Wallpaper suppliers ireland

wallpaper suppliers ireland

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Most of the hard engineering issues have been solved. We have secured manufacturing contracts for this model and future larger industrial and commercial fridges with our partners in Zhongshan. This short video introduces our manufacturing partners. You'll need an html5 capable browser to see this content. Replay with sound Play with sound Our logistics partners are dhl international Logistics. You may know that dhl is one of the largest international logistics operations but more importantly they are the most preferred in co-operation in Asia. Dhl logistics we are presently looking for distribution facilities in the long beach area. Our fridges will be shipped to the port of Long beach.

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Joel earned a bachelor of Science in Financial Management from the University of Missouri. Susan Francis Susan Francis Susan is our specialist in business Start-Ups and Business Writing. Susan is dedicated to documenting and conveying the vision and mission of Steaklocker with precision and clarity. Susan's Accounting background has helped develop her talent of understanding the market, making realistic projections, and organizing data for the investors circle. Facty liu (President) Zhongshan Yehos Electric Appliance.,Ltd, China teddy yang (vp operations) Zhongshan Yehos Electric Appliance.,Ltd, China Charles Strong, resident Chef, san Francisco,. Burt kuvalic, farm to fork - butcher, s - levelbrook farms,. Production Crew - bob Hoffmann Audio visuals, san diego,. Smart App Programmers, pete, john, li yang, heidi, san diego,. Our development and production timeline june 2014 In early may we received our final prototype. We have successfully trialled dry age meat for the last 3 years and gone through 6 prototypes. .

David Hatcher david Hatcher david is a lifelong engineer. Having worked with ge for 18 years in multiple engineering and business sales functions, he became a partner in a heavy engineering firm in 2002 with emphasis of maintaining steam turbines and other power plant equipment. David has been in the power Generation field for over 30 years, servicing Nuclear Power Plants as well as coal and Gas fired Utility clients. David is our never tiring partner in the engineering area of Steaklocker. David is an alumni of georgia tech and maintains offices in Atlanta and in St louis. Joel Crater joel showing off with Wolfgang Puck joel is a serial entrepreneur in the startup game. He has just completed his 3rd startup buyout in the field of medical device technology. Joel was an early supporter and contributor of the concept and will direct our new sales and marketing channels.

wallpaper suppliers ireland

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Chef Batali getting into mischief with our Chefs (2003) The team is currently finalizing design, development, manufacturing and distribution of the 2014 Steaklocker dry age fridge. We are a diverse team of professionals and have succeeded (and made the occasional mistake) in many facets of business enterprises. Feel free to look us up on Facebook/steaklocker, Twitter/steaklocker, pintrest/steaklocker or LinkedIn etc. Here is my team. Nadia bruno nadia bruno nadia is the founder and managing member of Steaklocker. Nadia was part of the original team that build the steakhouse out of which Steaklocker was conceived. She has been a marketing and Sales executive for 5 years with an award winning multi unit restaurant group before taking the lead position in the Steaklocker development. She has considerable experience in services and commodity marketing after spending 8 years with the fox Television Network. Nadia earned her Bachelor of Arts thesis in Communication and journalism (2000) from Fontbonne University in St louis.

We became obsessed to bring this product to every steak lover's home and backyard bbq grill. After much research, we realized that there was no ready and functional domestic dry age steak fridge available in the market. Taking the initiative, nadia and the team went on to develop the Steaklocker unit from conception to reality. Early Scetches Forward to 2013. After many rough concept prototypes, the first domestically developed Steaklocker fridge became a reality in December 2013. Late stage design manipulations clear cut framing designs Latest Prototype may 2014 first 3 d model Bacterial light assembly modular Humidity controller (pp) explosive model Latest Prototype may 2014 In December last year, i (Nadia bruno) decided to take the plunge and make steaklocker. I became the founder of the startup company ( Bruno Investments llc) that is taking Steaklocker to market. Our team consist of chefs, professional restaurant managers, marketing gurus, incredibly smart engineers and a steady (occasionally frustrating) brilliant financial mind.

