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Coloured rice landraces are eaten in many places, and coloured spices, like saffron, are often part of traditional cuisine. Sensitive social educational programs will be an integral part of Golden Rice deployment. Rice varieties with superior agronomic characteristics,. That grow and yield well, will be not less important for the farmers who will grow the rice. Hence the importance of introducing the trait from the genetically modified lines into varieties grown locally by farmers in vad areas. The trait is transferred from one rice plant to the another using conventional breeding techniques.

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Back to faq why not eat unmilled (brown) rice? The natural prep oil-rich outer layers of the rice grain—the bran and the aleurone—are rich in some important nutrients, including vitamin b, and yet rice is generally consumed in its milled form,. With the outer layers removed. If not removed, the oils assignments in those layers undergo natural oxidation processes and the grain becomes rancid, affecting smell and taste very rapidly, particularly in tropical and sub-tropical climates. Milling improves the long-term storability of rice without loss of taste. Schematic showing the most distinctive structures of a rice seed. Back to faq most people prefer to eat white rice White rice is the most commonly consumed form of rice. Golden Rice will be more like white rice in that it will be consumed as milled or polished rice. But as opposed to brown rice, it will be capable of providing its health benefits even after milling. Golden Rice grains have a pleasant bright yellow or orange colour, although its appeal in rural areas remains to be investigated.

Such programs reach only a fraction of the children in supermarket need and are not always continued, as the cost, need for training, medical staff and distribution infrastructure present significant logistic problems. Annual costs for a country the size of Nepal or Ghana are in the range of two million dollars (most 2004). The real challenges we would need to solve malnutrition in the developing world are poverty, poor infrastructure, lack of education and awareness, and not the lack of existing technology. All these issues are important too, and should continue to be addressed, as they have been for many years. However, solutions to these problems appear to be as far away as they ever were, and the situation is deteriorating in many places. Golden Rice, in combination with other efficient approaches, could lead to a highly effective, cheap, and simple contribution to the relief of a major health problem. The combination of approaches will depend on the particularities of the region. Most, usaid micronutrient Program (2004) Cost analysis of the national vitamin A supplementation programs in Ghana, nepal, and Zambia: A synthesis of three studies.

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The seeds have been donated under the licensed terms of the technology and it is for national regulatory authorities to determine the safety requirements. Syngenta, whose scientists were involved in the development of the latest Golden Rice version, believes that plan the seeds are entirely safe. Carotenoids are not dangerous by any definition: they are widely available in the environment and in the human diet (especially in green vegetables). There is no reasonable argument that would support any public health, human toxicological or any other adverse affect in respect of carotenoids. Indeed, carotenoids are more generally associated with imparting important health benefits. Regarding the genetic engineering step, conventional plant breeding involves the uncontrolled transfer and simultaneous random recombination of many thousands of genes from all shredder parents involved. Therefore, safety concerns in respect of the deliberate and controlled transfer of no more than two genes, as in this case, is unwarranted. Limitations of conventional approaches While it is true that blindness due to micronutrient deficiency can be prevented by a better diet or by distribution of vitamin A capsules, the global vad burden continues for the reasons described below. One current approach to reduce vad in developing countries has been to supply pre-school children with six-monthly oral doses of high levels of vitamin a in solution.

After 2 years of treatment, median serum β-carotene levels had increased.5-fold in the β-carotene treatment groups. Unexpectedly, vitamin E supplementation did not reduce the incidence of lung cancer, while participants receiving β-carotene, alone or in combination, had a higher lung cancer incidence than subjects receiving placebo. The risk was higher for heacy smokers. Apart from this observation, β-carotene, as an antioxidant, is always associated with a plethora of protective roles. Albanes d, heinonen op, taylor pr, virtamo j, edwards bk, et al (1996). Α-tocopherol and β-carotene supplementation and lung cancer incidence in the Alpha-tocopherol, beta-carotene cancer Prevention Study: effect of base-line characteristics and study compliance. J natl Cancer Inst. Back to faq what guarantees the safety of Golden Rice? The golden Rice humanitarian board is committed to the highest standards of safety assessment being conducted, and Golden Rice will only be made available for consumption after clearance by the relevant authorities and according to national legislation.

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Are any toxic effects to be expected from Golden Rice? Beta-carotene is a natural component of many edible plants, including all green vegetables and carrots, and can be ingested in large quantities without causing more than orange discolouration of the skin, and only if ingested in excess. The body only converts as much β-carotene into vitamin a as the organism requires, thesis the remainder is stored in body fat or excreted. While an overdose of β-carotene will do no harm, the same cannot be said of straight vitamin a, which may have some less desirable side effects. A publication by the european food Safety authority (efsa) about intake levels of vitamins and minerals provides a good summary of work done on vitamin a and β-carotene.

An example described in the efsa document mentions that in humans, doses of 20-180 mg/day β-carotene have been used to treat patients with erythropoietic photoporphyria, with no evidence of toxicity and without the development of abnormally elevated blood vitamin. Further, a substantial amount of epidemiological information linking higher carotenoid intake with lower cancer incidence was accumulated in the 1970s and 1980s. Also noted was the apparent lack of toxicity of β-carotene in high-dose clinical use against erythropoietic photoporphyria (doses of 20-300 mg/day given for many years). One epidemiological trial, the Alpha-tocopherol/Beta-carotene (atbc) Trial in Finland (Albanes., 1996) involved 29,133 male smokers (age 50-59) with a smoking history averaging one pack/day for 36 years. The long-term trial evaluated 20 mg β-carotene and/or 50 iu α-tocopherol (vitamin E) daily for.5 years. These doses represent a 10-fold and 5-fold excess over the median intake of β-carotene and α-tocopherol, respectively, in this population.

