One day movie review

one day movie review

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Lone Scherfig, in Italian For Beginners (2000 which she made according to the austere rules of the danish Dogme 95 movement, and even in her very engaging treatment of Lynn Barbers memoir An Education (2009 is a director whos happy to stay away from darkness. The cankering sense of failure and the vertiginous grief that Nicholls relayed so movingly in the novel are absent here, snuffed out perhaps by the films episodic structure. Whats left is a pleasant, occasionally amusing, tragically tasteful romantic drama. Thats not an insignificant achievement, but it does create an odd situation in which One day, the book, is more cinematic than One day, the movie. One day: seven Magazine review, by jenny McCartney. Seven rating: * * its a brave director who takes on a film adaptation of a well-loved romantic novel, in particular a publishing phenomenon such.

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Hathaways accent has been widely mocked. Make that accents: she shifts somewhat erratically between the soft-headed Northernisms you might hear in a victoria wood comic monologue and the posh Estuaryisms that Renée zellweger popularised in Bridget Joness diary. This isnt a major flaw though, and its easy to be too harsh; many British people code-switch these days, and Emma, who spends much of her twenties working in a restaurant, would be used to performing before diners. The bigger flaw is that neither she nor Dex is able to draw us into their fears, feelings, raptures. Or to suggest that theyre even capable of real emotions. Their hairstyles and outfits change, but they themselves evolve very little. Often, the settings are more charismatic than the leads. Cinematographer Benoît Delhomme captures the dingy artificiality of the mexican restaurant in London at which masters Emma works, the dead-aired creepiness of the production studios at which Dexter preens as a buffoonish New Lad in the mould of Chris evans and Terry Christian, the airy escape. It says something about the lack of spark between the two leads that the most compelling performer, far more so than Patricia clarkson, miscast as Dexters cancer-stricken mother, is Rafe Spall as Ian, a struggling comedian with whom Emma shacks. A cross between one of the jumbled losers in a mike leigh film and the seemingly insipid but actually quite sharp and kindly Steve, mirandas husband in Sex and the city, he offers an endless stream of dire gags, ticky gestures and endearing outburst. His confession to Emma i think youre the absolute bollocks is the sweetest thing anyone says in the movie.

(Perhaps back-to-front dramas such as Pinter's Betrayal and François ozon's 5x2 do the same thing.) Well, this isn't what One day is about: each day comes in sequence, yet gradually incremental changes turn out to be easier and more enjoyably described in a book than. Rafe Spall and Romola garai have supporting roles as people with whom Em and Dex dally while in denial about their romantic destiny, and they do a decent job, as does everyone else. But the day has not been seized. Her Emma also wears the anti-Brideshead revisited uniform of the period: wire-rim glasses, clomping big boots, crap denim jackets. She has an anti-nuclear nightshirt and listens to Tracy Chapman records. What would she possibly see in a winchester-educated yuppie like dexter (Jim Sturgess)? A man who, book after he becomes a well-known chat-show host, is described by one newspaper as the most annoying man on telly? Its a question the film never really asks, yet alone answers.

one day movie review

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It looks much like any other movie storyline. Brooklyn-born, anne hathaway plays Emma, and there have been mutterings about her Yorkshire accent. Well, it's not as terrible as all that. Compared with Josh Hartnett, who database had to play a keighley lad in the assignment 1999 Brit comedy Blow Dry, hathaway sounds like geoff boycott in drag. And Jim Sturgess is perfectly all right as Dex. Their relationship has some sweet touches. But the movie never has much space to breathe, and there are only one or two real laugh lines in the entire film. I couldn't help remembering Marc Webb's flawed but interesting romantic comedy 500 days of Summer, in which key days from a love affair between Joseph Gordon-levitt and zooey deschanel are presented to us out of order: the shuffling technique defamiliarised the personae and gave the.

