Feminist biographies

feminist biographies

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Entitled The woman movement from the point of view of Social Consciousness, it is remarkably contemporary in tone, and appears to anticipate several important issues and conceptual ideas debated by feminist theorists today. Taft argues that women are hampered in both the domestic and public spheres, having control over neither, ultimately resulting in a disconnected and under-developed self with limited social awareness. Drawing parallels with the labour movement, she thus explains the task of the womens movement as a twofold venture, consisting first of the need to make women conscious of their relations to a social order, second, to show society its need of conscious womanhood (Taft. She notes that the situation of women is not only inhibitive for womens selfhood, but also for mens, and for the growth, as Dewey would term it, of society more generally. Writes Taft: This stage of social development wherein we shall have conditions favourable for the control of social problems can never be reached as long as any large class of people, such as its women, are permitted, encouraged, or forced to exist in an unreal. Nor will the selves of men, in so far as they are formed by their relations to women, ever reach the full possibilities of selfhood while women remain only partially self-conscious.

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Lucy Sprague mitchell, another student of the working pragmatists, was influenced not only by dewey (with whom she developed a life-long intellectual relationship through her parents, and whose classes she went to at teachers College in 1913 but she also benefited from being exposed to the. She became the first dean for women at the University of California at Berkeley, while also taking on a faculty position in English. Mitchell sometimes looked after a friends child, polly, whom she studied intensely, and her enthusiasm for seeing Polly develop, issued in a career change toward childhood education. Polly died when she was only four years old, yet undoubtedly she had a profound effect on Mitchell, who took her cue for pragmatist educational theory from the real-life experiences gained with Polly. Thus, although Mitchell had attended several philosophy classes, she had no interest in becoming a philosopher, finding the (male) philosophers she knew eccentric or aloof. In Alice Freeman Palmer, wife of Herbert Palmer, though, she found a role model, and since Alice had been president of Wellesley in an age where womens education was still a controversial topic, mitchell followed in her footsteps, as it were, by opting for. The pervasive sexism she encountered there, and her growing belief in public education as the most constructive attack on social problems (Seigfried 1996, 55 when coupled with her emphasis on experience, resulted in the focus on education in the latter part of her life. Notably, mitchells pragmatist educational theory and practice took hold in the bank Street School (Seigfried 1996, 52 57). A summary student of george herbert mead, jessie taft, is another forgotten pragmatist figure recently unearthed by contemporary scholars engaged in recovering women pragmatist work. Taft completed, in 1913, her doctoral thesis, which formed possibly the first. Dissertation in philosophy on the womens movement (Seigfried 1993b, 215).

Upon leaving Chicago, dewey taught Elsie ripley clapp at Columbia university, who acted simultaneously as his graduate assistant. This was a long and fruitful collaboration, with Clapp not only helping Dewey to structure and develop courses, but also contributing to research, particularly on education. Dewey appears to have gained insights from her, which he acknowledges in private correspondence, or rather obtusely in his published work. For example, charlene haddock siegfried points out that Dewey states his indebtedness to her (and to other women influences) not in the main text of his works, but rather in the preface (or in footnotes, as the case may be leaving Clapps precise input obscure. And yet, her role is a significant one, as Dewey describes in a letter his indebtedness in profuse terms, noting that such a generous exploitation of your ideas as is likely to result if and when I publish the outcome, seems to go beyond the. Indeed, dewey supported Clapp as his successor when he retired, although his enthusiasm was not met by the administration of teachers College, as she was bypassed for the post. Clapp subsequently ran two experimental rural schools in Jefferson county, kentucky, and in Arthurdale, west Virginia, the latter being a project conceived by Eleanor roosevelt. She wrote books on education, incorporating pragmatist ideas developed during her time with Dewey, and acted as editor for. Sadly, her work, and influence on Deweys work, became neglected, with accounts of the latters academic life omitting Clapp altogether, hence the importance of recovering such historically overlooked figures (Seigfried 1996, 4752).

