Nortel resume

nortel resume

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Unless specifically provided otherwise in the supplemental Documentation. Products not for delivery in the United States or Canada shall be provided "Ex Works" Nortel Networks' delivery location. Ex Works" shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Incoterms 2000.) Title to the hardware shall pass to company upon final payment of the total purchase price and any additional monies due. Company grants Nortel Networks, and will cooperate with the perfection and maintenance of, a purchase money security interest (or other security interest as provided by the laws of the applicable jurisdiction) in the Products and any proceeds until the total amount on account of such. Company authorizes Nortel Networks to file financing or continuation statements and amendments and similar documents relating to the Products without signature of Company where permitted by law. Nortel Networks may also reproduce and file this Agreement or any financing statement covering the Products, or any part thereof, as a sufficient financing statement. B) Company will have the installation site(s) ready and complete its other responsibilities on time and in accordance with Nortel Networks' requirements.

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B) Company shall: (i) not reproduce, copy, or modify software in whole or in part except as authorized by nortel Networks, except that Company may make a reasonable number of copies of Licensed Software solely for back up purposes; (ii) except to the extent such. Company shall abide by any additional terms provided by nortel Networks with respect to any terms contained in "shrink" or "click" wrap licenses, or other pass-through licenses, for Software sourced from third party vendors. C) Company shall not have the right to assign or sublicense its rights in Software without the written consent of Nortel Networks, which will not be unreasonably withheld, provided however, that where use of a product requires the download of Software to a customer. Company shall be entitled to sublicense to such customer after the customer agrees to terms no less restrictive than those contained in this Article 6 and that Nortel Networks is a beneficiary of such sublicense. D) Certain Software identified by nortel Networks may be modified to create derivative software applications or files Applications. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, each party owns all art intellectual property rights for any Applications it creates. Nortel networks shall have no liability to company or any third page networks global purchase agreement party with respect to any claims or damages arising out of the modification or creation of any application by company. E) Nortel Networks may access by remote polling or other reasonable means any site in which Software has been installed to determine if any software has been activated, or its uses extended, without payment of the applicable fee. Such polling shall be conducted pursuant to the company's reasonable security considerations which shall not significantly inhibit the polling activity. Nortel Networks has the right to invoice customer and Customer shall pay all charges within thirty (30) days of such invoice for any activated or extended use of such Software. Title, risk of loss and delivery a) For Products to be delivered in the United States or Canada, risk of loss of damage to Products passes to company upon delivery to the carrier at the delivery location.

Company shall pay all charges for: (i) Products within thirty (30) days after delivery to the carrier at Nortel Networks' shipping point delivery location and (ii) Services within thirty (30) days after completion, except that (a) recurring Services will be paid for quarterly, in advance. B) For any overdue payments for invoices submitted in conformance to the terms hereof, nortel Networks is entitled to collect from Company interest, calculated daily from the date past due, at one and one half percent (1.5) per month (18 per annum) or summary such lesser. Notwithstanding the foregoing for purchases where nortel Networks is providing the financing and such financing has not been assigned, no such interest shall accrue. Taxes, unless Company provides a certificate of exemption for the applicable taxes in a timely manner but in no event after Nortel Networks payment of such amounts, company must promptly pay directly or reimburse nortel Networks all taxes and charges, duties or assessments imposed. Applicable sales taxes shall be billed as a separate item on the invoice to the extent reasonable. Software license a) Nortel Networks grants to company, a personal, non-exclusive, right to use software only with Hardware or other authorized material in permitted applications and to the extent that the applicable charges have been paid licensed Software. Software contains trade secrets of Nortel Networks and its suppliers, and Company is granted no title or ownership rights to software.

