My self presentation

my self presentation

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Presentation Transcript, picture 1 burton board, i took the colorful side of the board and put that in my self portrait. Added sharpen edges filter and dust and scratches filter. I resized the board after merging all layers. I used the polygonal marquee tool and layer masks to cut off the parts of the board that were blocking my arm. I used the grain filter to make the board look more pixilated and match my photo. Picture 2 Blade song novel, i cut the cover off of blank white space and put it on the board.

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My hobbies 2, guitar manual Hobby, another hobby is playing guitar. I'm to the beginning, now I learn some songs to know how to bind the tabs. Is so hard but is not important because the passion for guitar is so big. The person who inspiride me are kurt Cobain. Kurt Cobain inspire me because he have a difficulty childhood because in class 10 he left the school and his mom say to get a job or will need. In 1 week kurt was kicked out from the house and he sleep to friends or to mom basement. With all problems he played guitar and formed the band Nirvana in 1986. Self Portrait PowerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. Self Portrait 1 / 10, self Portrait. Picture 1 burton board. I took the colorful side of the board and put that in my self portrait Added sharpen edges filter and dust and scratches filter I resized the board after merging all layers.

My hobbies PowerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. My hobbies, my hobbies. A hobby is the love for fotball team Politehnica timisoara, i'm going to all matches to the crowd, who are on stadium Dan Paltinisanu. I'm signing 90 minutes with little pauses between songs. Presentation Transcript, my hobbies, a hobby is the love for fotball team Politehnica timisoara, i'm going to all matches to the crowd, who are on stadium Dan Paltinisanu. I love to see the crowd when make a choreography whit blades or smoke bombs. I re remember the day when I'm going for first time to the crowd, in 2002 at Poli-uta. The stadium was full and the ultras make a coreography and use white smoke bombs. Uta won with 3-2 but isn't important for me, i remember that day forever.

my self presentation

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You may have to revelation direct them where to move the light to cast better shadows. Sketch your partner with charcoal. This is a gesture drawingno real detail needed. Decide on accessoriessunglasses, necklace, a hatspecific symbolic images you want to evoke in your self portrait. Be prepared to have your photo taken! Well print the photos off in black and white. You will begin your charcoal self portrait using your photo as a reference.

What is effective in this one? Copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate. I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described. Download Presentation, an Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation. Download Policy: Content on the website is provided to you as is for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Presentation Transcript, grab a flashlight, pick a partner, have your partner hold the flashlight under their chin casting shadows.

Self - presentation and your career

my self presentation

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Investigations in relation to salesman individual differences in strategic self-presentation behavior lent further support to self-presentation as a central motive for social media use. Selfies may be especially supportive of particular types of self-presentation. Two strategies in particular seem well in line with what selfies can provide: first of all, self-promotion, highlighting own accomplishments and abilities, to be perceived as capable, intelligent, or talented by others. The second strategy is self-disclosure, revealing selective parts of ones self with the aim to convey a likable image and earn sympathy, trust and appreciation from others. In contrast to self-promotion, self-disclosure does not aim to present the best polished self, but rather aims for sympathy through openness and natural insights into the self.

Download, skip this Video, loading SlideShow english in 5 Seconds. Self Portraits PowerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. Self Portraits, self Portraits. A study of shadows. My charcoal self portrait. What do you like about this one?

This lacking authenticity may be the reason why people state that they prefer seeing other pictures of their friends than selfies. Taken together, selfies appear as a somewhat mysterious phenomenon. The discussed consequences of selfies seem rather negative breaking social norms, focusing on photographing oneself rather than what is happening around, causing conflict in relationships, fostering body dissatisfaction, inauthenticity and narcissistic behavior. Still selfies are extremely popular. In general, the outward orientation and public presentation seems an essential part of selfies, considering that most people do not take selfies just for themselves. People deliberately use self-photographs to form a particular impression.

Some researchers explored impression management in the context of travel selfies shared via social networks, revealing how tourists strategically adjust photographic images to manage their impressions and highlighting the role of posting selfies as strategic self-presentation behavior. For example, studies regarding the example of Facebook, already examined the benefits for identity construction through selfies, the use of self-promotional content, the benefit of online social technologies for identity experimentation and self-disclosure. Studies showed a positive effect of selfies on self-esteem through the possibilities for selective self-presentation in social media. Visiting profiles of others, however, can have rather negative impact on well-being, especially if virtual friends are not personally known: while neglecting that this selective view does not represent the true life of others, one comes to the depressing conclusion that others must be happier. Thus, the same effect that boost our self-esteem presenting a highly selective, favorable insight in our life, may fire back when visiting the profiles of others. In general, online-self presentation via blog posts, etc., is much more controlled than self-presentation in oine environments, since the former can be edited and revised before making it public, with lots of opportunities to manage the image. Within this, selfies provide some degree of new independence and control. One can get a quick picture of oneself, anywhere, at any place, without help from others.

