Eu referendum essay

eu referendum essay

We are the future: London youth respond to the

Cameron has promised to do so, it is conceivable that the government might fall before it could deliver on that promise and that a successor government may refuse to honor his promise. The second is that Parliament itself might reject the legislation. Consider the position that would then face the queen. The constitutional convention (i.e., requirement) is that she always take the advice of her Prime minister and it has been this way since queen Victoria sat on the throne. Now the very last task of any outgoing pm is to advise the queen about whom she should ask to form the next government. But imagine that she was advised to appoint as Prime minister someone who refused to honor the referendum result?

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There are the several caveats, however. The first is that the uk government has an obligation to consult the regional governments, which in practice boils down to an obligation to consult their First Ministers. This obligation to consult does not however give the latter any form of veto; it merely gives them a right to be formally heard. To allow them any veto would be absurd and for an obvious reason: it would create a situation where essay some truculent First Minister—yes, you nicola—would be able to block the will of the uk people expressed in the clarity of a single-issue referendum. Such a prospect does not bear thinking about. Which consideration takes me to the second caveat. The referendum requires the government to present the enabling Brexit legislation to parliament and it requires that Parliament pass that legislation. However, there is no mechanism to force the government to present the bill to parliament and there is no mechanism to force mps to approve. There is thus the potential for slippage between cup and lip and this is where the fun begins. In theory, one of two things could then go horribly wrong. The first is that the government may not present the enabling legislation to parliament: although.

I would go further: barring some catastrophe like a major war or financial crisis that derails everything—and these can never be ruled out, especially in the fuller current world environment—i am confident that the Brexit vote will come to be seen as the beginning of the. From here on in, it will be decentralization all the way: small is good, big is bad. Thus, the Brexit vote is truly historic and will have major beneficial repercussions across the entire globe. Going back to the referendum, the result is binding: the uk electorate have spoken and thats it, period. We should also bear in mind that from a constitutional perspective, the only result that matters is the majority vote cast across the United Kingdom as a whole. Consequently, the fact that the electorates in Northern Ireland and Scotland had majorities for Remain has no constitutional significance. Northern Ireland and Scotland are merely subcomponents of the United Kingdom, not separate sovereign states in their own right. They have had their say, but only as part of the uk, not as entities separate from.

eu referendum essay

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8, such a version of democracy is something that Lenin would have approved. Indeed, he practiced it himself. I want nothing to do with some ghastly peoples Democracy or even with the watered down fake democracy that the eu embodies: I want the real thing, warts and all. Either the people decide or they dont. If I had to give one single reason why i want the uk out of the eu, it is precisely this attitude on the part of its supporters: at their very heart, the eu and many of its supporters are fundamentally anti-democratic—but few of them. At least jean-Claude juncker has the decency to be open about his contempt for democracy. At a deeper level, the fundamental reason for supporting Brexit is that the best way forward for Europe (and for much of the rest of the world) is with smaller, more loosely associated political entities that have greater freedom to pursue their own different models. There is no good future with centralized behemothic superstates led by corrupt elites who have no time for the views of their subject peoples.

The people have spoken, he said, and their voice must be respected. The referendum is not some consultation exercise that the government or Parliament or anyone else is free to reject if they do not like the result. The exercise was put to the people as their decision and everyone involved accepted this point before the vote: after all, we are a democracy and the point of democracy is that the people decide. I should not have to spell this out. But now that the voters have had the effrontery to vote to leave, some of the remainders are saying that the result itself should be invalidated, because the people made a decision that they do not like. And so the mask slips and we see what these people are really about. The leftist/EU coalition goes on about much they are committed to democracy, but what they really mean is that the people are only free to decide whatever it is that their betters allow them to decide. They are free to agree, but they are not free to disagree. The eu has form on this issue too, when it refused to accept the rejection of the maastricht Treaty by the danish electorate in 1992 and the rejection of the lisbon Treaty by the Irish electorate in 2001.

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eu referendum essay

Eu referendum : universities values will remain, whatever the

Sovereign power resides in the westminster Parliament alone, but there is a sliver of royal power, a vestige of the days when British monarchs really did rule. Yet this vestigial power would never be used to promote royal authority but rather that of the people, and its last significant use was in the constitutional crisis of 1910. 7, everyone goes through a polite pretense that they serve the queen—everything is done in Her Majestys name—but the queen herself serves her people. Everyone knows the ground rules, which evolve over time in response to the great issues of the day. To" the person who online understands it best, the.

Queen herself : The bharatanatyam British constitution has always been puzzling and always will. It has no design, no plan and no inventor; it simply evolved. It is a living contradiction that works surprisingly well. The first point to appreciate is that under the uk constitution, parliament is required to respect the result of the referendum. David Cameron acknowledged this point gracefully in his acceptance speech immediately after the vote.

6, ukip also fell apart: its leader Nigel Farage has just resigned and the obvious replacements—such as ukip mp douglas Carswell—have ruled themselves out as leadership candidates. There had been no contingency planning for a leave vote because no-one in authority in the uk or the eu had ever thought it would happen, and there was pressure from Brussels to start formal separation talks immediately, which would then set in motion. The political class is in disarray. But the question that ultimately matters is whether the referendum result will be honored. I believe that it will be and, indeed, that it must.

