The outsiders essay

the outsiders essay

The outsiders, chapter 3 Summary and Analysis

For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, pony boy curtis is the main character in The outsiders novel and experiences two family breakdowns. One shortly before the novel was set and the other during the book. When Pony boy lost his parents before the book, he started to depend more on friends than he ever did but he still had his brothers. When Pony boy ran away (Pg.) he had no family by his side, the only person he had to depend on was his best friend, johnny. Ponyboy left his family and ran away with Johnny after he stabbed the soc, without his friend he wouldnt have anyone to depend. Ponyboy didnt ditch his friend when times looked tough, even though Ponyboy didnt do anything he risked his future and possibly life to stand by his friend.

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While he is sensitive and caring, he knows that he is meant to act tough and mean; like a greaser. This shows that Ponyboy has hope for himself: that he might find out who he really. Ponyboys hopeful dreams and realisations also challenge stereotyping. When families break down friends are important. E hinton this message is shown in many ways. Certain characters have been abandoned or disowned by their families, some characters have family members that have passed away and some dont have any at all. Pony boy curtis, johnny cade and Dallas Winston all have experienced family breakdowns and each and every one of them has a loyal group of friends to fall back. This shows why Friends are so important. Family isnt who youre related to, but who cares and is there for you when summary you need them. We will write a custom essay sample on The outsiders specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on The outsiders specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on The outsiders specifically for ypu.

An example of this is when Dally, johnny and he are at the nightly double drive. (pg 25) Dally spots two soc girls sitting at the front and takes the opportunity to get up to his usual tricks. (pg 25) he begins by talking dirty to the girls but they didnt respond, so continues to hassle them. By ponyboy not joining in, this shows that he respects the girls. He is not like dally. This is further proven when he thinks to himself that kind of kicks just doesnt appeal. (pg 26) Ponyboy acts respectfully revelation and responsibly which is nothing like a stereotypical greaser. The way that Ponyboy acts shows that there is a conflict inside of him.

the outsiders essay

Outsiders, within: Writing on Transracial Adoption

In this novel,. Hinton foregrounds a discourse of hope through the marginalised characters of Ponyboy curtis and Johnny cade to challenge stereotyping. Ponyboy curtis is the younger brother of Darry and Sodapop. Their parents were killed in a car accident and the boys were left to fend for themselves. They endeavour to stick salon together. Even though Ponyboy is the youngest of the gang, he knows that he is different. This is shown through both his actions, dreams and realisations. Ponyboys actions challenge the stereotype of greasers.

There are many critics and parents who were outraged about the violence that takes place in the book. This" by hinton demonstrates the harsh violence, i ducked and. Hintons novel, The outsiders, two completely different social groups, the Greasers and the socs, are faced with the tragic event of Bobs death, caused by confusion and misunderstanding. Greasers are poor and wild. They are almost like hoods; they steal, hold up gas stations and occasionally have fights. On the west Side of town live the socs: the complete opposite of greasers. The socs are the educated rich kids who get all the lucky breaks. The two different groups are in constant dispute.

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the outsiders essay

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The outsiders is a good story. Hinton that shows the struggles of growing up Hinton did a fine job with the character development, the plot, and the theme with a few flaws. The outsiders is a book that changed the style of young adult writers because it went off from the genre that young adult writer were using during that time period. The reader sees the everyday problems that teenagers were going through, i cant take much more show more content, the fact that all three boys were still moving on without their parents showed that they had a lot of heart. The two main divisions were between the Greasers and the socs, and this rivalry led to many conflicts in the book. Hinton illustrates the divisions and fighting in this", they caught him and one of them had a lot of rings on his hand thats what had cut Johnny up so badly (Hinton 33).

Johnny was attacked the by four Socs when he was playing with a football at the park. There are many times in the book where socs attacked Greasers that were walking alone. Howard explains the divisions and violence of the gangs in this", tulsa was one of many American cities that had seen an increasing division between social classes since world War ii, and the animosity between Greasers and Socs gangs illustrated the extent to which. The Greasers were seen as the poor outcast while the socs were the popular one with all the money. The socs provoke the Greasers by saying hurtful things and attacking them so both gangs feel the need to fight to prove that they are better. Hinton did a good job of portraying the violence and building up to these points and this keeps the reader interested in the book.

World everyone suddenly became interested in Kino and his family. When his brother, juan Tomas, asks what the. Within this is no wonder why this book is considered a classic. With an original plot. In comparison to Of Mice and Men, this book is the lesser of two magnificent trophies; that being.

