Sports management business plan

sports management business plan

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The type of atmosphere necessary to be successful depends on developing a theme for the play field. The theme can be post-industrial or military or something similar. The theme is very important to making the paintball field a destination instead of simply as a place to play. The more successful the theme, the more likely that repeat players will come back and use the field on a permanent basis. Several themes have been discussed and a military theme adopted for the field itself. Development Timetable —an aggressive strategy of growth requires us to adopt the following timetable: Winter 1997—lease of primary land site in southeast section of the city. January 1997—Bid specifications prepared for contract construction services. February 1997—Bids awarded for March and April above ground construction.

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These players can be reached primarily through corporate advertising as a team-building exercise and through an appeal to the competitive and sportslike nature of the game. Many local paintball fields have had great success in recruiting corporate membership by offering specialized recruiting discount packages. Once again, if the field is packaged correctly as a paintball destination and not merely as a paintball field, then the local corporate sponsors will feel comfortable bringing their employees to engage in team-building activities. Development, current Status —a site has been pre-selected for development of the paintball field. It write is located in the southeast section of the city and is the site of an abandoned multiscreen drive-in theater. It is in a demographically popular part of town and very close to the shopping malls and main thoroughfares of the city. There is plenty of room for outdoor playing and there are several centralized buildings that would provide an indoor playing arena as well. The facility is not currently being used and is a liability and non-performing asset for the current owners, a regional theater chain which would like to divest itself from the property. Development Plans —The plan to develop paintball Sport Palace into something more than a simple playing field is essential to the overall concept. The business should strive to make it a paintball destination within the local community. There is a certain atmosphere that needs to be created in order for this to happen.

Sales Strategy —marketing will be targeted to a younger audience initially. Even though corporate bookings and older players will eventually become a large part of the target audience, initially, the best chance for positive cash flow comes from an appeal to younger players who will grow into repeat customers and truly provide a financial base upon. Normal media channels, which target all young adults, best reach these customers. Radio advertising seems especially effective when trying to reach this market and various radio stations with a rock or hard rock format would seem ideally suited for advertising. Also, there are plenty of local establishments that cater to young people where co-op advertising deals can be made. The laser paper tag game arena, for instance, would provide an excellent place to recruit members. There are also local paintball supply shops that can provide a steady source of interested customers willing to play the game and a complete co-op arrangement can be made. Once this target market has been reached, and moderate success achieved, the next target of advertising revenue will be middle-aged players.

sports management business plan

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Older players tend to be interested in more complex and challenging games where patience is more of a premium. These players would be the weekend outdoorsmen (or sports enthusiasts) types and they would typically involve either a group of close friends or work associates, while the younger players tend to come in smaller groups of more immediate friends. Both groups depend heavily on interaction with their peers, and utilizing this peer pressure as a positive marketing tool is essential. There are many females who also participate in paintball games but, usually, they are drawn as either part of a corporate work outing or from some similar situation. Paintball is a demanding sport and though some degree of basic physical fitness will add to the enjoyment of the game, it is not essential to be completely fit in order to play. Older players, and those with physical limitations, need to be reminded of the demands of the game and encouraged to play appropriately to their level of skill. This is also true of the sedentary weekend warrior type of person who is drawn to the game. Since young and middle-aged males tend to be the target demographic audience, advertising will be geared to attract these types of players.

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sports management business plan

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Market Analysis Statewide —the market statewide is encouraging. Several fields have opened while two others have shut down. The primary reason for the shutdown of the two fields in the southern part of the state did not have to do with a lack of business, but instead had to do with local zoning requirements and the fact that these businesses were not being. The closest known competitor in the western part of the state is located in the cincinnati area and, while it is fairly well known, it is not heavily advertised and players from this area only travel to this particular field infrequently. Market Analysis Locally —the market locally consists of one competitor. Located in the southwest quadrant of the city, this competitor is chiefly an indoor arena. There is no room for expansion nor for any large-scale redesign of the playing field, which is an essential element of field design.