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Psychology of Selfies, department of Psychology, ludwig-Maximilians-University munich, munich, germany. Such photos have become enormously popular and it is impossible to visit any social media without seeing our friends selfies self-portraits, taken with a camera or phone. The google statistics in 2015 reported about 93 billion selfies taken per day counting only Android phone users. While some highlight the value of selfies as a new material for creative work and the enhanced possibilities to convey emotions, others are primarily concerned about the excessive self-presentation and negative side-effects of selfies for social interaction. While being totally immersed in the mission of taking the perfect selfie, this may diminish the experience of the moment itself. Another disconcerting phenomenon related to the boom of selfies is the vanishing of natural, candid pictures. Further reports referred to the relations between selfies and narcissism, or the selfie as manifestation of inauthenticity. In contrast roles to normal, authentic photographs with natural facial expressions and poses, selfies present clearly recognizable poses as inauthentic way of showing off, often imitating others rather than showing ones true self, destroying any illusion of a natural glimpse into a persons life. Whatever one was doing, one interrupted this activity to take a photo of self.

my self presentation

Tammy and Jon, the Wholey wonders, who paper provided a continuous stream of vegan food and a wifi connection and let me hole up in their tiny apartment when my thesis was two days overdue. Things were getting desperate. I don't know what I would have done without you. Ewan Klein, i couldn't have imagined a better supervisor. Remember that one time i had a crisis and instead of sitting me in your office and giving me deadlines you took me to peter's Yard and bough me coffee and pecan pie and we chatted about non-PhD things? But I'll never forget. You gave me space when I needed it, and instruction when I needed it, and distraction when I needed. And my parents of course, who never once gave me the impression I was heading in the wrong direction).

life will never be the same again. I passed through 17 countries during the 4 years of my PhD. Credit to cisa's generous student travel budget, the semantic Web conference circuit, and W3C meetings. And those who gave me a place to crash in their homes or hotel rooms across the us and Europe: Ann Bassetti, what a role model. Chris Webber; Tantek celik; Aaron Parecki (whos IndiewebCat Dora will always have a better website than me harry halpin; Henry Story; and the roaming elf pavlik. In the last stretch of writing up, i escpaed to the southern Hemisphere: I slept in my little brother dave's closet for a month in tokyo. Ann, my malaysian Mum, took care of me for three months in Penang. I met Ninni at Bali airport, and we knocked out our theses together in Canggu cafes.

The sociam research group, who took. Max van Kleek and dave murray-rust, the fastest coauthors in the west. The IndiewebCamp community, for challenging me, teaching me, and most importantly. Making me just ship it already. The W3c social Web Working Group; started out as procrastination, and the rest was history. The decentralized Information Group at mit, with whom I spent a year. Timbl is as nice as everyone says. Ilaria liccardi's mentorship and unstoppable attitude essay is unbeatable. Working for the W3C; a distant pipe-dream, suddenly reality.

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The process plan of assembling this thesis has been both social and decentralised, as well as distributed. I owe much to many, and can hardly begin to express my gratitude. To phD support groups. Jane and Felicity, cakes and unicorns. Paolo, sergio and Michael, and all who passed through IF2.35. KitB and Tigo, following me around Edinburgh. Tomska, bown; London friends andrs who inspire and distract. Liz powers; a year of sunshine and hammocktime and dramatic readings of my abstracts. The bbc's Linked Data Platform team, for that 'real world' experience (and falafel).

My self presentation
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Professional timely support services. I doe now publish my Essayes; which, of all my other. I am a big fan of John Green but found this book plodding and boring.

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  2. Yellow, wallpaper is a well-written and I m sure at the time quite. Android Apps to convert Handwritten Notes to Editable text. And yea, i didnt know it until a day later. Im so sick of words! essay on my country nepal in nepali 1730 Hrs Get the latest international news and events from Asia, essay.

  3. One of my objectives in coaching presenters is to help them break this pattern of beating ones self up after a presentation. My last presentation was in late April and I delivered it with comfort and confidence. how can i be successful if i cannot wake up early. Then i promise to my self to change my habbit by waking up early every morning. Stay tuned for my first self -initiated slidedeck touching on presentation design and delivering presentations in general : Become a).

  4. Kupte si knihu Presentation of Self in everyday life : Goffman, Erving, : za nejlepší cenu se slevou. Podívejte se. piece of self -deprecating humor from Dan Pinks ted talk: I never practiced law a day in my life; I pretty much wasnt allowed. It opened up the walls that were in place and introduced me to heartfelt vulnerability and allowing my true self to be seen. A japanese university college more self paced ourselves appropriately during my presentation.

  5. What is effective in this. that in my self portrait Added sharpen edges filter and dust and scratches filter I resized the board after merging all layers. Kupte knihu, presentation of, self in everyday life (P) s 20 zľavou.15 v overenom obchode. July 4, 2008 career, personal, self improvement Comments Off on Improving my presentation skills. others are primarily concerned about the excessive self - presentation and negative side-effects of selfies for social interaction. Self - presentation can be defined as the process through which individuals communicate an image of themselves to others (Yang and.

  6. Of engaging with social media and similar technologies, and examine the implications of these new technologies on self - presentation. A hobby is the love for fotball team Politehnica timisoara, i'm going to all matches to the crowd, who are on stadium Dan. A study of shadows. My charcoal self portrait. What do you like about this one?

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