The odyssey book report

the odyssey book report

Homer, odyssey book 13 - theoi classical Texts Library

16 so spake alcinous, and his word was pleasing to them. They then went, each man to his house, to take their rest; but as soon as early dawn appeared, the rosy-fingered, they hastened to the ship and brought the bronze, that gives strength to men. And the strong and mighty Alcinous went himself throughout the ship, and carefully stowed the gifts beneath the benches, that they might not hinder any of the crew at their rowing, when they busily plied the oars. Then they went to the house of Alcinous, and prepared a feast. And for them the strong and mighty Alcinous sacrificed a bull to zeus, son of Cronos, god of the dark clouds, who is lord of all. Then, when they had burned the thigh-pieces, they feasted a glorious feast, and made merry, and among them the divine minstrel Demodocus, held in honor by the people, sang to the lyre.

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Book 13, return to Ithaca, book 14, odysseus eumaeus. Book 15, return of Telemachus, odyseus eumaeus, book. Odysseus telemachus, book 17, odysseus the beggar, book. Odysseus the beggar, book 19, odysseus penelope, book. Contest of the suitors, book 21, contest of the suitors, book 22 Slaying of the suitors book 23 Odysseus penelope book 24 Ghosts of the dead Odysseus laertes 1 So he spoke, and they were all hushed in silence, and were spellbound throughout the shadowy halls. And Alcinous again answered him, and said: Odysseus, since thou hast come to my high-roofed house with floor of brass, thou shalt not, methinks, be driven back, and return with baffled purpose, even though thou hast suffered much. And to each man of you that in my halls are ever wont to drink the flaming wine of the elders, and to listen to the minstrel, i speak, and give this charge. Raiment for the stranger lies already stored in the polished chest, with gold curiously wrought and all the other gifts which the counsellors trust of the Phaeacians brought hither. But, come now, let us give him a great tripod and a cauldron, each man of us, and we in turn will gather the cost from among the people, and repay ourselves. It were hard for one man to give freely, without requital.

Menelaus' tale: The returns, book 5, odysseus calypso. Raft of Odysseus, book 6, odysseus naucicaa, book. Odysseus arete, book 8, games feast of the Phaeacians. Book 9, odysseus' tale: Lotus-Eaters cyclops, book. Odysseus' tale: aeolus, laestrygones circe. Book 11, odysseus' tale: The Underworld, book. Odysseus' tale: Sirens, Scylla helius.

the odyssey book report

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The meeting will be open, and accessible to the public, and residents will be provided an opportunity to attend in person in Brevard county at 1900. Odyssey charter School, Inc., a non-profit organization, will comply with chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes, relating to public records, and. 286.011, relating to public meetings and records, public inspection, and penalties the Florida Statutes relating to public records and public meetings. In accordance with federal and state anti-discrimination laws and in accordance with the Florida Educational Equity Act, section 1000.05(2 a) the School will not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national list origin, gender, disability, or marital status against a student in its school admission. Classical Texts Library homer, Odyssey book 13, the odyssey contents, book. Athena telemachus, penelope the suitors, book. Departure of Telemachus, book 3, nestor's Tale: The returns, book.

Notice of meeting of board of Directors of Odyssey charter School, Inc. The board of Directors of Odyssey charter School, Inc. Will hold Regular meeting on, Thursday, june 21, 2018 at 5:15. Est at the Green Apple School Management Office location, 1900. Harbor City Blvd., suite 120, melbourne, fl 32901. The board will be utilizing Communications Media technology cmt. The cmt used for board members not attending in person will be the following conference call-in number, passcode .

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the odyssey book report

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This 95,000 sf school facility is located on 20 acres including plenty of field space and woods for outdoor field studies. The facility sports several computer labs, a science lab, media center and plenty of indoor and outdoor space for students to pekerjaan learn, grow and achieve. Odyssey charter School provides educational tools and programs that help each child reach their own unique potential. Secretary of Education Names Odyssey charter School as a 2015. Department of Education Green Ribbon School.

