Resume for makeup artist entry level

resume for makeup artist entry level

Beginner makeup Artist Resume sample

In the United States, the average pay rate for makeup artists is US16.26 per hour. Location, experience, whether youre freelancing or employed, and the actual employer, are the main influences of pay rate. The majority of makeup artists are not awarded benefits. The majority of makeup artists report high job satisfaction. Famous makeup Artists There are many well-known makeup artists in the industry. Some of these include: Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown An American professional makeup artist and founder of Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Also author of several makeup and beauty books and beauty editor both for print and television. Napoleon Perdis Napoleon Perdis An Australian makeup artist and businessman with a line of cosmetic products.

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Makeup Artist Education Requirements Most professional in the beauty industry complete formal training which require a high school diploma or equivalent. . Licensing requirements for makeup artists varies from state to state, so ensure you are familiar with your obligations. . Formal training is required to become a makeup artist and additional training may be required to specialize in a particular area. You will also need to become licensed as a makeup artist. Makeup artists starting out may often work as assistants to more experienced makeup artists. . Typically makeup artists will gain necessary skills by a combination of training and on-the-job experience. Association of makeup Artists Created to provide services and education to makeup artists and potential makeup artists, below are some relevant Associations which may be of interest: Belonging to an Association can provide you with benefits including: course discounts. Regular newsletters with relevant information and advice. Discounts on various products and services. Makeup Artist Gender organizational Distribution graduate The majority of makeup artists are female.

Skills needed to become a makeup Artist Desired skills required to become a makeup artist include: Some artistic and creative talent is beneficial. A desire to experiment with, and a natural love of cosmetics Reliable punctual Organized Able to work under pressure. Personable Great customer service skills. Makeup Artist Colleges Some employers such as department stores and pharmacies may hire you even if you havent formally studied makeup pending on the type of employment you are looking for though, it is usually beneficial to study and learn the correct techniques. There are many makeup artist schools available, giving you the flexibility to research and find one that best suits you. . There are often varying curriculums and requirements in various colleges/schools. Determine which area of makeup artistry interests you and find a course that suits your needs and desires. Formal training often entails enrolling in a cosmetology program, and for those with an interest in stage makeup, there are theater degree professional programs.

resume for makeup artist entry level

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In a beauty salon or at a makeup counter at a department store, a makeup artist may work casual, part-time or full-time hours. In the entertainment industry, for example, you may be required to work long, arduous days (and nights). In this area you may work long hours for weeks at a time but then have a similar amount of time off. Work as a makeup artist may involve working from home, at a typical place of employment, travelling to clients, or even about travelling the world! What tools does a makeup Artist need? If you are a freelance makeup artist, you will need to invest in your own tools. If you are working for an individual or an employer some, or all, of these may be provided. Tools used in the makeup artist profession may include: makeup brushes (various) Applicators foundations Concealers Powders Blush Mascaras Lipsticks Lip Liners eyebrow liners Cleansers moisturisers Sponges Tweezers How to become makeup Artist?

Although your models dont need to be professionals, choose people you enjoy working with and who show off your true style. . you can also make an online portfolio as well as the traditional print version. Experiment on different people and using different brands, products, tools and textures. . Depending on the type of work you are undertaking, you may need to invest in good quality tools and cosmetics. . you may want to start out applying at makeup counters at department stores. This way youll be gaining plenty of hands-on experience. There are also positions available at beauty salons and spas, and you can even keep an eye out for an internship or apprenticeship. Working Conditions for makeup Artists Again, as this area of employment varies greatly, so do hours and working conditions. .

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resume for makeup artist entry level

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Marketing and building a client Base As a freelancer, a great way to resume gain market repeat business is to ask for referrals. . Word of mouth is a fantastic way to build your client base. . Offering specials and discounts is also a good way to acquire and retain new customers. Youtube can be an inspiring way for talented makeup artists to gain a following and get their name out. You can provide close-up makeup tutorials, showcase your skills and offer advice. You never know, you might get discovered and find yourself working in a high profile makeup artistry role! . Networking with other makeup artists and similar create types is also a great way to get a name for yourself.

Its important in this field to ensure you keep up with the latest trends. Another good idea is to subscribe to blogs etc of your favorite makeup artists, and keep up-to-date with beauty magazines. . If you have a great visual eye and a wish to use your talents, artistic flair and creativity, a career as a makeup artist may be right up your alley. . Practice applying makeup on yourself and others, and start building a portfolio with high quality pictures of your best work. Hire a photographer or invest in a decent camera to help you build a professional portfolio. To showcase your work you could undertake before and after shots of your models.

