Disabled people essay

disabled people essay

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Employment- If a disabled person is always off work, they may be asked to quit so they can take care of themselves. Some employers discriminate against disabled people and do not hire them; however, under the disability discrimination act (1995 an employer cannot fire or not employ someone because they are disabled. Employers are to treat a disabled employee like they would treat the other employees. Self esteem- When in public, many people stare at someone who is disabled. A disabled person can feel embarrassed or upset as they feel they are an outcast to the society, as they dont fir in the normal people. This can cause low self esteem, especially if you are temporarily disabled. If you have any hope at recovering, you may feel youre not worth continuing on in life.

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Issues of concern for the disabled As a disabled person concerns of the group are feeling safe and secure within their community, belonging, and self-esteem. It is greatly concerned as it creates negative mind sets and can cause other illnesses. Other concerns are things such as; * Discrimination toward hypothesis the disabled. Discriminatory acts towards disabled people can be a large concern to the group as they can be pushed aside and their self esteem preparation will decrease and can make them feel not normal. The way they are seen within society. This is a major concern as the disabled community have equal rights to any able person. The way disable people are seen is very important as educating people to not discriminate is also vital. This is a major concern to not the able people of the community but the disable people within it, for the very reason the environment in different ways is important to the disable as they may need things such as; ramps, rails, elevators or things. How they feel is a big concern as they also are the same as normal human beings are have lower esteems as they feel different and excluded from society because of their disabilities Conflict between the group and community interests When the needs. Disabled people are discriminated, as to society they are not seen as normal but instead are invalid and just a waste of space.

Furthermore the carer is there to assist to fulfil the basic needs and capabilities that a disabled person may not be able to do, for example preparing food/ feeding themselves, walking, showering ect. As they are unable to do a wide range of normal functions. Society perceives the disabled as to be less privileged. Another type of attitude and perception society may have with the disabled is the idea that the they are considered to be classified as a lower class because they have no ability to perform basic skills and attitudes due to their type of condition. Also disabled people are given names labels for example crippled, handicapped and invalids. Labels like these cause society to have a negative perception on the disabled community and its also a stereotype of how disabled people are, and they dont taking into the consideration that not all people are extremely/severely disabled. Society feels they must pity and sympathise the disabled people as they are given charities from the generous people who feel sorry for them. Disabled people do not want to feel like that are any different to a normal human being yardage but society without know excludes them but putting them in the spot light the complete opposite and pushing them aside because they are Crippled.

disabled people essay

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Diagnosing the problem is a lot easier due to assignment the education in technology and the communication is improved due to internet and mobiles. Societal attitudes towards the group Society has many different views and perceptions when it comes to recognizing the disabled community. Disabled people are looked upon as weak physically, mentally and are sympathised by society. Some groups in society are all for disabled people and want to support them and intend to help them live a normal life as much as possible as they can feel they are mp different to any able person. On the other hand others feel that disabled people are extremely disgusting and should not be seen until cured. Little do these people who look down upon disability by doing this they are isolating them from society and they are affecting them emotionally but discriminating against them they are lowering the confidence in believing they are normal human beings. Members in society may find that disabled people are extremely disadvantaged as they are vulnerable and dependant on the carers that assists them with help with basic duties and responsibilities. These carers dedicate the time and energy to give their up most energy and care for the disabled people. Sometimes/Most of the time their carers are usually their relatives or friends.

Many disabled people rely on their familys income and also the government. They rely on the government for payments from centre link and pensions. Many people do not have access to private health insurance rely on the funding of centrelink. Location- depending on the location you have as a disabled person the access to resources is very much so dependent on your location. See rural communities dont have many support services as they are usually over a large area and accessing services there is already hard enough for them. And within urban areas they have ramps, rails and disabled parking to help disabled people access service/ resources, unlike rural area which are limited. Education- education for disabled people is very dependent on the severity of the disability. See if you as a disabled person dont know how serve your disability is you are unable to know what needs to be done. As a disabled person you need to know exactly what your disability is and how it can be treated.

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disabled people essay

Stereotypes of disabled people essay

Also the council and rta provide access to buildings with things such as putting in ramps, elevators and disabled parking, which shows how communities are taking the responsibility for disabled people resume within their community. Other ways communities can take responsibility to raise awareness it encourage all communities to not discriminate against disabled people, they can also help create a supportive environment for the disabled people within the group/ community. Rights of the group, disabled people are significantly disadvantaged in society, but yet they are still human and they still have rights of their own. Usually the rights to disabled people they right are very similar to any individual within society and have equal rights, its just that due to some of their condidtion that have specific need that assist them to becoming part of their community, for example have. Disabled people have a right to: * be employed and educated without being discriminated against their condition * have housing and accommodation that allows them to feel safe and secure and additionally move with ease regardless of their disability * gain respect and dignity, especially. For example: Centrelink or other supporting government policies and pensions. have medical assistance giving them the professional and specialised treatment for their condition.

The same rights as people who dont have a disability so that they are able to live life as normally as possible Access to resources The disabled have many factors, which can affect their access to resources. The three main factors include disability, socioeconomic status, location and also education; all these factors can have a positive and negative impact on the disabled persons well-being. Disability- disabled people are usually on pensions and are financially supported. The one main problem that disabled people have is their accessibility to transport systems as their is less disabled people to able people. But yet they are trying to help make accessibility for disabled people more know as they have started including wheelchair buses, wheel chair taxis and disabled parking for the some types of disabilities they are unable philosophy to walk for extensive amounts of time and putting. Socioeconomic status- As disabled people they usually have a lower income as they are also paying for other specific needs that able people dont have.

