Persuasive essay on getting a dog

persuasive essay on getting a dog

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For this question we asked, what the thoughts on obtaining an animal from an animal shelter were, what factors do they look at when choosing a pet, and what are the benefits and draw backs of adopting an animal from a shelter? Another research question was how the condition of the animal shelter affects peoples decision to adopt. We wanted to know if the condition of the shelter deters or helps a persons decision to adopt a pet from them because if it does then it is something that the shelter can work on improving. While these all are important questions to ask we decided our main research question was how to increase student volunteers. A few of the questions asked were why or why would you not volunteer for an animal shelter, what they would like to do if they did volunteer at a shelter, and what they think are some good ways to encourage college kids to volunteer. Increasing the number of student volunteers or the amount of time that students volunteer at a shelter can benefit the shelter immensely. Preparation of Discussion guide There were several steps involved while preparing the discussion guide.

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New Jersey statutes Annotated 9:3-43 enables for any person to adopt permitted the said person(s) pass a essay background investigation and meet adoption criteria for eligibility(N.J.S.A. Unmarried joint adoptive parents petitioning to adopt a child can do so because. In re Adoption of two Children. N.R., 666.2d 535 (N.J. 1995) permits second parent adoption ; this statute exercises the possibility for an individual to petition for shared rights of custody with a parent who already possesses legal parental custody of a child. Several states prohibit joint adoption due to unmarried status. This statute is favorable for unmarried parents seeking to adopt in New Jersey. This New Jersey statute provides for an overall tolerant atmosphere for queer individuals and couples looking to adopt or become foster parents. In summary, laws and policies regarding same-sex. Research questions While preparing the discussion guide for the focus groups, we developed a few different research questions that applied to our focus group. One research question was why people adopt from an animal shelter.

A cats demeanor is a much more civilized, laid back kind. The cat is much smoother in what it does and moves very elegantly, a lot of people find. Persuasive essay on Adoption by homosexual couples. Processes of adoption and foster parenting. The garden State allows for same-sex adoption ; allows single homosexuals to adopt; and allows second parent same-sex adoption (Same-sex Adoption Laws,. New Jersey has passed progressive laws and policies that prohibit discrimination charged against gay individuals in the adoption process (Sudol, 2010). New Jersey state law also entry bans discrimination against gay individuals in the foster parent process (2010).

persuasive essay on getting a dog

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Cats have been traced back to having relations with humans as early as 3000bc in Ancient Egyption times. It is believed that they came about when they migrated along the nile to find and feed on mice and rats in Egyptian towns. Because of their database rodent killing ability, they were taken in by humans. What made and still makes cats such an interactive pet with people today is when they are born as kittens, they establish a close connection with their person where the pet will carry a close bond with that human for as long as it lives. Why do cats always purr when pet? Why do cats always come back to their masters home and are never known to run away. Because they feel comfortable and safe in their home environment and feel protected by the human who takes care.

Also, people can adopt a pet rather than buy or spread the word and encourage others to adopt their companion. There are many rescue groups that go into animal shelters and take the ones they believe will be able to be adopted right before they are killed. My sister got one of these dogs and he is a fantastic dog. Petland Exposed Many people are unaware that Petland. Persuasive essay: household Pets. We all have a desire to own and care for a pet as children, many families in todays society do in fact have one or even multiple household pets that they love and embrace as part of the family. Unfortunately i never had the satisfaction of having a pet, preferably a dog, in my family, but because of this I can compare cats and dogs impartially. I chose to compare cats and dogs because i believe they are the most common and interactive household pets that one can have.

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persuasive essay on getting a dog

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Adopting a pet will quickly become a part of you and your family. It is amazing the amount of love. There are some dogs that when they enter the shelter they are either too aggressive or too ill, so they are put down. Most of the dogs in a shelter are lovable and adoptable. They are just put down because nobody is willing to adopt them and the shelters are running out of money and space to keep them. The percent of animals being euthanized is increasing.

Due to the economy more people are surrendering their pets because they can no longer afford to keep them. The amount of animals in shelters are increasing and causing animals to be killed sooner with hardly any time to be adopted. Not all shelters are humane about the way they euthanize their animals. When done improperly, euthanasia can hurt the animal. Some shelters could use multiple ways of killing such as shooting or drowning. These leave the animals under a lot resume of stress and pain as they are killed. To help reduce the number of dogs and cats euthanized people can have their pets spayed or neutered, put a collar on their pet, or get their pet micro-chipped.

62 have a pet, 39 have a dog, 33 have a cat and of all pet owners, more than half say pets have a positive impact on physical and emotional health. Source: appa packaged Facts 2011-12. Researchers found that owning a pet prevents heart diseases, fights depression, and provides a sense of security among many other benefits. It also encourages feelings such as trust, empathy and bonding. This demonstrated that they actually help us live longer.

