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The patient that arrives first or the patient with the most urgent condition may be seen first. Which of the following patients should be seen on the same day they call the medical office? A patient who needs a post-operative follow-up. A patient who has had a fever of 103 F for three days. A patient who has been nauseous for the past 24 hours. A patient who needs a refill of coumadin. Answer: A patient who has had a fever of 103 F for three days.

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Competency: Recognize office policies and protocols for handling appointments, abhes 8-d, caahep. Most post-operative protocols require the patient to have their first follow-up appointment within days of having the procedure. Answer: 10 Rationale: Most physicians will want to see a patient within 10 days of the procedure to address any issues the patient may have and remove any sutures or staples that were used. C-3 3. What is the chief complaint for. Answer: Laparoscopic cholecystectomy follow-up Rationale: The chief complaint is the reason the patient is being seen in the medical office that day. Nasser is being seen for a laparoscopic cholecystectomy follow-up. Validate student answer in simulation. It is office policy that a physician can be double-booked once every two hours. This means that once during a two hour block of time, how many patients could have the same resume appointment time? 1 2 3 4 Answer: 2 Rationale: When double-booking is used, two patients are given the same appointment time.

Rationale: A clustering appointment statement type is used to group patients with similar problems together and they are then seen on the same day. A type of appointment scheduling where two patients are given the same appointment time is called: stream scheduling. Answer: double-booking scheduling Rationale: double-booking is an appointment scheduling type where two patients are given the same appointment time. This is often used when one patient is going to need some preparation before the physician can see them, so the physician is seeing one patient while the other one is being prepped. Always ask the physician if you are unsure whether a patient should be seen right away. Answer: False rationale: Check the office policies about what types of problems should be seen on the same day if you are unsure. If you are still unsure, check with the physician.

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A longer appointment would not be a good use of the physician s time and a shorter appointment would not allow for business a sufficient examination discussion. The amount of time needed might also vary depending on the age and health condition of the patient. 2 3, competency: Describe scheduling guidelines, caahep. In scheduling, patients are given a specific appointment time for the first half of the hour, leaving the second half of the hour open for walk-in patients. Stream wave modified wave open booking Answer: modified wave rationale: With modified wave scheduling, patients are given a specific appointment time during the first half of the hour and the second half of the hour is kept open for walk-in patients, catch up time,. Competency: Manage appointment schedule, using established priorities, abhes 8-d, caahep. A clustering appointment type is where patients with similar conditions are seen on the same day.

Use the calendar picker to confirm or select the appointment day. Select a start and end time for the appointment using the Start Time and End Time dropdowns. Click the save button. A confirmation message will appear. Click the ok button to proceed. Talibah Nasser s appointment will appear on the calendar. Post-operative appointments should be approximately in length. 10 minutes 45 minutes 30 minutes 1 hour Answer: 30 minutes Rationale: Each medical office will have their own protocol. However, most physicians need about 30 minutes to review a patient s health status after being discharged from the hospital.

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P-1 Recognize office policies and protocols for handling appointments, abhes 8-d, caahep. C-3 Estimated completion time: 20 minutes measurable Steps. Within the calendar of the Front Office module, click the Add Appointment button or anywhere within the calendar to open the new Appointment window. Select the patient Visit radio button as the Appointment Type. Select Follow-Up/Established Visit from the visit Type dropdown. Document Cholecystectomy follow-up in the Chief Complaint text box.

Select the search Existing Patients radio button. Using the patient search fields, search for Talibah Nasser s patient record. Once you locate talibah Nasser in the list of Patients, confirm her date of birth. Helpful Hint: Confirming date of birth will help to ensure knowledge that you have located the correct patient record. Select the radio button for Talibah Nasser and click the select button. Confirm the auto-populated details.

Of the requirement for the course. Infs 428 Database systems Design implementation. Instructor: david Siguelnitzky, by, michael Phillips and Cathy murray, march 23rd, 2005. Approved, please contact with your questions, comments, and suggestions. Copyright 99710 Webdev inc. 1, assignment Answer key we re ready to help!

For customer support, please call us at or visit our online technical support center at m to access self-service options or chat with a live representative. Schedule Appointment for Talibah Nasser Objectives search for a patient record. Overview Talibah Nasser (dob ) is calling the walden-Martin office to request a post-operative follow-up appointment with jean Burke, np in approximately two weeks. She recently had a laparoscopic cholecystectomy and states that she is doing fine. Tuesday afternoons work well for her and the appointment should last 30 minutes. Competencies Describe scheduling guidelines, caahep. C-2 Manage appointment schedule, using established priorities, abhes 8-d, caahep.

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ksou assignment answers

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Ksou assignment answers
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