Managing Director of the White house council on Environmental quality Christy goldfuss joined. Secretary of Education Arne duncan to announce that Odyssey charter School in Palm bay, fl and our founder, constance Ortiz have been honored as being among the 2015. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools award honorees. Odyssey charter School was selected by the. Department of Education after being nominated thesis by the Florida department of Education. The Odyssey "Whole School-Whole Child" education model combines the best practices in holistic education and child development with the best practices in healthy living and environmental stewardship. The school's aim is to help each child reach full potential by providing learning environments that both nurture the health of children and strive to create a healthier world for them to inherit through the essential elements of wellness, connections to nature, sustainability, experiential learning.

1 On 3 november 2014 it was reported that the. Cable channel Syfy had ordered a miniseries adaptation of 3001: The final Odyssey into production, planned for broadcast in 2015. The miniseries would be executive-produced by ridley scott, david. Zucker and Stuart beattie ; the latter would also be the primary script-writer. The estates of both Clarke and 2001: a space Odyssey director Stanley kubrick were reported as having "offered their full support but the extent of their involvement was not known at the time.

2 In February 2016, the series was mentioned as one of Syfy's "in development pipeline" projects during their press release for Prototype, 3 though no further announcements have been made since that time. References edit further reading edit External links edit retrieved from " ". Welcome to Odyssey charter School. Florida's First healthy, high Performance School! Odyssey charter School was founded in 1999 in a church building and has grown to nearly 1000 students in preschool through high school on two beautiful school campuses. Our flagship green school is located in bayside lakes, a planned Unit development, in the heart of Palm bay. The school offers a holistic education program that showcases Montessori in the early years within a beautifully designed school environment. Our green school building is located.4 acres and everything about this campus is designed with the child in mind. Our second campus houses our junior and senior high school and is located 2 miles away in Palm bay.

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Later, after poole's recovery and cultural acclimation, Chandler ferries poole online to the jupiter (now Lucifer) system, to see the intervening developments which have taken place in the solar system over the past millennium. Professor Anderson : a medical doctor, Anderson leads the medical team which revived poole, and works with Indra wallace both to aid poole's convalescence, and also to manage his cultural shock at awakening into a strange future world. Stephen Del Marco : Alive at a future time (2513 AD) which is yet in the novel's distant past, del Marco is the discoverer of essay tma-0 in Africa: an earthbound monolith matching the lunar monolith which had been discovered hundreds of years earlier, in 2001. The implications of this discovery are that humanity finally becomes aware that it was artificially conditioned to evolve intelligently (already known omnisciently to readers of 2001 thus permanently discrediting all major religions. Theodore "Ted" Khan : A resident of Ganymede,. Khan is contemptuous of religion, identifying it as a mental disorder. Poole's exchanges with Khan about the redeeming qualities of religious people in his own period are part of a larger theme in the novel, of religion versus irreligion, with the "primitive" poole sometimes resenting the future world's blanket condemnation of religious people, despite himself being. Or theatrical adaptations edit It was reported on Yahoo entertainment in 2000 that mgm and actor/director Tom Hanks were in discussions regarding turning both 2061: Odyssey three and 3001: The final Odyssey into movies. (Hanks would reportedly play frank poole in the 3001 film.) An update in 2001 stated that there was no further development on the project.

the odyssey book report

Characters edit main Characters edit Frank poole : 3001's protagonist, Frank poole has been revived by highly advanced medicine, a thousand years after being killed by hal during the discovery's original mission. Given Frank's role in tre a very important sequence of events for humanity, which among other things led to the artificial creation of the star Lucifer from Jupiter, poole is warmly received by humanity as an important, if ancient and strange, personality. All this, poole takes in stride. Indra wallace : A specialist on the history of the early twenty-first century, wallace acts as poole's cultural guide. As time goes on, poole and Wallace recognize their attraction to one another, and so start a family, having children named Dawn Wallace and Martin poole, before separating amicably some years later. Halman : a merging of the entities that were once hal 9000 and dave bowman, halman communicates with poole at various points throughout the novel, warning poole of the possibility that the monoliths may issue negative judgment against humanity. Minor Characters edit dimitri Chandler : Captain of the goliath, chandler mines the outer solar system for ice material which is slowly pushed towards the inner solar system, to make the inner planets habitable through long-term terraforming. While in this region of space, chandler discovers poole's body.