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wallpaper suppliers ireland

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This is not recommended ( in fact, it is illegal in a commercial environment ) as the environment in your fridge is not suitable for dry aging. Even popular dry bag short term dry aging can be dangerous. In the main this is due to the high humidity and highly fluctuating temperature in your household fridge that promotes bacterial growth which in turn can cause foodbourne illnesses and ruin your meat. In addition to high humidity, it lacks a germicidal inhibitor such a spectrum uvc lamp. Uvc bacterial Light in Steaklocker Fridge These lamps are essay vital to kill bacteria that are present on the meat and inside the fridge. In fact, every feature of our Steaklocker, such as the continuous fan forced air flow and constant low temperature are critical to the safe dry aging process.

Other devices such as dry aging bags, that promote short term dry aging, are not safe due to the lack of the above mentioned features. You should not gamble with ecol i and other bacterial based food bourne illnesses. it all started In 2010, nadia bruno was the marketing Manager of the team that built the first steakhouse in the midwest featuring an integrated dry age steak hostel glass display fridge. . Guests were greeted by a rare, artful glimpse into the beef aging process uniquely showcased upon entrance in a dry aged cooling room lined with Himalyan salt blocks intended to intensify beef flavors. Our most admired midwest steakhouse Integrating the display fridge into the overall design of the restaurant was as a novel way to bring the pride of the chefs visually closer to the guests. Now the primal sections of dry age steaks were center stage, surrounded by glass, on the restaurants main display wall. Needless to state, the dry age steak product became an instant best seller and won multiple awards for this restaurant This provided the inspiration for the development of a domestic version of the same eye catching product display.

After 21 days, the meat will not get more tender but will with additional time, anything to 70 days, become more flavorful. 21 day ribeye generally, the longer it ages past 21 days, the more it develops flavor to a more nutty taste. Naturally, it all depends on the type of animal, type of muscle you dry aging, usda grade, the size of the cut, age and prior welfare of the animal. 45 day ribeye dry aging meat is almost always done in sub primal cuts of meat due to the better yield and tenderness as well as flavor. Sub primal cuts are section of beef that are left on the bone and have the majority of their fat covers still intact. This is important as you want this protection over the muscle tissue as over time the controlled air cooled environment will remove moisture from the cut.

It also plays a role in the type of cuts you choose. They are generally limited to the rib, short loin and sirloin sub primal cuts. The reason to leave the bones on the meat is that when it continues to go through the dry aging process it will pull away from the bone. If there are no bones, the pulling will result in higher non usable product. It also has the strongest nutty flavor near the bone. Some people dry age steaks inside their regular fridge.

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250m years in the making - himalyan Salt Blocks beautiful designs includes a sleek uv resistant stainless word steel, uv protected tempered glass door and modern luxurious chrome handle bars. The inside is enveloped with food grade black embossed aluminum with 2 removable extending chrome shelves for the dry age product. Hanging the cuts from the upper shelf is also possible with this design. Steaklocker's aesthetics are designed to co-ordinate with all of your other appliances or can paper be installed as an eye catching display case in your kitchen or courtyard bbq area. 750 btu powerful compressor Fan Forced air flow Precise temperature range - 33F to 68F Smart Application Sensor Control - bluetooth enabled Fiberglass/Metal exterior with embossed black aluminum interior 2 pane glass uv protected stainless steel door Digital temperature and humidity display active carbon odor. Dry aging product capacity Interior germicidal sterilization lamps Self closing door with lock 37dba sound rating Dry aging does for red meat what cave aging does for cheese or cellaring for Bordeaux it improves the taste greatly with time. In addition, it will tenderize the meat after approximately 18 - 21 days depending on the animal. First day ribeye the short story is this : Dry aging meat is the traditional way of creating superbly tender meat by letting naturally occurring enzymes slowly tenderize the meat. 12 day ribeye assuming the right conditions, it takes between 16 to 21 days for the process to come to fruition.

wallpaper suppliers ireland

We will develop more connected speciality refrigeration and other devices for niche markets. In order to take advantage of the talent out in the market, we want to enable suitably interested people to develop software and hardware solutions that will work with as many device as possible. We're hoping to create an ecosystem of connected useful and practical culinary devices - that's why were making our sdk available to dedicated parties. Steaklocker SmartApp (IOS) New development option such as a live optic feed, sensor driven grilling thermometers and many other features are in development and are estimated for release in future months. We have designed our dry age fridge based on our commercial success with steakhouse dry age environments. We have designed a unique modular hygrometer controller (patent pending) that is completely independent of the internal display sensor to ensure that internal humidity is achieved at optimal levels. Another first in dry aging technology. Latest Modular essay Humidity controller Steaklocker has other optional features such as Himalayan Salt Blocks and Special Herb and Spice silk pouches that deliver additional flavor, taste and intensify the natural beef aroma.

