A single shard summary

a single shard summary

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He is voiced by jason liebrecht in English. 21 road Kamelot edit road Kamelot rōdo kyamerotto ) is the ninth Disciple, and is truly named road rōdo she represents the "Dreams" of noah. Despite her early teens appearance, she is referred to as the "oldest" noah or the "First Child". 86 She is the adopted daughter of Sheril Kamelot and his wife, and she is a niece of tyki mikk. 22 road often acts as a normal teenager, but has shown signs of sadism. Road stated that she hates humans early in the series, but grows an attachment to Allen Walker, to the point where she kisses him upon meeting him.

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He had existed for 7000 years. He tricks people who mourn for their dead friends or relatives into resurrecting them, turning them into akuma that he can then control. 1 The only person known to have escaped this fate was Allen Walker, who destroyed the akuma mana before it had a chance to take over his body. The earl would often reminisce about why he did not kill Allen in their first meeting and cursed himself for. Since learning that nea, the 14th disciple of the noah, is within Allen he makes significant efforts to recruit him as a noah. Although nea tried killing the earl several years ago, the earl still wishes to stay close to nea to the point of ordering Allen's kidnapping. The earl resembles a grotesque caricature of a victorian gentleman: a rotund figure in cape and top hat, with a perpetual enormous grin, a pair of pince-nez spectacles, and horns hidden under the hat. This is merely the form he displays out in the open, however, day as his true form looks more like a human wearing a cape and hat. Despite his intentions he often displays a cheerful attitude, but is quick to reveal wave his more intimidating and malicious side. The millennium Earl was voiced by junpei takiguchi 20 and is voiced by yutaka aoyama in ay-man Hallow in Japanese.

Lavi edit main article: lavi (ay-man) lavi rabi ) is a cheerful 18-year-old red-haired Exorcist of mixed heritage. He aims to become a bookman, a person who records the hidden history of the world, and has been trained from a young age to achieve that goal. 17 lavi is the 49th alias he assumed after casting away his real name to reach that goal. 192 he works alongside the Black Order just to be close to the events that must be seen, but slowly becomes more attached to his Black Order friends, and his original bookman self is constantly being clouded by his growing care for them. 58 lavi was voiced by kenichi suzumura 18 and is voiced by natsuki hanae in ay-man Hallow in Japanese. In English, he is voiced by jason liebrecht from episodes 13 to 26 and on episode 40 onwards; Chris Patton assumed the role from episodes 27 to 39 while liebrecht recovered from a car accident. 19 Antagonists edit The millennium Earl edit main article: Millennium Earl The millennium Earl sennen hakushaku ) is the first Disciple, and is truly named "Adam he is the story's main antagonist and head of the Clan book of noah.

a single shard summary

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Because she was separated from her paper brother Komui, her only remaining family member, she repeatedly tried to escape and was restrained. This caused her to hate the Order and Innocence. When Komui joined the Order to be with her, she stopped trying to escape. She now fights for her brother as well as her friends, as she now knows she has a home and family to return. 21 her perception of the "world" consists of her friends and family; whenever one of her friends dies, it seems to her as if a part of her world has been destroyed. 69 lenalee was voiced by Shizuka itō 16 and is voiced by ai kakuma in professional ay-man Hallow in Japanese. She is voiced by luci Christian in English.

186 he refuses to die until meeting a certain person. Later in the series, it is revealed Kanda is a second Exorcist, an artificial body possessing the brain of an Exorcist who died thirty years before the storyline. The Black Order launched the synthetic Disciple Project nine years before the storyline. Kanda was voiced by takahiro sakurai 15 and is voiced by takuya sato in ay-man Hallow in Japanese. In English, he was voiced by Travis Willingham in the first two seasons of ay-man and is voiced by ian Sinclair in all subsequent appearances. Lenalee lee edit main article: Lenalee lee lenalee lee rinarī rī ) is a teenager Exorcist from China. 1 :172 Her parents were killed by an akuma when she was very young, and she was forced to become an Exorcist as a child.

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a single shard summary

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5 During production of hair the first anime adaptation the author often visited the tms entertainment studio, where the voice actors requested advice about their characters. While nervous when giving advices, hoshino was amazed by the work of most of the voice actors. 11 tyki mikk 's voice actor, toshiyuki morikawa, remembered the recording sessions for the series as "lively" because of the presence of many popular actors. After the anime wrapped, the actors (who became friends during production) kept in touch. 12 For the sequel ay-man Hallow, the cast was replaced. Hoshino was surprised by the acting of Japanese actors ayumu murase (Allen) and Yutaka aoyama (Millennium Earl) due to how they managed to perform different sides of the characters previously not seen. 13 Protagonists edit Allen Walker edit main article: Allen Walker Allen Walker aren Wōkā ) is a warm-hearted 15-year-old British Exorcist and the main protagonist of the series.