It's just 24 hours out of a person's life, but that can be a long, momentous and rather depressing time as ivan Denisovich will tell you. David Nicholls's hugely loved bestseller One day, whose distinctive orange jacket design adorns beaches and train-carriages all over the country, has now, unfortunately, been turned into a slushy, mawkish and weirdly humourless romance with a sub-Richard Curtis style and more endings than Lord of the. The big emotional climax is unearned and the all-important high concept is now a bit blurred. The point of the book is that each chapter gives us a snapshot update of the same two people on the same day every year: 15th July. Pretty yorkshire lass Emma and handsome-yet-vulnerable smoothie dexter spend the night together on this date in 1988, their graduation day at Edinburgh University. They never become a couple, but the story follows their twin lives on this day over the next 20 years: sometimes together, sometimes poignantly apart. It's a terrifically neat idea on the page: on screen, little titles pop up to tell you which year we're on, but without those, i frankly wonder whether anyone without previous knowledge of the book would particularly notice the "one day" organising principle.

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one day movie review

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One day is a simple story, yet it feels like a sweeping romance. This format of state storytelling is nothing new to cinema. Same time next year did it with more power. Same time next year and, one day focus on two incredibly different couples with the former showcasing an affair between two people that is shared outside of their normal lives, the latter is a 20-year expose of a friendship that blossoms into love. One issue we have with, one day?

A plot device used in a million romantic films that audiences can see from a million miles away. It is hinted at in the beginning of the film before it flashes back to Emma and Dexs graduation night. When the film catches up to the big moment near the end, it may be easy to feel cheated. With that being said, as Nicholls' book contained the same plot point and it works on the page, it is hard to fault the film for its use of this age-old cinematic storyline. The film is also slow to get going and even when it starts to get into the meat of the story, it at times feels flat. As is the case with most page to screen adaptations, the book fares better than the film - yet. One day still channels the novels heart and soul.

And with that, Emma and Dexter begin their two decade long journey. The action quickly moves from their university to the cityscape of London. Hathaways Emma yearns to be a writer while Sturgess Dexter well, dex isnt sure what he wants. But, he comes from money and in many ways doesnt have to worry about such things. Sturgess astounds in his role.

The actor, who shined in the beatles-themed. Across the Universe, brings his impressive talent to the forefront with the not-so-easy task of capturing a character over a long period of time. Dex goes from a who cares about anything lothario to all around good soul worthy of Emmas friendship and perhaps even love. Hathaway, as always, is brilliant. For any American thespian, capturing a british accent is a thankless task. With such an army of amazing British actresses out there, it is unavoidable that if the Americans performance misses the mark, the cry for Why didnt they use a brit will come from all corners of the kingdom. One day is hardly a surprise for Hathaway fans as they know what an amazing job she did capturing one of the uks favorite daughters - jane austen - in 2007s. Also, her characterization in, one day requires less alteration over time as Emma is already a middle-aged soul when we first meet her on that fateful college graduation night.

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At one point, i was. Continue reading, what's the story? Continue reading, movie details. In theaters: August 19, 2011, on shredder dvd or streaming: november 29, 2011, cast: Anne hathaway, jim Sturgess, patricia clarkson Director: Lone Scherfig Studio: Focus features Genre: Romance run time: 107 minutes mpaa rating: pg-13 mpaa explanation: sexual content, partial nudity, language, some violence and substance. Anne hathaway and, jim Sturgess portray a couple whose friendship and more is marked on screen by visiting with them during a single day - july 15 - over a 20-year period. One day is based on the book by david Nicholls, word who in a rare move by hollywood, was allowed to adapt his book for the screenplay. Emma (Hathaway) and Dexter (Sturgess) first meet on their college graduation night and spend their first day together on July 15, also known. Swithin's day in the.

one day movie review

The movie really had a lot of sexual and violent contents but those are very important in making the movie unforgettable and inspiring. One of the characters. Continue reading, teen, 15 years old Written. Imiyoung, august 24, 2011 age 14, amazing, but not for everyone. I loved spondylolisthesis this movie so much! I saw it alone last night, and I was completely into the movie. It was funny, sad, and everything in between.