into Steaklocker's own smart app. This allows you to connect in seconds using just your smartphone. This feature will alert your smart-phone when preset values are exceeded. This nifty element will ensure you won't loose your dry age product investment if power failures or other emergencies occur. Steaklocker Smart App (IOS) Additional smart app features such as provenance information, complete step by step dry aging operational instructions, nutritional and caloric information for major recipes, top 100 dry age beef supplying farms and top 100 best steakhouses will all be available to ensure. A 1-800 rapid customer service help number will also be provided. Steaklocker's smart app is planning to be as open as possible. It generates streams of data that can be used or stored and applied in many different ways.

Best results are assured with bone-in sub primal like ribeye and Sirloin or a combination of those two. Step two: place it in the fridge. Let it rest (dry age) for summary at least 21 days or longer depending on your desired flavor profile, then cut yourself your own individual steaks. Steaklocker's first production line run is offered in a standard 34 inch cabinet size. Steaklocker is developing a state of the art digital hygrometer controller (patent pending) allowing you to adjust the recommended settings to vary the flavor and tenderness of the meat. We are developing our own smart phone app (ios if stretch goal achieved, Android ) specifically for the dry age fridge. The primary application is the real-time digital sensor and controller (patent pending) that provides you with instant feedback on the critical temperature and humidity operations of the fridge. Until now, only the absolute high end humidors and fridges were able to control humidity inside the fridge.

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We are a young startup company in San diego developing the very first commercially available fridge that professionally and safely dry ages prime cuts of beef. Steaklocker is combining the best of old world dry aging techniques with sophisticated modern technology allowing the consumer to control the process and save at least 50-70 on current retail dry age steak prices. Currently us prices for dry age steaks range from 30 to 50 per owl pound. You can purchase, choice or, prime sub primal cuts from your favorite butcher for say.00.00 per pound. Savings of at least 50, in the past, you were not able to professionally and safely dry age your own steaks. Now, we bring a brand new perspective to your home (or even small commercial property) grilling with the best dry aged steaks completely under your control. Now the joy of grilling your own dry age steaks is a reality with this truly unique home dry age steaklocker. Step one: buy your favorite sub primal cut from your favorite butcher.

Wallpaper suppliers ireland
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  2. Manage pantone colors on the cloud with Pantonelive, digital brand color management solutions for brand owners, designers and suppliers. Nadia bruno is raising funds for steaklocker - the first in-home dry age steak fridge on Kickstarter! The world's first chef inspired fridge that professionally and safely dry ages prime steaks at home saving 70 on current steak prices. Blue insurance is an Award Winning Insurance Provider offering comprehensive car Insurance in Ireland. Get a cheap Car Insurance" now and save. We may use your information to keep you informed by post, telephone, mobile phone, e mail, sms or other means about our products and services.

  3. (aapl) stock from seeking Alpha. Read the news as it happens! To make a return, all you need to do is:. Take the advice note from your parcel. Pack up your return as you normally would in the packaging you received.

  4. 2018 Online shopping for popular & hot Patagonia from Men's Clothing & Accessories, t-shirts, baseball Caps, home & Garden and more related Patagonia like patagonia. Tophotelsupplier is an online directory about all top hotel suppliers and their projects, as well as the architects and designers they work with. Signage by professional sign manufacturers. The sign Company is a professional sign and branding company with branches in gauteng and Cape town servicing the whole of south Africa and neighboring countries like botswana, mozambique and Zimbabwe. Latest Breaking news and headlines on Apple Inc.

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  6. Houzz is the new way to design your home. Browse 16 million interior design photos, home decor, decorating ideas and home professionals online. Renting a car in Ireland is easy once you understand the lingo (like cdw and Excess). We've compiled it all in a comprehensive guide to renting a car in Ireland. We have everything you need to make plumbing pain-free at B&Q. Choose from a variety of plumbing supplies, including ball valves, pipes and stopcocks.

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