In this posting, i would like to explain why. The key is the constitution. The British constitution is a subject that causes some bemusement in the United States, not least because it is not written down. It is now causing a certain amount of bemusement in the uk too. It is nonetheless every bit as real as the constitution of the United States. The British constitution is quite clear, however. The queen reigns but she does not rule: the sovereign is not sovereign.

Eu referendum : What is it?

There were calls for a new referendum and within a week, more than four million people had signed an online petition for one. There were calls for MPs—75 of whom had campaigned for Remain—to refuse to ratify the referendum result, and there were calls for a general election if they failed to. Brexiteers were being attacked in the media and there were angry demonstrations—many of the young in particular feeling that the result would rob them of their rights,. G., as regards their working rights 3 and their pensions, 4 but who had also been wound up by Project fear,. E., the unscrupulous campaign to persuade them that they would have no future worth having under leave. The labour Party went into meltdown as the daggers came out for Labour leader Jeremy corbyn, who was accused of having lost the referendum by not having campaigned enthusiastically enough for Remain. Within days, most of his shadow cabinet had resigned, his Parliamentary party had passed an unprecedented 172 to 40 vote of no confidence in his leadership and a formal campaign was announced to replace him presentation as leader.

eu referendum essay

It was reported that the 400 richest investors (who had all bet on Remain, including george soros) lost over 127 billion, and that total market losses were almost 4 trillion. European bank stocks were positively hammered: they fell by assignment over. The vix, the Chicago board Options Exchange volatility Index—usually known as the fear Index—jumped. The next trading day, monday 27 June, the s p rating agency downgraded the uks credit rating by two notches from aaa. 2, the political fallout was also spectacular. On the Friday immediately after the vote, the Prime minister announced that he would be stepping down, thereby triggering a leadership election campaign that will paralyze the government until a new leader is elected. That same day, sinn fein announced that the pro-remain result in Northern Ireland meant that Ireland now had to be reunited. For her part, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was demanding another Scottish independence referendum so that Scotland could stay in the eu and was darkly threatening to veto the eu referendum result herself. The pixies were out in full play.

which is a traditional Labour heartland. 1, the strength of the leave vote in such staunch Labour areas illustrates how much senior Labourites were out of touch with their own people. The same can be said to a lesser extent about many senior Conservatives too: they too misjudged the strength of anti-eu sentiment in their own ranks. Political leaders were so busy lecturing their supporters that they failed to listen to them. This theme of an out-of-touch political elite will, i believe, be the key factor across the continent as movements gather pace to follow the Brits and the eu now unravels. One thing though is for sure: it will not be pleasant. The financial fallout was shattering. The day after the referendum, sterling fell by over 10, the ftse.2, the dax by 7, the cac by 10 and the nikkei 225.9.

Masthead, submissions, advertise, customer Service, we are a participant in the Amazon Services llc associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to m and affiliated sites. Abstract, the aim of this Essay is to probe the causes of the european Union's eu second-referendum practice with a view to better understand what strikes many observers as a procedurally bizarre and democratically dubious exercise. It is not the intention of this Essay to offer any justification for the practice, but rather to explain the factors specific to the eu which have contributed to its recurrence. Recommended Citation, gráinne de búrca, if at First you don't Succeed: Vote, vote Again: Analyzing the second Referendum Phenomenon in eu treaty Change, 33 Fordham Int'l. See part 1, here, besides handing down the vote to leave the eu, the june 23rd Brexit essay referendum also demonstrated that the uk is a house divided. The vote itself was fairly narrow:. Northern Ireland (ni scotland and London had clear majorities for Remain, but much of the rest of England were strongly for leave.

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Eu referendum essay
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  4. Eu law study guide. Bolivia final report assembly elections and referendum eu 2006. But the question that ultimately matters is whether the referendum result will be honored. And as for rejecting the. Eu referendum result, whatever the current high emotions and whatever they.

  5. Eu, reform Treaty, hold referendum. Politicians always blame their voters when referendum results go against them. There is a long-established notion that he governs by essay crisis waiting until he is under pressure, then producing a good speech, after which he thinks the job done. Tags: david Cameron, eu, eu referendum, george Osborne. View essays, study guides, resources, law cases and acts in the european Law category. Essay, writing Law Assignment Writing Law coursework Writing.

  6. Greece is a gigantic mess as we speak, but this referendum was a huge deal and a massive triumph for the Greek laying out plans for a referendum of the extent of the uks presence in the. Obviously President Obama wont have an official ballot in that referendum. The aim of this, essay is to probe the causes of the european Union s ( eu ) second- referendum practice with a view to better understand what strikes many observers. News, views and debate on the. Eu referendum fallout More In this month s essay we look at the effects of new liability legislation. Essay competition on aspects of uk-holy see relations marks 30th anniversary of the upgrade of the diplomatic relations.

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