US60,000, us115,000, makeup artists working in the theatrical/performance fields average around US31 per hour, and the medial level in the industry as a whole is around US26 per hour. Top level earners receive an average of around US58 per hour, while entry level around US10 per hour. A career as a makeup Artist. Employment opportunities for makeup artists tend to be based around movie, television and theatrical productions for jobs in those fields. It is expected that employment of makeup artists will grow around 3 (in the ten years from 2010 to 2020.) This relatively slow job growth results in tough competition in the industry. A career as a makeup artist can be surprisingly technical, needing to be familiar with lighting and the photographic keup artists tend to have skills and backgrounds which can be as varied as their clients and the areas available to gain this type of work.

Freelance makeup Artists Many makeup artist positions are freelance and takes much commitment, focus and dedication. . Being a freelance makeup artist means you need to keep up-to-date and continually market yourself. . It also helps if you are physically located in an area where you will gain the most work. . As a freelancer you need to take control of your own career, take charge of your income, and allow for flexibility in your work. Employed makeup Artists As an employed makeup artist, the options are still varied. You may gain employment at a makeup counter at a department store, in a pharmacy, for a studio, for a magazine, television or theater. The type of work you obtain will depend largely on your experience. Beauty salons, cosmetic companies and organisations such as amateur theatre groups may provide on-the-job training.

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Working with other stylists proposal to obtain desired outcomes. Makeup Artist Salary, recent statistics show that the salary of a makeup artist can vary greatly, ranging from around US18,000 to us115,000. This depends greatly on the field you are working in, level of experience, location and quality of work, among other factors. Makeup artistry is a varied profession, ranging from working in a local pharmacy to travelling the world working in high end film and television roles. How Much do makeup Artists make? Per annum based on recent us average data. Entry-level, mid-Career, experienced, us18,000.

resume for makeup artist entry level

Makeup Artist Typical Duties. Removing makeup and preparing the skin for makeup application. Instructing management clients in regard to applying makeup. Applying various makeup products. Designing and applying prosthetics to achieve a particular appearance. Using makeup to produce varying effects. Maintaining and/or altering makeup application.

right! Due to high camera exposure which can expose blemishes, creases, lines and wrinkles, high definition makeup are sheer while still hiding flaws and uneven texture in skin. Reflection levels are controlled with high definition makeup and can also be found at regular makeup counters. Makeup Artist Job Description, makeup Artist Job Description, makeup artists may work as freelancers or be employed by an individual or company. . A makeup artist may work in their own studio or may travel to various locations to perform their work. . Special effects and theatrical makeup artists will usually work behind the scenes, including on movies, fashion shoots and for theatrical performances. Professional fashion makeup artists may gain employment travelling around the world. As discussed, the role and employment opportunities for a makeup artist can be quite varied, from working in a pharmacy or department store, to applying makeup and/or prosthetics for film, television or theater.

Tools also need to be regularly cleaned and sanitized. Makeup Artist Specializations, there are several techniques used by makeup essay artists including: Special effects makeup, also known as prosthetic makeup, special effects makeup artists apply cosmetics and other applications to create effects such as bruises, scars, cuts, blood, ageing, deformities, and others. . As well as using regular cosmetics, special effects makeup artists must learn to use other materials such as fake blood, latex and rubber, amongst others. Airbrush make up is sprayed on to the skin rather than being applied in the traditional fashion with sponges and brushes etc. . Airbrush makeup is particularly popular in theater, film and for bridal makeup. Fashion makeup, a fashion makeup artist specializes in applying makeup in fashion settings, including magazines, runways. Fashion makeup artistry is a unique field within the industry. Theatrical makeup, theatrical makeup is a makeup which creates a characters appearance in, for example, a play.

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Contents, what does a makeup Artist do? A makeup artist applies makeup and/or prosthetics on the human body and is able to transform a persons appearance by the professional application of makeup. This service may be provided for the modelling industry, film, television, theater, magazines and the fashion industry, amongst others. . A makeup artist may also work in areas such as a department store makeup counter or pharmacy, although the fashion and entertainment industries employ the largest portion of makeup artists. . Experienced professional makeup artists may also find themselves serving as a writer or editor for beauty magazines. A makeup artist enhances using cosmetic techniques, and in the film/television/theater industry, may create special effects. . makeup artists specialize in makeup and are for often part of a professional team including hair and wardrobe stylists. . As well as applying makeup, consultation is required with each client individually about their needs, personal requirements and preferences, as well as other factors such as allergies etc. .

Resume for makeup artist entry level
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