feminist biographies

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Sharing Deweys and Addamss regard for Darwinism, and their opposition to a deterministic reading thereof, gilman joins her pragmatist contemporaries by coupling Darwinism with a belief in the capacity for human beings to bring about change. Like addams, she takes such change to be especially pertinent for women, and she is therefore a prime example of an early feminist-pragmatist. While hull house formed a focal point for pragmatist activism and intellectualism, the universities at which pragmatists taught fulfilled a similar role. For example, ella Flagg young studied with John Dewey book at the University of Chicago and earned her doctoral degree on Isolation in the School before taking up the post of supervisor of the lab School. Young was a mature student, having already had a successful career as an educator, and Dewey drew upon her vast experience in developing and applying pragmatist concepts and ideas of education. Both Dewey and young influenced each other, though, and Dewey actually maintained that young often underestimated her own pragmatist work, which he described as a concrete empirical pragmatism with reference to philosophical conceptions before the doctrine was ever formulated in print "d in seigfried 1996. Following Deweys departure from the University of Chicago, young went on to become the first roles woman superintendent of Chicagos public schools, and was also the first woman president of the national Educational Association.

Addams set up Hull house as a hub for local activities and community organising, as she shared her life with the diverse immigrant groups of one of Chicagos poorest areas. Hull house soon became a centre for people wishing to contribute to Addamss vision, and several women emerged from this environment having already effected substantial changes in such diverse areas as education, industrial relations, and architecture, and subsequently going on to establish successful careers, often. Charlotte perkins Gilman, for example, stayed in Hull house for a month, and was a prominent social reformer, drawing particular attention to womens domestic role and the politics of urban planning. Gilman argued that the division of labour disadvantaged and trapped women in the domestic sphere, and she maintained that household work should be professionalised. As such, gilman has been understood as occupying a place in the history of material feminism, however, she has also been shown to rightfully belong in pragmatisms pantheon (Upin, 56). Beyond Gilmans obvious relationship with Jane Addams and Hull house, jane Upin also outlines her possibly personal, but certainly intellectual, connection to john Dewey. In fact, gilman is said to expand upon the latters pragmatist insights by extending the basic principle of environmentalism (that is, the notion that human nature can be altered by ones environment by theorising womens confinement in the domestic realm, and the effect this has.

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feminist biographies

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Moreover, Alices feminism and religious unorthodoxy formed an important influence in the tartan trajectory deweys idealism and theism took, and it is now generally acknowledged that Deweys concern with the social problems of his day can be attributed to Alice (West, 7879). Dewey and Alice met at the University of Michigan, where women had only recently been allowed to undertake studies, and where dewey was employed as a young philosophy instructor. . They married in 1886, and throughout her lifetime, alice continued to affect Deweys beliefs, being particularly concerned with womens rights, while going on to expand her knowledge and practice in the field of education a field she had entered as a teacher before beginning college. . Describing her mother as a woman with a brilliant mind. A sensitive nature combined with indomitable courage and energy, jane dewey held Alice largely responsible for Deweys early widening ilosophic interests from the commentative and classical to the field of contemporary life (Dewey 1987, 21).

Given that Dewey understood philosophy as a means to redressing the problems of his time, and given that Alice awakened a sort of social consciousness in Dewey, it is obvious what a pivotal role she played in Deweys thought, and, in turn, in the development. While several women influenced pragmatism in such a manner, there are examples of women thinkers from this early period who could legitimately be classed alongside the traditionally acknowledged pragmatists. Thus, recent efforts to recover women pragmatist work have resulted in the identification of Jane Addams as a philosopher and social reformer, whose name should be listed in conjunction with peirce, james and Dewey in the historical annals of pragmatism. Like alice Chipman Dewey, addams had a profound effect on Dewey, however, she was also a prolific writer and activist, who sought to bring about the real-life changes she theorised. Many other pragmatists at the time were connected to Addams, particularly through her activist headquarters and home, hull house.