Even though it is a small facility, with erratic hours, during the hours that it is open it does terrific business in booking events and maintaining repeat clientele. The business is owned by two current police officers that also rent out the field to the city to use as a police training ground for close quarter encounter situations. This is the largest competitor in town for paintball dollars and, even parodies though they are currently operating successfully, they have not tapped even a portion of the market due to their minimal advertising and lack of space. Since this business is not the owner's primary source of income, the competition from this facility is thought to be manageable, and even helpful, in developing paintball players locally. Overall Marketing Strategy —the target market for paintball is young and even middle-aged, predominantly male adults. The younger players might have had experience in laser tag, or similar virtual-reality type games, and are looking for simple strategy games with a lot of action.

This is especially true in a state like ohio, which has a variable climate. Bookings and reservations are made far in advance. Not taking this factor into consideration will be highly detrimental to the success of the business. Many other fields have had trouble retaining clientele without some sort of indoor facility to operate. This would normally mean that a location would be very expensive property to lease; however, this principle consideration is mitigated by the fact that a paintball playing field does not have to concern itself with aesthetics.

Playing locations are not decided on appearance, rather, the lack of aesthetics is just as appealing to most players, and a gruff atmosphere can enhance the "feel" of the game for many players. Therefore, a large amount of capital that would ordinarily be spent improving the appearance of the facility can be saved and expended elsewhere. Marketing and sales, market Analysis Nationwide —the market for paintball nationwide is outstanding. Fields throughout the United States are reporting record growth, and the need for fields is increasing, not decreasing. As more seasoned players develop and move to various parts of the country, the overall number of participants continues to grow. Likewise, the longer the games are played and the longer people are exposed to the sport, the more that paintball becomes legitimized and the more that national advertising will be expended in the promotion of paintball.

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Description —paintball is both a sport and general a game. It is already a hundred million dollar business nationwide, with revenue, which continues to grow on an annual basis. Similar to bowling in some organizational aspects, a paintball service company provides rental space for players and equipment in a structured environment. League play is not only possible, but strongly encouraged and a necessary component of building a profitable local business. Scores are kept and posted, and tournaments can be held in order to stimulate player activity and generate free publicity. The largest fields in the country have hundreds, and even thousands, of players who participate in tournament style events and compete for prizes sponsored by savvy equipment manufacturers. Other opportunities for revenue generation include selling constantly in-demand supplies: paintballs, co2 propellant refills, and assorted other forms of necessary and expendable equipment. Concessions are another source of steady and significant revenue which, if properly managed, can lead to a sizeable profit margin. Location Considerations —for a paintball service company to be successful, it is absolutely imperative to offer both indoor and outdoor playing fields.

sports management business plan

Markets and Products —The products used and the overall market strategy will closely follow that of other successful paintball field operations throughout the United States. Products used will be industry standard, allowing for endorsement revenue for product placement and an incentive for paintball equipment companies to sponsor contests and events which will help draw in players from throughout the region. All products will be viewed from a cost-benefit perspective, and will take into account factors such as parts safety, reliability, and price. The market targeted for development will be primarily young adults 16-25 years of age, and the secondary market will be older adults 26-46 years of age. Objectives —The objective of paintball Sport Palace is to develop an indoor and outdoor play field while generating revenue through field rental and admission. Additionally, revenue will be developed from rental of paintball equipment, expendable supplies, and food concessions. These four revenue streams should make the initial investment profitable within its first year of operation and allow for a steadily increasing pool of income on a yearly basis, as the sport of paintball grows nationwide.

his commitment to profitability. The hardboiled approach of the plan echoes the businesslike manner with which the company will likely be run. Executive summary, company overview, services provided. Marketing and sales, development, operations, management, summary of financials. Offering, appendices, executive summary, the mission of paintball Sport Palace is to provide playing locations and equipment rental service to paintball players in the area who are currently involved in the sport or who wish to become involved in action pursuit games. The purpose of this presentation is to seek start-up financing for capital investment in both equipment and location procurement. Company overview, history and Current Status —paintball Sport Palace is a new company in the start-up phase of development. Incorporated in Ohio, it seeks to be located in Summit county so as to be close to a major population center. Because the company is still in the preliminary phases, the availability of capital investment is a primary consideration.

