the packet engine enters a loop and restarts, causing a pitboss failure. Issue id 0435796: When Call Home is enabled, duplicate snmp traps are generated for power supply unit (PSU) failures.

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tivoli resume

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The netScaler instance might intermittently show the status of the member interfaces as Error-Disabled (in the command line) or down (in the configuration utility). Workaround: Log on to the netscaler instance and execute the following command on the interface that is shown as Error-disabled: enable interface interface_id (eg. Enable interface 1/1) Issue id 0396252: If you specify secure-only access on a netScaler instance, single sign-on to that instance from the management Service user interface is not successful. Issue id 0399630: If you use the management Service to bind a new interface to an lacp channel, the member interfaces of the channel are reset. As a result, the traffic is not evenly distributed among the interfaces in the channel.

Networking Issue id 0423856: For a load balancing configuration in which an ipv6 virtual server is used to load balance ipv6 servers, if the netScaler appliance processes clients final ack of the tcp handshake and the first data packets in the same io cycle, the. Platform Issue id 0395280: The mpx 11515/11520/11530/11540/11542 platform now supports NetScaler release.1 build 124.x. Issue id 0435200: If you try to form a cluster of mpx 22040, mpx 22060, mpx 22080, mpx 22100, and mpx 22120 appliances, the appliance on which you issue the join cluster command performs a core dump and restarts. As a result, that appliance is not added to the cluster. Policies Issue id 0414552: The netScaler appliance may fail to respond if it does not have sufficient memory during the execution of an xml_decrypt function in a policy expression. Issue id 0442807: A memory leak in the xml_decrypt policy function causes all of the netScaler memory to be used. This results in the unavailability of memory to perform other operations.

Issue id 0429538: If you add a new service group, the soap api query for show servicegroup might fail. Issue id 0440406: If you have added a backup virtual server on release.x, the configuration is lost after you upgrade to release.1. Issue id 0433324: If you configure an http_ecv monitor with a response string, and the response arrives in multiple packets, the netScaler appliance might not parse the response correctly. As a result, a monitoring probe to the appliance fails and services are marked down. Load Balancing/Responder Issue id 0432790 (nCore, mpx15000 On a netScaler mpx15000 appliance that has the load balancing and responder features enabled, and has a load balancing policy that includes both the eck_limit and dy statements, a complex cascade of events might cause the appliance.

To work around this issue, you can either rewrite the configuration to separate the eck_limit and dy statements into two separate policies, or operate the netScaler appliance on a single core. Monitoring Issue id 0301570: Transparent monitors are now combined with the functionality of an arp monitor. This avoids the need to bind a separate monitor to incorporate reachability as part of the health status. Without an arp monitor, up services could not transition to down when the next hop failed. NetScaler Insight Center Issue id 0414155: If you move columns and refresh the page, the column ordering is sometimes reset to default. Issue id 0424610: On the dashboard, the table that appears when you navigate tohdx insight gateways might display a blank desktop name. Issue id 0439992: The hdx insight dashboard displays the host delay as server-side netScaler delay. NetScaler sdx appliance Issue id 0370574: After you create, modify or delete an lacp channel, one of the member interfaces might temporarily stop transmitting.

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Issue id 0417872: If Edge mode is long disabled, the state of the name-based service group member appears as unknown although the server represented by the service group member is reachable. Issue ids 04208537: If a netScaler appliance receives a request for which a session does not already exist, the appliance creates a session and designates one of the packet engines (PEs) as the session owner. Subsequent requests that belong to that session might not always arrive at and be handled by the owner pe (for example, pe1). If such a request arrives at another pe (for example pe2 that pe (PE2) gets the information from the owner pe (PE1). Now, the cached session is present in PE2 and the owned session is present in PE1. Because of a timing issue, the information in PE1 is cleared before the cached entry in PE2. As a result, different session entries are created for the same client on PE1 and PE2 and source ip persistence might not work correctly. Issue id 0421411: If you rename an autoscaling service group, the netScaler appliance might fail.