to receive its orders toward humanity after the nine-century round-trip. Presumably, the monolith was empowered to obliterate the nascent biosphere of Jupiter, but needed a higher authority's approval to do the same with the technological civilisation on Earth. There is considerable worry that the judgment, based on the monolith's observations of humanity up to 2061, will be negative, and the human race thus destroyed as the jovian bioforms discovered by david Bowman were wiped out (while making Jupiter a small sun to assist. Frank conscripts Bowman and hal, who have now become a single entity— halman —residing in the monolith's computational matrix, to infect the monolith with a computer virus. The monolith does receive orders to exterminate humanity, and starts a duplication cascade, whereupon millions of monoliths form two screens to prevent Solar light and heat from reaching Earth and its colonies. Due to halman having already infected the first monolith, all the monoliths disintegrate. Halman uploads itself into a petabyte -capacity holographic 3D storage medium and thus survives the disintegration of the monoliths, but is infected with the virus and is subsequently sealed by scientists in the pico vault. At the close of the story, poole and other humans land on Europa to start peaceful relations with the primitive native europans. A statement is made that the monolith's makers will not determine humanity's fate until "the last days".

3001 follows the adventures of, frank poole, the astronaut killed by the. Hal 9000 computer in 2001: a space Odyssey. One millennium later, poole's freeze-dried body margaret is discovered in the, kuiper belt by a comet -collecting space tug named the, goliath, and revived. Poole is taken home to learn about the earth in the year 3001. Some of its notable features include the BrainCap, a braincomputer interface technology; genetically engineered dinosaur servants; and four gigantic space elevators located evenly around the. Humans have also colonised the. Jovian moons, ganymede and, callisto. Tma-1, the black monolith found on the moon in 1999, has been brought to earth in 2006 and installed in front of the.

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From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search 3001: The final Odyssey is a 1997 science fiction novel by British writer. It is the fourth and final book in Clarke's. Contents, plot summary edit, this novel begins with a brief prologue describing the bioforms — dubbed the first-Born — who created the black monoliths. They evolved from " primordial soup and over the course of millions of years, became a space-faring species. Perceiving that nothing was more precious than "mind they catalysed the evolution of intelligent species wherever they went, by increasing the intelligent species' chance of survival. After visiting Earth, the first-Born found a way to impress themselves into the fabric dates of space and time, becoming effectively immortal. Meanwhile, the monoliths—implied to have been forgotten by their creators when they ascended to a higher state of being—continued to watch over their subjects.

The odyssey book report
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  2. Florida's First healthy, high Performance School! Odyssey charter School was founded in 1999 in a church building and has grown to nearly 1000 students in preschool through high school on two beautiful school campuses. Log in page for CompassLearning Customers. To view the compassLearning corporate website, please visit m).

  3. Murray 1 so he spoke, and they were all hushed in silence, and were spellbound throughout the shadowy halls. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Welcome to Odyssey charter School.

  4. A monumental work-the story of the jewish people told through the story of Jewish cooking-The book of Jewish food traces the development of both Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jewish communities and their cuisine over. M: Stickman Odyssey, book 1: An Epic doodle ( christopher Ford: books. 2001: a space Odyssey is a 1968 science fiction novel by British writer Arthur. was developed concurrently with Stanley kubrick's film version and published after the release of the film. The odyssey book 13, translated.

  5. The honda Odyssey is ranked 1 in Minivans. News & World Report. See the review, prices, pictures and all our rankings. The book of Jewish food: An Odyssey from Samarkand to new York Claudia roden. Free shipping on qualifying offers.

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