Table of Contents, early feminist-Pragmatism, classical Pragmatism and the recovery of Feminist- Pragmatist Work. Jane Addams, early feminist-Pragmatist Legacy, contemporary feminist-Pragmatism, conclusion. References and Further reading, early Pragmatist and Feminist-Pragmatist sources, contemporary feminist-Pragmatist sources: Introductions or overviews. More Advanced or Specialised sources. Classical Pragmatism and the recovery of Feminist- Pragmatist Work.

In the 21st century pragmatism has experienced something of a renaissance, with contemporary philosophers returning to the works of the classical pragmatists, by re-appropriating their insights and methods for current philosophical problems. Among such neo-pragmatists is a growing number of feminist thinkers and activists who seek to particularly utilise pragmatisms theories and concepts to ameliorate problems originating in oppressive systems structured by gender, race, class, and other markers of difference. As this article will demonstrate, there are several aspects of pragmatist philosophy which appear to overlap with the priorities of feminists, making pragmatism an attractive and valuable resource for a joint feminist-pragmatist approach. While feminists have therefore found a useful ally (Siegfried 1993a, 2) in pragmatism as a means of thinking about selves and the worlds they inhabit, this feminist reengagement with pragmatism has also uncovered hitherto unknown or neglected historical thinkers from the classical period. More often than not, historiographies of pragmatism identify the classical pragmatists as Charles Sanders peirce, william James, john Dewey, and sometimes to a lesser extent george herbert mead, george santayana, or Josiah royce (for more on these topics, see. However, feminists have shown that historical accounts, which are limited to only these figures, omit the contributions made by women to the development of pragmatism, and fail to recognise the important role women pragmatists play as classical pragmatists. For instance, alice Chipman Dewey, john Deweys wife, had a significant impact upon the latters thought, indeed, she ran the experimental Lab School at the University of Chicago, where deweys educational theories were given real-life application (see.

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Feminist-pragmatism emphasises the need to redress false distinctions, or dualisms, as these usually result in a denigration of barbing one oppositional by another. Thus, feminist-pragmatists critique such bifurcations as thought/action, mind/body, universal/particular, and they show how the skewed favouring of one over the other results in philosophical theories which are incapable of explaining our gendered existences, positions in society, understandings of knowledge, or learning experiences. Feminist-pragmatists contribute to current debates in epistemology, social and political philosophy, philosophy of education, ethics, and metaphysics. Their work reflects the theoretical advances made by feminist theorists especially over the course of the latter part of the twentieth fuller century, while being rooted in the principles and criticisms of the classical pragmatists. Importantly, contemporary feminist-pragmatists have highlighted the fact that women, indeed feminist women, played a central role in the development of classical pragmatism itself, either by influencing the work of male pragmatist philosophers, or by constituting formidable thinkers in their own right. This means, then, that feminist-pragmatism can be traced to the origins of pragmatism itself, which developed primarily in North America from about the mid-nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century, coinciding with the Progressive era of 18901920. This article will begin by presenting early feminist-pragmatism in section one, and will then move on to discuss contemporary feminist-pragmatism in section two. Throughout, the philosophical tradition under discussion will be referred to as feminist-pragmatism, although some theorists refer to it as pragmatist-feminism, or indeed, use both terms interchangeably. Present terminology does not imply a favouring of feminism over pragmatism, but simply indicates a tradition of joint feminist and pragmatist philosophising.

feminist biographies

Click here to register now. Logged in users: can comment on articles and discussions. Get 'recent posts' refreshed more regularly. Bookmark articles to your own reading list. Use the site private messaging system. Start forum discussions, submit articles, and more. Feminist-Pragmatism is a philosophical tradition, which draws upon the insights of both feminist and pragmatist theory and practice. It is fundamentally concerned with enlarging philosophical thought through activism and lived experience, and assumes feminist and pragmatist ideas to be mutually resume beneficial for liberatory causes.