Advantages of a corporation include limited liability, strong financing and high liquidity of investment (Cheeseman, 2007). Corporations can range from government corporations, nonprofit corporations, and for profit corporations they can have the latest up-to-date technology, the best legal representation and world-wide available resources. The otpss is a franchisor and will hope to have several franchises. "A franchise is established when write one party (the franchisor, or licensor) licenses another party (the franchisee, or licensee ) to use the franchisor's trade name, trademarks, commercial symbols, patents, copyrights, and other property in the distribution and selling of goods and services" (Cheeseman, 2007). Legally, a franchise is an independent contractor. This means that although the franchisees may have otsps' trademarks, trade secrets and services, the franchisees are. Paintball sport palace 18940 Barrister ave.

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Business Planãâ¿â page * Arabic ãâ¿â1ãâ¿â. Running head-business entity plan, old Terrapin Sports Pub Business Plan. Jaime Enriquez, university of Phoenix, entity business Plan, the entity business plan that will be discussed in this paper will be the Sports Bar Franchise. The shredder name of the franchise will be named Old Terrapins Sports Pub (otsp). The business plan presented in this paper will show the planning, research and the necessary forms needed for otsp. It will also discuss the impact of a global legal environment and how to manage this efficiently along with how the different organizations thrive in such an environment. Corporations can be one of the most common, dominant and prevailing organizations, size of ownership in a corporation can range from one individual to thousands of owners called shareholders. Although other organizations such as sole proprietorship and partnerships exist and can be honorable organizations, they are not always the greatest organizations for the global environment. These types of organizations often lack the financing, power and resources needed to endure in the global environment.

Sports management business plan
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  1. Running head-business entity plan. Old Terrapin Sports Pub Business Plan. Sport Management Communication Problems "we keep hearing that sport leaders need to improve communication skills, and techniques like listening skills improvement. Humbers Sport Business Management graduate certificate program prepares you for employment within the broader areas of sport, with particular emphasis on management in the industry. Participate in the development and execution of sport business plans and manage risk.

  2. Contact us to find out how we can help you develop a great business plan for your sports business. Business Plans - volume. Paintball Sport Company business Plan Business Plan. Management Compensation —Initially, management will not be compensated until the business can obtain a suitable level of profitability. Preparing an event Management Business plan encompasses envisaging the entire event in terms of finance, locating all its probable sources of revenue and expenses and arranging them into operational units, generally as per the groups indicated in the Chart of Accounts.

  3. Griffith sport management graduates will find opportunities in planning and management of sporting facilities, athlete representation, event. Review team Eileen Argentina, pp r services Manager Terri davis, zone manager Randy webster, corporate Strategy manager Jason Smith, senior Management Analyst. The business plan includes actions to introduce new Sports/Fitness and Arts activities to meet community demand. 17 likes 8 talking about this. Enabling greater success and sustainability for sports businesses around the world.

  4. Try various formats of event Planning easy kitchen recipes ebook pdf Template for pdf, word, Excel. For details of the courses units of competency, please click here. Diploma of Sport recreation Management general Program. This module addresses the skills required to run a business operation and covers the steps required to develop and implement a business plan. Griffith's sport management degrees will provide you with the sound business management knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in sports.

  5. With more competition than ever for the leisure time and entertainment dollars of potential customers, it is critical for a contemporary sports management entity to develop a marketing plan. Make sure that every element of the marketing plan can be tracked back to essential elements of your business. The best sports bar business plans provide clear guidelines on how the management team will be formed as well as the individual roles. Indeed, starting a sports bar requires proper planning and management. Wedding consultants, special event planners, and other event management businesses. Occasions personal event planning business plan executive summary.

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