promiscuity. A married woman has an affair. Language, language is infrequent but includes "f-k "bastard "prick "damn "hell "oh God" (as an exclamation and more. Consumerism, calvin Klein and Armani are name-dropped by a character who appears to value labels and wears them as a badge of honor. Drinking, Drugs smoking, dexter falls into a drunken haze that lasts years, during which he behaves badly toward those he loves, including his best friend, Emma. A handful of scenes show him inebriated or going on a bender, both with alcohol and, at least once, with cocaine. Additional social drinking; characters are shown swigging wine from a bottle and taking shots. Adult Written by helenmirrenrox, august 24, 2011 age 14, teen, 14 years old Written by bookee, september 10, 2011 age 13, great love story.

They clearly care about each other, and they support each other through various biography challenges, but they're not always nice to each other. Still, they try to understand each other. It's an uneven, though often admirable, friendship, and it's also fairly honest. Dex is beaten up by a guy at a bar when he hassles the guy's girlfriend. Some yelling between two people who are arguing in a restaurant. A brutal, sudden accident has tragic consequences. Brief full nudity, including shots of a woman from the back/side as she struts in front of a man who's sitting on a bed under the sheets, and a man jumping into the water to skinny dip (viewers see his full length from a distance).

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Jump to navigation, common Sense says, pG minutes. A lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Positive messages, although the movie's overall message is that friendship and love endure when you put in the effort pdf (and that you should figure out who you want to be and what you want to do and commit to those goals there's a troublesome subtext. Positive role models representations, emma is more of a positive role model than Dex - she's earnest and caring, albeit self-conscious and not particularly self-confident (and even she is sometimes cruel to those who care for her). And though Dex has his share of issues (womanizing, drinking, etc. he softens around her; he wants to be his best for her - at least most of the time.

One day movie review
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'The Inbetweeners movie ' review. Movie review : One day. By Alan Rapp on August 19, 2011.

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  1. Soon Dexter becomes addicted to the party life of drugs and alcohol and Emma decides that she has outgrown him. One day - movie review. Find more info about the film here: m/title/tt1563738 One day hit theaters on August 19th, 2011! Tags: One day, romantic Comedy, movie reviews. Anne hathaway and Jim Sturgess portray a couple whose friendship and more is marked on screen by visiting with them during a single day.

  2. Their relationship has some sweet touches. But the movie never has much space to breathe, and there are only one or two real laugh lines in the entire film. Thats not an insignificant achievement, but it does create an odd situation in which One day, the book, is more cinematic than One day, the movie. One day : seven Magazine review, by jenny McCartney. One day movie review. Emma who inspires to be a world-renowned writer fails at first while dexter finds his luck as a television host.

  3. One day is just a gimmicky "new" way of doing an old-fashioned love story. But we'll hear much more of Sturgess, hathaway, and Lone Scherfig. Well i can't say i had high hopes for this movie, mainly because of the poor ratings and reviews, i haven't read the book so lucky for me i didnt have anything. Title : One day movie review. Posted by : Bollymoviereviewz. 2 / 5 stars 2 out of 5 stars.

  4. One day is the most real (save a few accents) movie i've seen in a long time. It explores time and how it often slips away from. Book-based drama is too heavy for younger teens. Read Common Sense media's One day review, age rating, and parents guide. Jhoanna robledo, common Sense media.

  5. Robin Williams: Come Inside my mind. In a season of movies dumb and dumber, "One day" has style, freshness, and witty bantering dialogue. The movie flashbacks to 1988 when they met and reveals they spent their day together at the same place. One day ' doesn't live up to its promise: movie review". Disclaimer first up- biased review, as i am a sucker for love stories. I used to think that Hollywood had stopped making emotionally involving love stories.

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