nortel resume

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B) Company may request additions, alterations, deductions or deviations to an Order subject to the condition that such changes and type any adjustments resulting from such changes including, but not limited to, schedules and prices, shall be mutually agreed upon and, if so agreed, subsequently detailed. Company acknowledges that a premium charge may be applied by nortel Networks should Nortel Networks agree to process a change Order outside of its Standard Order processing cycle for a product or in the event that a change Order requires an additional amount of page. C) If, prior to the ship date, company cancels all or any part of an Order, company shall pay to nortel Networks a cancellation charge for the Product(s) that have been canceled as follows: i) if Company's cancellation notice is received by nortel Networks fifteen. However, Orders for Products that have been shipped, and Orders for Data Products, may not be canceled. Furthermore, orders for Products which Nortel customizes in accordance with a specific Company request may not be canceled. B) Upon request, company will periodically submit to nortel Networks a non-binding forecast of Products and/or Services that Company anticipates purchasing. Price and payment a) The charge for any Product or Service ordered will be per biography Nortel Networks' price list then in effect or per written mutual agreement. Unless specified, prices do not include freight and insurance charges or any applicable taxes, assessments or duties.

In the case of Company "Affiliate" means an entity in which Company directly or indirectly owns or controls (and continues to own or control) more than fifty percent (50) of the shares entitled to elect the board of directors of such entity. Upon request, from time to time, a party shall provide the other with a list of its then current Affiliates who may be purchasing or supplying Products and/or Services hereunder. Company absolutely, irrevocably and unconditionally guarantees the perfomance of every company Affiliate Issuing Orders and/or otherwise acting under this Agreement. Company hereby expressly waives any other diligence, protest or notice as well as any requirement that Nortel Networks exhaust any remedy or right against such Company Affiliate. Term, this Agreement begins on the Effective date and continues until thirty (30) days after a party notifies the other in writing that it intends to terminate this. Any terms of this Agreement which by their nature are intended to survive and the rights and obligations of either party under any accepted Order survive the termination of this Agreement. Orders a) to purchase and/or License Products and/or Services, company will submit a purchase order or like documentation Order to nortel Networks specifying all of the following, if applicable: (i) the types and quantities of Products and Services; (ii) the applicable prices, charges and fees. All Orders will be governed by and cannot alter the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Orders are subject to acceptance by nortel Networks; however, any Order not rejected within fifteen (15) business days of Nortel Networks' receipt is deemed accepted provided that no additional or special terms and conditions have been written on the face of or otherwise incorporated into.

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nortel resume

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Good luck with the telecommunications Technician resume sample). Printer-friendly, global Purchase Agreement - nortel Networks Inc. And savvis communications Corp. Sponsored Links, nortel networks global purchase agreement, this agreement agreement between nortel networks inc., a delaware corporation nortel Networks and savvis Communications Corporation,. Missouri corporation company is effective on June 30, 2000 Effective. The parties agree as follows:. Scope a) Under this Agreement, company may (i) purchase hardware hardware (ii) obtain a license to use software and documentation software and (iii) purchase associated services services for the dms 10, dms 100, dms 200, dms 250, dms 300, dms 300/250, dms 500, dms gsp.

"Products" shall mean individually and collectively, the hardware and Software. B) Supplemental terms for Company's purchase and/or license of various types of other Products and/or Services may be incorporated business by mutual written consent supplemental Documentation. C) Products are provided only for Company's own use in the countries set forth in the supplemental Documentation (the "Territory and not for resale. D) The parties acknowledge that Orders (defined below) hereunder may be placed by company's Affiliates (as defined herein) and Products and Services may be supplied by nortel Networks' Affiliates (as defined herein). Any references herein to company shall be deemed to include company's Affiliates and references to nortel Networks shall be deemed to include nortel Networks Affiliates. In the case of Nortel Networks, "Affiliate" means an entity in which Nortel Networks Corporation directly or indirectly owns or controls (and continues to own or control) more than fifty percent (50) of the shares entitled to elect the board of directors of such entity. And Nortel Network corporation.

Education lincoln Vocational School, worchester, ma 1998 Attended an electrical apprentice program. Use the country job search or Job search in country job search engines! Remember that your CV/resume must be targeted, scannable and generate hits. If you have a difficulty with your cv writing or resume writing instead of staring at a blank piece of paper, use cv samples, cv templates, resume samples and resume templates or: Most recruiters expect to receive a cover letter together with your resume. So, prepare a cover letter convincing the reader why you are the best candidate for the interview.