The glory of Steinbeck's written word. This book has heartwarmingly wormed its way deep into. Supporting Detail : Darry recognizes Ponyboys potential and expects great things from him. Conclusion Paragraph: to conclude, i strictly think that the best appropiate theme for the outsiders would be family. 1874 Words 8 Pages, this book showed the struggle between rich and poor. The two main groups of the story were the socs and the greasers. The socs are in the upper class while the greasers are the poor ones that dislike the socs because they have more money, better cars, and act like they are better than the greasers.

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Supporting Detail : if it hadnt been for the gang jhonny would never have known what ove and affection are. Body paragraph 2 Topic Sentence: family is the most important thing to the characters of this book. I count this as a second theme for the book. Supporting Detail : this is shown by how Ponyboy goes with Johnny when he runs away. Supporting Detail: how the various members of the gang react to their essay being gone( two-bit wants to go to texasetc). Supporting Detail: they all fight the socs togheter, and they all go to try and rescue dally in the end. Body paragraph 3 Topic Sentence: lastly family relationships are strained during the teen years but in the curtis family, the right to stay together as a family is a constant struggle supporting detail: since the death of their parents, Darry has assumed the responsability. words, six Paragraph book review of The pearl by john Steinbeck.

the outsiders essay

98)After trying to block dairy out, pony finally figured it out for himself after seeing the agony he has put dairy through. We will write a custom essay sample. The outsiders or any similar topic only for you. 1 page, 284 words 5 Paragraph Essay outline, introduction Paragraph : I think that the theme for this book may be family. I thimk that the author wants to theach us that we all want to feel part of a family. So if we dont have much paper of a family we look for a new family or group we can belong. Body paragraph 1 Topic Sentence : family isnt just compromised of blood relatives but it could be made. Supporting Detail : All of the characters have either no family (Pony,soda, darry) or have a really miserable one. Supporting Detail : all the outsiders have is each other.

parents passed away, is very. As a result of his outrage, he ends up hitting Pony. Devastated, pony runs away, and relies on one of the gang members to keep him up to date on what Is going. He is then stuck In an abandoned church starving for news to come from his confidant. As a result of his actions, pony learns how big of an Impact his family and friends have n him. The biggest impact that changed Pony throughout the novel was the realization of his brothers feelings towards him. In the beginning of the novel, pony is rebellious against his oldest brother dairy, me and dairy just didnt dig each other. 13)He felt like dairy was only out to get after him, and that Pony was never exceptional enough. Even though dairy is stricter than their parents, he was only trying to make the best of Pony, which he came to realize at the end. Dairy did care about me, maybe as much as he cared about Soda, and because he eared he was trying too hard to make something.

He progressively matures through the course of the novel in many different ways by experiencing things he would have never imagined going through. Pony never admired the girls that were Greasers but one night he found the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, she was a soc and she had different standards for her romantic companion. Pony knows his position in society but that never held him back from falling for the delectable Cherry valance. Heartbreaking for him, she was more of the girl to fall for bad-boys unlike pony. It wasnt Johnnys fault Bob was a booze-hound and Cherry went for boys bound for by the end of the novel, pony finally comes to the realization of thinking of Cherry as more of a friend, rather than having romantic affections for her. He shows sensitivity and understanding by appreciating their differences and accepting her feelings plan towards him. A second way pony has changed is by learning the consequences of his own mistakes and wrong doings.

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Search for Self Conflict arises between two incomparable social groups, resulting in tragic deaths. In the novel The outsiders. E hint, two separate gangs, the soc and Greasers, are at constant contention. The outsiders entry takes place In Oklahoma, the sasss. Hint uses the character, pony curtis to explain why It doesnt matter what social position you are. The message she Is trying to get across to the readers Is you are your own person, and you dont have to be classified as anyone else but yourself. Throughout the novel Pony becomes more sophisticated, by learning to reaffirm is own values and sense of self.

The outsiders essay
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  1. Outsiders Essay research Paper The outsiders The. The outsiders Essay, research Paper. 5 Paragraph Essay outline. Introduction Paragraph : I think that the theme for this book may be family. Supporting Detail : all the outsiders have is each other.

  2. E hinton is an early novel based on two waring juvenile. Teacher eng february 2017. E hinton this message is shown in many ways. The second reason that the "The outsiders" should be taught in school is that the book teaches you the true friendship and family love between people. Essays Related to The outsiders.

  3. Hire an Essay writer. I will discuss character and plot development, as well as the setting, the authors style and. The outsiders study guide contains a biography of author. Hinton, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. "The outsiders" is the story of two of the Greasers who come to realize that it's not always where you live that decides what kind of person you are. The outsiders Essay, research Paper The outsiders introduction: The outsiders.

  4. In the novel The outsiders. E hint, two separate gangs, the soc and Greasers, are at constant contention. The outsiders questions Chapters 1-12. The outsiders Essay describe an interesting theme from a text you have studied. Explain why this theme is interesting. Introduction In this book analysis, about the book the outsiders.

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