The disability services Act 1986 (Cth)-Legalizes Federal government funding of States and appropriate organisations in relation to the terms of disability employment services and other adequate and still suitable services. The disability services Act 1993 (NSW)-Legalises the funding of qualified organisations to provide disability services and regulates nsw government provision of disability services. Nsw department of Ageing, disability and Home care (dadhc) 10 Disability services have adopted standards to assist service providers to meet these objects, principles and applications of principles. This supports disabled people with services such as Post School Program, Accommodation, community support teams and also respite care. The community services (Complaints, Appeals and Monitoring) Act 1993 (NSW)-Talks on the nsw ombudsman general functions in relation to monitoring and review of disability services and it allow complaints regarding disability services to be made to the Ombudsman.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity commission Act 1986-A person is qualified for the disability support Pension if their disability, whether it be physical, intellectual or psychiatric impairment, stops them from working. Convention on the rights of Persons with Disabilities- having the right to education, sufficient standard of living, employment and standard of health. Community responsibilities, as a community they have the responsibility to make disabled people feel welcomed, accepted and ad though they are no different to an able person within society. It is considered as a respectable action for the community to support the disabled people within their community and encourage them with their involvement in society, so that they feel they are no different. Within communities there are a few charities that recognize disabled people and as a community they try to raise money to help fund the disabled, so they can have the best possible living. For example raising money to help them adjust their way of living,.

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Employment- for the disabled it is a struggle to get secure and shredder permanent work. This is because they are incapable of doing certain activities, which may be required of them when working, in saying this employer may find that there are other people that will suit the job better and reject their application to work. Equal chance of employment is a need for the disabled because they can gain money to assist with paying their specialised equipment and basic needs. Government policies and regulations, the disabled is a group in society with are more likely more disadvantaged and less fortunate that other members within society, government policies and regulations have be brought up in order to assist them in feeling apart of communities and less. Some of these following government policies and regulations show that they are unable to be discriminated against and have the same rights as any other individual. Disability discrimination Act 1988-Businesses are obliged to cater for the disabled by providing disability facilities such as wheelchair ramps, hand rails along stairways, disabled toilets and lifts. Disability discrimination Act 1992 Protects against discrimination due to a disability, diseases or illnesses. The same opportunities father's must be available to all when accessing services. They gains rights to accommodation, employment, education.

disabled people essay

Housing housing is a important need for the disabled community because without shelter and protection they legend are unable to recover sooner. It is important as well that a disabled person has modifications to their household to allow ease in movement and to apply assistance when they are alone which allows the disabled person to be more independent and confident. Education-Education is needed for the disabled community to ensure that they have knowledge about their disability. The earlier they are educated the greater time there is to enhance their physical and intellectual skills. Without the source of education they will be unable to exist in the communities and feel lost therefore isolate them. With education disabled people will improve their skills and find their place in society. It may be needed that disabled children will have to attend specialised school to suit their condition.

heavily on government funding and family income. Self esteem- disabled people are normal people and should be treated no differently. But usually a disabled person self esteem is allot lower than an able person as they feel they fit in society as they do things differently to able people. But disabled people within society are encouraged and treated as though they are normal so they dont feel alienates or they dont feel they belong. Sense of identity it is important that disabled people know that they should be themselves and not treated any differently. If a disabled person feels they dont fit in, they may try to change who they are and act like someone they arent. Safety and security-safety and security are a need that is required by the disabled on account of their emotional wellbeing. Without their sense of safety and security the emotional wellbeing of the disabled person will be quite short because they feel quite weak to the other members in society. If the disabled person is in secure and safe environment and atmosphere they will grow in confidence and be more active in the community.

Characteristics, mobility problems or Wheelchair bound, sensory (blind, deaf, mute intellectual, physical or psychological disability. Temporary or Permanent disability, may have personal carer, uses specialised equipment to assist with basic duties. Elevators, ramps and disabled parking etc. Specific needs (in priority order). Health-As a disabled person they are inclined to have more frequent trips to the local doctors/hospitals depending on their disability. Some disabilities may need medication to keep well and therefore may need adequate and affordable medication costs. Access to services-Disabled people needs access to services such as doctors, facilities, support services and other requires facilities. As a disabled person you want to have the right to access services as they gain more independence. For example a person wheelchair, they may need a car that is wheelchair write accessible.

Disabled, people, in Education, essay

Legal definition: * The term disabled person means any person unable to ensure by himself or herself, wholly or partly, the necessities of a normal individual and/or social life, as a result of deficiency, either congenital or not, in his or her physical or mental. Human Rights and Equal Opportunity commission Act reviews 1986 * A condition that in some way hampers or hinders a person in terms of their ability to carry out day to day activitiesgeneral range of disabilities varies from conditions that are mild (for example, the need. Parliament of Australia, parliamentary library, social Definitions: we will write a custom essay sample on Disability and Education Disabled people specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Disability and Education Disabled people specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Disability and Education Disabled people specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer * A disabled person is someone who is not able to do things that normal people can. They have limited capabilities, which restrict the way they live their life. According to abs, in 2003, new south Wales had 591800 males and 598800 females that were reported with a disability whether it is severe, moderate or mild.

Disabled people essay
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To get a unique essay hire Writer. Independent living is about disabled people having the same level of choice, control and freedom in their daily.

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