If you have a difficulty with your cover letter writing use one of these: to be successful in your country job search and getting jobs you want, you need prepare cover letter and cv or resume which you must email instantly to the prospective employers. When you receive an invitation to the interview, you may apply for the visa and work permit. Then prepare yourself for job interview and take a look at typical job interview questions, job interview tips and other job search skills. Check the job interview do don't and other job search skills pages. Find out why people are not hired for available jobs. Follow up the job interview with a thank you letter. Employers regard this as an indication of your final interest in the position. In addition, on job search, visas, work permit, cover letter, cv resume, job interview and dress codes pages, you can find tips for many different countries.

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S., ranging from 30,000 lines up to 130,000. Reported to the company president. Updated a step switch to digital, attending meetings with both Nortel and Bell managers to provide mop on how to prevent outages. Spliced in overhead cable racking and cosmic mdf, performing final dress work for cables. Updated outside plant line maps, for both aerial and buried cable. Helix Communications, revelation boston, ma technician Served as a lead technician for primarily three telecommunications projects, resume an elementary school, a combined nursing home and correctional facility, and a remodeled office building. Managed crews of up to five technicians. Created an overall telephone system that linked two entirely separate facilities under one roof. Sfb incorporated, boston, ma electrical Technician All stages of electrical work for both residential and commercial project - pulled cabling to each patient's room for a cat5 installation at a remodeled hospital.

nortel resume

Supervised up to 16 technicians and assigned tasks according to individual capabilities. Maintained quality control responsibility. Reported to field engineers. Interacted with directors of security, safety directors, site directors, and it managers. Installed timing and telemetry for an nfl site, which was used as a template per client's request for Denver site which was having problems. negated future problems for a client by thesis recognizing a code violation in work being performed by another contractor for a brand new facility. decommissioned an ST2 clock, and installed and migrated timing cabling to dcd-523 with no service interruption. Doyle communications, burlington, vt splicing Technician Served in several lead roles with full, onsite responsibility while working exclusively on Nortel projects across the.

source, symmetricom ST2, and dcd-523. dac Installations/Expansions: Tellabs and Alcatel. Switches/Routers: Cisco, nortel dms 100/500, lucent cbx 500/9000, and Larscom Orion 4000. hardware: Cabling, racking, ironwork, proper fire stopping, earthquake bracing, and fiber tray construction. test Equipment: 107 ThrowMaster and t-bird testers. certifications: mci worldCom and bnc connectors 2000. Experience industrial Communication Systems, houston, tx 1999 - present Telecommunications Technician iii served in a lead role for special assignments such as mci worldCom and Nortel, traveling throughout the houston metropolitan area to install telecommunication systems.

This is an increasingly popular resume format. In addition, you may search resume samples by industry or by career situation and enhance your resume with keywords by industry. The telecommunications technician resume sample provides stylistic ideas that you may use in your resume. FirstName lastName, street Address, city, st zipCode, phone. Email Address, profile, telecommunications technician with more than 5 years of highly skilled experience, presentation which includes one year as an electrical technician. Proven track record as a leader, receiving high accolades for quality workmanship and for achieving objectives without encountering outages. Areas of expertise include: Equipment inventory management, performing power connections. Developing cable management systems, installing and testing cabling, performing cabling y-splicing. Building fiber trays, equipment installing / testing/turn-up, equipment power-up.

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Lyly dao's Online Studio nbsp, my painting is a celebration of independent expression in art. After spending a year in a prison camp when I was fifteen years old for trying to escape fromn vietnam, i made a successful attempt to escape to freedom in 1987. My thoughts are still in vietnam paper and the influences in my art come from my homeland. I try to reflect my memories of Dalat - my hometown, and its people. I use diverse techniques that incorporate traditional vietnamese watercolor on silk, together with oil on canvas, and charcoal to create as rich an experience as freedom itself. This combined resume format combines the elements of the reverse chronological resume and functional resume types. This format is the most flexible, allowing you to highlight those sections of your resume that are most relevant to your career objective.

Nortel resume
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  6. Served in a lead role for special assignments such as mci worldCom and. Nortel, traveling throughout the houston metropolitan area to install telecommunication systems. It support Specialist Santa Clarita. Responsible for, nortel telephone, voicemail setup, maintenance. Plaza 500 Central ave.

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