1 :62 he turned his adoptive father, mana walker, into an akuma (demon and during this incident, Allen's left eye was cursed by his father, granting him the ability to see the souls of akuma, and his left arm awoke as an anti-akuma weapon. 3 Allen is revealed to be the 14th noah, nea, and will eventually be taken over by nea's consciousness and become a noah. 136, 166 As a result, Allen is placed under suspicion write and eventually confined. 202 Allen was voiced by sanae kobayashi and is voiced by ayumu murase in ay-man Hallow in Japanese. 14 he is voiced by todd Haberkorn in English. Yu kanda edit main article: yu kanda yu kanda kanda yū ) is antisocial teenage Exorcist who is always clashing with Allen Walker. He sees lotus flowers blooming wherever he goes; when there was one flower, he was told that it was an illusion, and since then the flowers have multiplied to cover everything.

5 Hoshino chose the title "ay-man" for its several meanings, most referring to the state of Allen and the other main characters. 6 The akumas were inspired by 1973 film, The Exorcist which Hoshino admitted they scared her when watching. 7 In Timcanpy's case, his design is based on the silver accessory brand Timcanpi. 3 :124 The character bak chan was created with the help of kaya kizaki, who wrote the ay-man reverse novels. 8 :24 Hoshino also commented that she got most of her ideas for the series while asleep in the bath for 6 hours. 2 :81 Some characters like the Third Exorcist were created as a setup to both Kanda and Alma karma's backstories since they were connected to both Kanda and Alma's backstory.

8 For their story arc, lavi was supposed to appear but Hoshino found it challenging because it featured multiple characters. 9 As a result, by this arc's end Allen abandons the Order so that Hoshino would write less characters per chapter. 8 While this was seen as a sad effect due to being along, hoshino said Allen always have allies. For example, she made Allen end on good terms Kanda in the previous story arc so that the latter will appear to help him. 10 Hoshino has gone on to say that she often creates so many new characters across the series, the plot starts changing as it is driven by them. Originally, the setting and plot start with a more coherent tone but Hoshino has to change it per the characters' actions believing it would be more exciting to the point it might affect the conclusion. In designing them, hoshino found it challenging as some of them like allen and Howard Link started sharing similarities. In order to gather research for them, hoshino uses the fashion magazine sou-en and also asks for her assistant's help.

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4 Other characters such as The millennium Earl, lenalee lee and Komui lee are based on real people, although Hoshino has not confirmed who those people are. She has mentioned that some of them diary are famous scientists, while komui is based on her boss. 1 :112, 152, 172 The character of yu kanda, based on a samurai, was created to vary ay-man 's Western setting. 1 Hoshino found the design of some characters difficult early in the series. 2 3 This resulted in Kanda having little appearances in the early volumes until the noah's ark story arc, where he returned to join the cast with Allen having become harder to draw than him. 10 :204 On the other hand, she found the millennium Earl and reever Willingham easier to draw. 4 Innthe making of the characters, hoshino first imagines their lives even though some parts might not be featured in the story. Their personalities are then written, alongside habits or eating preferences. Hoshino has further admitted ay-man might have multiple characters and thus fear not having their details thesis written on her notes.

a single shard summary

Contents, journal creation and influence edit, katsura hoshino's, zone one shot featured many similar characters, especially characters similar. Allen Walker, the earl, lenalee, and General Cross. Many other characters are also "leftovers" from other previous, and sometimes unpublished, works. 8 :40 Allen Walker, the main character from the series, is also based from the previous series's protagonist, who is a girl, but Hoshino changed some of his characteristics to make him look more masculine. 1 :62 Hoshino says that she does not know where Allen's concept came from, since she likes her main characters to be rambunctious, rude idiots. 1 :61 nevertheless, the character started behaving more informal across the series. 9 :191 In addition, lavi was meant to be the protagonist of one of her planned series, book-man.

begin searching for the Great heart, the most powerful Innocence that can strengthen or destroy all the others, to bring. Many characters of the series are taken from Hoshino's previous one-shots, both published and unpublished. She also modeled many characters on her friends and well-known people. Designing and illustrating most characters were often difficult due to their beauty as well as personalities. Critical reception to these characters has also been positive, with writers praising most of the cast members as well as development. The antagonists received similar response. However, initial chapters of the manga or episodes of the anime resulted in criticism as a result of some characters feeling generic. The voice actors for both the japanese series and the English dub resulted in praise.

Early in the series, he is sent on missions with fellow Exorcists, on which he meets. Yu kanda, a cold and plan mysterious swordsman looking for a certain person from his past; the friendly. Lenalee lee, who has been an Exorcist her entire life; and. Lavi, the cheerful and energetic future. Bookman, chronicler of the secret history of the world. They travel the globe, retrieving the pieces of Innocence scattered during the. Great Flood and recruiting new Exorcists while fighting the earl and his akuma.

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Many of the Black Order members as they appear in the anime adaption. The ay-man anime and manga series features a cast of characters created. The series is set at the end of a fictional 19th century during which the Black Order searches for Exorcists, the "Apostles of God" chosen to wield a divine substance called Innocence, as they are the only ones who can destroy. Akuma, weapons created friend by the, millennium Earl from souls of the deceased when humans curse god for the loss of loved ones, and stop the earl's plan to destroy humanity. The main character of the series. Allen Walker, a young Exorcist who trained under Exorcist General. Cross Marian and is sent to officially join the Black Order.

A single shard summary
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