Golden Rice solve the vitamin a deficiency (VAD) Syndrome? Golden Rice alone is not expected to solve vad, but its use could significantly reduce the incidence of vad syndrome. Rice provides as much 80 percent or more of the daily caloric intake of 3 billion people, or half the world's population! Many people eat little else than rice. But other challenges, such as poverty, lack of infrastructure and lack of education remain, and should be dealt with by governments and policymakers concurrently.

Golden Rice is not a replacement for existing efforts to tackle the problem, but could substantially complement them in the future and help make these sustainable, especially in remote rural areas. Critics of the technology have claimed that children in the developing world will have to eat an unrealistic amount of Golden Rice in order to reduce vad. One wrong assumption is that Golden Rice will have to supply the entire recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin A for malnourished children. The other wrong assumption was that scientists would not be able to go beyond the level of β-carotene production obtained at the proof-of-concept stage and be able develop to obtain improved versions of Golden Rice. Vad occurs as a result of a deficiency in vitamin a, not complete lack thereof. Many children are at the border of what is termed subclinical level deficiency. Therefore, adding β-carotene in even incremental amounts to one of the staple foods of the developing world has the potential to substantially relieve vad symptoms. Back to faq is β-carotene safe?

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This leads to an increased mortality rate, especially among children. Unicef has estimated that 124 million children in the world are chronically deficient in vitamin. The world Bank has estimated that vad accounted for about one-quarter of the total global burden of disease from malnutrition (Dawe et al 2002). Carotenoids are also associated with nutritional benefits that include the mitigation of various degenerative diseases in adults. Diets high in carotenoids have been associated with a reduced risk of age-related macular degeneration (affecting part of the retina of the eye most associated with visual acuity, eventually leading to blindness skin and prostate cancers and cardiovascular disease. Dawe d, robertson r and Unnevehr l, golden Rice : What role could it play in alleviation of Vitamin A deficiency? Food Policy 27:541-560, 2002. Grune t, lietz g, palou list a, ross ac, stahl w, tang g, thurnham d, yin s, biesalski hk (2010)β-carotene is an important vitamin A source for humans (2010). Journal of Nutrition doi:.3945/jn.109.119024, back to faq, will.

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Ye x, al-Babili s, klöti a, zhang j, lucca p, beyer p, potrykus I (2000) Engineering the provitamin A (β-carotene) biosynthetic pathway into (carotenoid-free) rice endosperm. Back to faq, why is provitamin a important for health? Only some carotenoids have provitamin a activity, but β-carotene is the most common and important among them. Rice is the most important staple food for hundreds of millions of people in developing countries. Hence, delivery of β-carotene with the help. Golden Rice could contribute to a reduction of chronic health problems beast caused by vitamin A deficiency (VAD). Vad is widely acknowledged as a cause of blindness, but more importantly, vad exacerbates susceptibility to infections, including hiv-aids, measles, and other childhood diseases.

rice grains. Back to faq, who invented, golden Rice and how did the project start? The inventors of, golden Rice were Ingo potrykus, Professor emeritus of the Institute for Plant Sciences of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (eth, zurich and Professor Peter beyer, of the centre for Applied biosciences, University of Freiburg, germany(ye et al 2002). The search for. Golden Rice started off as a rockefeller foundation initiative in 1982. After years of research by various research groups, a meeting of experts was convened in New York in 1992. There, ingo potrykus and Peter beyer met for the first time, and subsequently decided to embark on the project that would lead to the development. Golden Rice in 1999. Their great contribution consisted in showing that a very complex biosynthetic pathway could be tweaked to enhance the health-promoting virtues of a crop. The breakthrough insight was that most of the pathway was already present in the rice grain and it only needed two genes to reset the whole pathway.

When the rice is consumed, the β-carotene is either stored in the fatty tissues of the body or converted into vitamin. Carotenoids, including β-carotene, are naturally occurring plant pigments and are widely found in coloured fruits, carrots, and green vegetables. Plants do not contain Vitamin a, but only its precursor, β-carotene, also known as write provitamin. Animals, including man, synthesise vitamin A from a few carotenoids eaten in the diet. Hence, animal meat products contain Vitamin. People living on a poor diet are at risk of becoming vitamin A deficient, which can lead to life-threatening illnesses. Rice grains provide an ideal matrix as carrier of β-carotene. It disintegrates readily in the digestie system and the natural lipid membranes (of fatty nature) contained in the grain seem to be enough to facilitate the absorption of β-carotene, even in diets with little or no other added oil, which is usually a facilitator.

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Addressing safety concerns, almost everything you wanted to know about. Golden Rice, a number of issues are discussed in a paper which you can view or download by following this link: «. The, golden Rice, project » ; these include a description of the nutritional problem posed by vitamin A deficiency, historical and scientific aspects of the project, matters of biosafety, and regulatory hurdles. «Golden Rice» growing in the field and looking like rice. For general information about rice visit irri's. Back to faq, golden Rice, q a, golden Rice and Vitamin a deficiency (VAD). Golden Rice is rice that has been genetically writing engineered to produce and accumulate β-carotene in the endosperm (the edible part of the grain). This gives the grains a golden colour, as opposed to regular white rice, which is practically devoid of carotenoids.

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  3. People have many questions and doubts about biotechnology Addressing safety concerns Almost everything you wanted to know about Golden Rice. A number of issues are discussed in a paper which you can view or download by following this link: «The golden Rice Project these include a description of the nutritional problem posed by vitamin. No reference to the Appendix V should be included in the printed packaging materials. The actual details of the national reporting system. Tackling climate change and reducing poverty can, and indeed must, go hand in hand.

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