story, and then took aim at the hard boiled detective story as well. Critically acclaimed, it was a great success and is hailed by cultists of Kurtzman's work. Harvey also worked with Dan Barry, jack davis frank Frazetta on the Flash Gordon daily comic strip for a short period in the early fifties. For the past two decades Harvey had been a frequent guest at comic book conventions around the world, and it was a most common sight to see him buried deep in crowdssigning autographs for fans giving them tips on illustrating comics. For his most recent work he donned a historian's cap and produced a book entitled "From Aargh! To zap!: Harvey kurtzman's Visual History of Comics" which was published in 1990. As a seminal influence, as an innovative creator or as just a comic artist he has been one of the greatest to walk the planets of the comic universe and this icon of American humor will be missed by millions. Though gone, he will never be forgotten and will live eternally in our collective memories.

In October 1962, harvey bill Elder created the general Playboy feature "Little Annie fanny". A spoof combination of the sexually naive american woman the impish comic strip character Little Orphan Annie, playboy's "Annie" was the central figure in the perceived fantasy world of the male bachelor animal. Indeed, Annie was designed to epitomize the image of the blond sex toy. During the course of his forty plus years as an cartoonist/illustrator and humorist, he also drew a feature about a pubescent teenager named "Goodman beaver". A spinoff of Humbug, goodman later appeared in his own paperback book. Goodman, a wilder version of the teen idol "Archie was prone to getting involved in the things that were routinely left out of the tamer, homogenized Archie strip. Many a nude woman were found in the arms of the freckle-faced goodman. The title of goodman beaver itself evokes wild thoughts of what is expected within the pages of those stories.

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But his talent was not left unnoticed. In 1957 Hugh Hefner, publisher of "Playboy" hired Harvey there he created "Trump a humor essays mag to compete with mad. Unfortunately, even with the talents of mad alumnus Jack davis and Harvey's close friend Bill Elder, "Trump" lasted but a scant two issues before fading into obscurity. After Trump he created "Humbug another humor zine. But again, the magazine failed afer eleven issues were published. Next he created "help!" for publisher James Warren who is famous for putting out "Famous Monsters" magazine. He showcased some of the earliest work of artists Robert Crumb, gilbert Shelton and jay lynch, and Harvey was assisted by feminist Gloria steinem and comedian (soon to be monty python co-creator) Terry gilliam. These artists would later become some the fathers of underground comic art, which they have all claimed is a direct outgrowth of Harvey's influential innovative talents which were displayed in his various humor magazine endeavors. He is the goincrFdfather of the underground comic movement, and even drew several features for the undergrounds.

Feminist biographies
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  3. In my classes, we sometimes look individually at biographies of women, and then speculate. Women who have celebrated traditional, conservative or family values are outnumbered by those espousing progressive, feminist ideologies.of historical figures they would like nwhm to add to its online biographies. Correspondingly, she is a prolific researcher and has authored many articles with respect to electroconvulsive therapy, including, Understanding and Ending ect:. Feminist, imperative, canadian Woman Studies, vol. He showcased some of the earliest work of artists Robert Crumb, gilbert Shelton and jay lynch, and Harvey was assisted by feminist, gloria steinem and comedian (soon to).

  4. A new approach should draw upon posthumanism to include joy, amusement and heartfelt positivity. Feminist, baseBall: go to Press reviews. Go to lucky garage home page. Are you familiar with Frances Bartkowski s book. Feminist, utopias_ (University of Nebraska press, 1989)?

  5. Feminist -pragmatists contribute to current debates in epistemology, social and political philosophy, philosophy of education, ethics, and metaphysics.interest in their work has resulted not only in several updated biographies. A series of short biographies of members of the iww who aren t as remembered as some of the more famous names. I am a woman and a human: a marxist feminist. A few years later he began an affair with george sand, a pseudonym for feminist author Amandine aurore lucille dupin, the baroness Dudevant. Feminist, ir is preoccupied with the study of suffering, exploitation and vulnerabilities.

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