One may argue preference on purebreds; however, 1 in 4 dogs sent to a shelter is a purebred. Great Danes, collies,. Bernard, german Shepard you name. Thanks to the recent developments in brain imaging technology, we are starting to get a better picture of what happens inside a dogs brain. Scientists are actually studying the brains of dogs and what the studies shown is that not only dogs seem to love us back, they actually see us as their family. It turns out that dogs rely on humans more than they rely on their own kind in search for affection, protection and everything in between.

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Rating ( 0 score) - presentation 0 votes. You may also find These documents Helpful. Persuasive essay pet Adoption. Animal, adoption 26 animals will enter a shelter today and 15 will be euthanized. It adds up fast. 5-7 million enter shelters, and 3-4 million are euthanized every year. In the us, there are nearly 118 million households.

persuasive essay on getting a dog

in many ways. Tips on writing a persuasive essay about Adopting a dog:. Define what audience your essay is directed to; whether most of your audience. Make sure your argument is definite. Research your topic about adopting a dog well. To make your claim stronger, your arguments should be clear and supported be real examples. You can easily buy an essay online from experts. You will get a superior-quality custom persuasive essay written from scratch!

The fact is there are numerous reasons that may make one give up a pet to an animal shelter. However, this is not necessarily because the animal is injured or has a certain fault. Animal rescue centers usually concentrate on bringing up animals in the healthiest way that they can to make it easy for one to adopt a dog, should one choose to take the dog home. The shelters also regularly examine the pets and vaccinate them accordingly and regularly, and they pay close attention to the pets to ensure they are in their best health. In relation to cost, it is usually much cheaper to purchase a pet from database an animal rescue center than it is to purchase a pet from a pet store or any other store. Another important reason why one should adopt a dog for a pet is that pets have been shown to improve the mood of their owners. Instead of feeling lonely and moody, one should adopt a dog because the dog will give the owner unconditional love and therefore help one to psychologically feel better. Dogs are also great when it comes to improving the physical health of their owners. Scientists have shown that spending time with ones dog can significantly lower ones blood pressure and lower ones cholesterol levels.

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There are numerous reasons why one should make the wise decision to write adopt a dog, the first of which is that one gets to save a life by choosing to adopt a dog. In the United States of America only, more than two million dogs are available for adoption on a yearly basis. The main reason why so many dogs are available for adoption is there are many individuals who give up their pets to animal shelters, and the number of individuals who go to shelters to adopt a dog is small. Unfortunately, many animal shelters do not have enough space to house the pets comfortably and sometimes do not even have enough resources to take care of the pets. These reasons sometimes push animal shelters to tight corners and cause them to eliminate some of the pets that have not been adopted. If more people came up and adopted the dogs, fewer animals would be eliminated or tortured by those who adopt them for weird reasons. The other reason why one should adopt a dog is that when one adopts a dog from an animal shelter, he or she not only gets to save money but also gets to adopt healthy dogs. There is a common misconception that animals found in animal shelters usually have something wrong with them.

Persuasive essay on getting a dog
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  1. List of Topics for Writing With Persuasion. You can also check these argumentative essay topics to get inspiring and interesting starters for an essay which. Following is a list of topics for persuasive essay writing. You can use these essay prompts for your own essay writing or edit them to your liking. Consequently, if you do not need to give a dog a bath, you wont get sprayed with foul water when they shake themselves dry.

  2. Check out our persuasive essay samples to get acquainted with this popular form of essay. Dog essay titles, sample papers covering all topics: dog rescue, service dog, training, favorite. Essay on dog, why you should get a dog persuasive essay. My sister got one of these dogs and he is a fantastic dog. Petland Exposed Many people are unaware that Petland. Persuasive essay on Adoption by homosexual couples.processes of adoption and foster parenting.

  3. This is a persuasive reason for getting a cat. Persuasive essay on youth violence. Persuasive essay on Why you should Get a dog. Persuasive essay on Women in Combat. Since this is the most common type of essay, it is important to be familiar with its requirements and style.

  4. Well, you can be sure that this one doesnÂt do that. I mean, we were strangers, werenÂt we? If she could get used to us that quickly, then she can. A persuasive essay on why cats are better than dogs cannot solely be about cats and dogs. If you dont want to go for regular walks with your dog then get a cat.

  5. A persuasive essay is an essay used to convince a reader about a particular idea or focus. Opinion is a good way to persuade someone, and some examples of an opinion is like i believe dogs are better than cats. I knew that I needed a basic formula to get my persuasive essay off to a better ending. Persuasive keep a dog Essay. Essay by serenityMichelle868, middle School, 6th grade, may 2008.

  6. May 17, 2017 by admin Essay samples, Free essay samples, persuasive essay. A trained dog can help with work around the house like picking up small objects using his mouth. Cats do not get involved in any work; cats lay around the house the whole day. Tips on writing a persuasive essay about Adopting a dog :. Define what audience your essay is directed to; whether most of your audience. You will get a superior-quality custom persuasive essay written from scratch!

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