tivoli resume

DataStream, issue ids 04411300: A pluggable authentication request causes the handshake to fail. A netScaler adc does not support pluggable authentication requests. Domain Name system, issue id 0376662: The netScaler appliance might fail in the following set of circumstances: On the appliance, you have configured dnssec offload and enabled nsec record generation for a zone. The appliance receives a dns nodata/nxdomain query for that zone, over tcp, homework and the dnssec ok bit in the query is set. High availability Issue id 0416573: On the secondary node of a high availability (HA) configuration, if the ha propagation and ha synchronization options are disabled and Stay secondary is enabled, you cannot disable the Stay secondary option after upgrading the node. Global Server load Balancing Issue id 0434660: Adding gslb site ip address with Traffic Domain setting was not supported. If you had a setup where gslb site ip address was added with Traffic Domain, then NetScaler fails. Now, you cannot add a gslb site ip address with Traffic Domain setting. Load Balancing Issue id 0407493: In a high availability setup, if an autoscaling service group with more than 4000 members is removed, failover occurs.

the string ".mp4" from the policy pol_m, which calls the profile prfl_m, you would type the following command: add appfw policy pol_m "4.NOT" prfl_m. Issue id 0444471: On a netScaler appliance or vpx that has the application firewall enabled and at least one profile that has the safe Object security check enabled, the application firewall might generate an extremely large buffer file while checking responses for objects. The oversized buffer might cause performance problems or, in extreme cases, hang the system. To work around this issue, disable the safe Object check. Issue id 0445552: On a netScaler adc ha pair configured to use the citrix vpn, single sign-on, and the Application Firewall, a memory page issue might cause the primary adc to reboot, failing over to the secondary adc. Issue ids 0446304, 0447206, 0444746, 0444810, 0448814, 0449393, 0449396, 0451162, 0451860, 0452078, and 0452427: If you use the single sign on (SSO) feature on your NetScaler adc or NetScaler Gateway, it might become unresponsive or reboot. Configuration Utility, issue id 0405303: A large nf file can make the configuration utility slow to respond. The large file also slows processing of the following commands: show ns runningConfig save config, issue id 0439603: If the surge Protection feature is not licensed, you cannot use the configuration utility to modify the global system settings (System settings).

Aaa application Traffic, issue id thesis 0441755: When aaa-tm is configured to use saml authentication, the redirect url that the saml virtual server returns appends the string "00 a text-based form of the null value, to the original redirect url. Most browsers handle the appended string properly, but newer Apple ios and some Apple macOS browsers fail to load the web page because of this string. Workaround: Create a rewrite action and policy to strip off the "00" string, and bind it to global. If you configure the gotoPriorityExpr for the policy to next, and bind the policy with a priority of 1, it will run first, strip the null string from the end of all redirect urls, and then continue policy evaluation with the next policy. This configuration should work without creating any problems with your existing policy evaluation flow. To create the necessary action and policy, and bind them to global, from the netScaler command line you can type the following commands: add rewrite action act_stripFinalNull delete "lue 00 add rewrite policy pol_stripFinalNull valid" act_stripFinalNull norewrite bind rewrite global pol_stripFinalNull 1 next. Application Firewall, issue id 0405434: Apple iphone and ipad users are unable to watch MP4 videos on web sites that are protected by the application firewall when either the form field consistency check or the credit card check is enabled, even if blocking is not.

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Build 124.13, release version: Citrix NetScaler, version.1 build fuller 124.13. Replaces build: None, release date: February 2014, release notes version:.0. Language supported: English (us note: Unless stated otherwise, an issue applies to all NetScaler build types (nCore and nCore vpx). Enhancements, support for ecdhe ciphers, enh id 0453765: The citrix NetScaler mpx 11515/11520/11530/11540/11542 appliances support the ecdhe cipher group. On the sdx 11515/11520/11530/11540/11542 appliances, the cipher group is supported only if an ssl chip is assigned to a vpx instance. This group contains the following ciphers: tls1-ecdhe-rsa-rc4-sha. Tls1-ecdhe-rsa-des-cbc3-sha, tLS1-ecdhe-rsa-aes128-sha, tLS1-ecdhe-rsa-aes256-sha, the following ecc curves are supported: P_256, p_384, p_224, p_521. Note: ecc curves 224 and 521 are not supported with tls1.2 protocol. NetScaler mpx 11515/11520/11530/11540/11542 Appliance, netScaler sdx 11515/11520/11530/11540/11542 Appliance, bug Fixes.

Tivoli resume
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