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(In practice, the measurements are now made with liquid chromatography.) The unit was invented in 1912 by the American pharmacologist Wilbur. Scoville, who was working on the use of capsaicin in the muscle pain-relieving ointment heet. Actual chile peppers have capsaicin concentrations from 5000 to 500 000 Scoville units. Scruple (s) a unit of weight in the traditional (troy) system used by English apothecaries, equal to 20 grains, 1/24 troy ounce 2 or approximately.2960 gram. See also dram 2, and see troy weights for additional information. The name of the unit is from the latin scrupulus, meaning a small, sharp stone.

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The score, like the dozen, helps us describe a moderate number of objects. This is one of the many cases in which English has two words for similar concepts, one word from the Old French spoken in 1066 by the norman conquerors of England and one from the Old English spoken by the Anglo-saxon people they conquered. In this case, dozen is the French word and score is the Old English word, essay derived from the norse word skor meaning a notch cut in a stick as and a tally mark. The suffix -score can be added to a number, as in threescore (60) or fivescore (100). Scots foot, Scots mile traditional distance units in Scotland. The Scots foot equals. English foot (about.065 English inches.645 centimeters). The Scots mile equals 320 falls or 5920 Scots feet, which is about 5952 English feet (1.127 English mile or 1814.2 meters). The English foot and statute mile, of course, are now official in Scotland. Scoville unit a unit measuring the concentration of capsaicin, the "hot" ingredient in chile peppers. A measurement of, say, 50 000 Scoville units means that an extract from the pepper can be diluted 50 000 to 1 with sugared water and the "burn" of the capsaicin will still be barely detectable by the human tongue.

Schooner an informal unit of paper liquid volume. A schooner is a large tumbler or drinking glass holding about 400 milliliters.5. Similarly, in queensland, new south Wales, and the northern Territory (Australia) a schooner of beer holds 425 milliliters. In south Australia, however, a schooner is only 285 milliliters. Schoppen a traditional German unit of liquid volume for wine, now interpreted most often as 250 milliliters (1/4 liter or about.45. Schtoff a traditional Russian unit of volume equal to 10 charki. This is equivalent to about.23 liters.30. Scim see above under sccm. Score a traditional unit of quantity equal.

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The actual air flow is often designated with an "a" instead of an "s as in "acfm". Scheffel or schepel traditional units of dry volume. The german scheffel and Dutch schepel have both been redefined within the metric system, but in very different ways: the scheffel equals 50 liters (1.4189. Bushels ) and the schepel 10 liters (0.2838. Both words are usually translated "bushel" in English, and both units were originally closer to the English bushel; the schepel was roughly.75 bushel or about proposal 26 liters. See also skep (below). Schock a traditional German unit of quantity equal. See shock 1 below.

A 1: m scale map has larger scale than a 1: n scale map if m is less than. For example, a 1:100 000 scale map has larger scale than a 1:250 000 scale map, and the same place or object will appear larger on the larger scale map. Mathematically, the notation 1: n is simply another way of writing the ratio 1/. Sccm, scfm, scfh, scfd, scim (etc.) symbols for "standard cubic centimeters per minute "standard cubic feet per minute "standard cubic feet per hour "standard cubic feet per day and "standard cubic inches per minute." Many similar abbreviations are in use. These are units of flow rate for gases, and the term "standard" indicates that the flow rate assumes a standard temperature and a standard pressure of 1 atmosphere. There is some variation in the standard temperature. For natural gas, the petroleum industry uses a standard temperature of 60 F (15.6 C). For air flow, the standard temperature is sometimes 32 F (0 C) or 68 F (20 C) and a standard relative humidity must also be specified.

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The furol viscosity business readings are roughly 1/10 the Universal readings. For liquids whose viscosity exceeds 50 centistokes.8 C (100 F) one ssu is approximately.2158 centistokes.2158 mm2/s. For very viscous liquids (viscosity exceeding 500 centistokes) at 50 C (122 f one ssf is approximately.120 centistokes.120 mm2/s. Exact equations were published in 1996 by the American Society for Testing and Materials (astm practice D2161). The saybolt seconds are considered obsolete, but they have been used traditionally in the petroleum industry and are common in technical articles. Scale a measure describing the resolution of a map, architectural plan, or some similar document.

A map, for example, might be described as "1:250 000 scale". In general, 1: n and scale means that 1 unit of distance on the map or plan represents n of the same units in fact. It doesn't matter what unit of distance is used, as long as it is the same in both cases. On a 1:250 000 scale map, 1 centimeter on the map represents 250 000 centimeters (exactly.5 kilometers) on the ground. On the same map, one inch on the map represents 250 000 inches (about.9457 miles) on the ground. The use of the terms "larger" and "smaller" referring to scale is often confusing.

Thus eclipses at a particular location tend to repeat with a period of 3 saros or 54 years and about 1 month. Thus the last total solar eclipse in North Carolina, on 1970 March 7, will repeat on 2024 April 8 and again on 2078 may. Saturation a measure of the brightness of a color; see color units. Savart a unit used in music to describe the ratio in frequency between notes. The difference between two frequencies in savarts is equal to 1000 times the logarithm of the ratio between the two frequences.

Thus there are 1000log(2) 301.03000 savarts in an octave. (In applications, this is sometimes rounded to 300.) The savart is equal to about.9863 cents 3.3219 millioctaves. Two notes differ by one savart if the higher note has a frequency equal to 21/301.03.002 305 times the frequency of the lower note. The unit is named for a french physicist, félix savart (1791-1841 although best known for his work in electromagnetism, savart also did pioneer research in the physics of sound. Saybolt Universal second (ssu or sus) and saybolt Furol second (ssf or sfs) units of kinematic viscosity given by readings on saybolt viscometers. The saybolt Universal viscometer is used for liquids having viscosities below 1000 centistokes (or 10 stokes, see entry for stokes below). The saybolt Furol viscometer is used for more viscous road and fuel oils furol" is an acronym for fuel and road oils). In both cases the reading is the time, in seconds, for 60 milliliters of a sample to flow through the device.

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The sao varies friend somewhat from province to province. It is equal to 360 square meters (430.6 square yards) in many places, but as much as 500 square meters (598.0 square yards) in others. Saros a unit of time used in astronomy, mostly in predicting solar and lunar eclipses. The saros is equal to 6585.32 days 1 (6585 days 7 hours 23 minutes which is exactly 223 lunar months. (This is either.32.32 days more than 18 years, depending online on the number of leap years during the period.) Astronomers in ancient times discovered that the saros is very nearly equal to 19 eclipse years (6585.78 days). This means that one saros after an eclipse the sun, moon, and Earth return almost exactly to the same position and another, very similar eclipse occurs. However, because of the 7 hours 23 minutes included, the earth has turned about one third of a revolution and the new eclipse occurs about 116 of longitude west of the preceding one. After 3 saros, the eclipse returns nearly to its original location.

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Sailmaker ounce (smoz) a traditional unit measuring the weight (per unit area) of sailcloth. The weight in sailmaker ounces is the weight in ordinary (avoirdupois) ounces of a piece of cloth 36 inches.5 inches. Thus 1 smoz is equal.263 ounces per square yard (oz/yd2).828 grams per square meter (g/m2 or gsm). However, spinnakers (the large triangular foresails of yachts) are traditionally named by the fabric weight before it is finished, so these names do not correspond exactly to the sailmaker-ounce weights. A "half-ounce" spinnaker, for example, has a weight of about.85 smoz or 37 gsm, and a "three-quarter-ounce" spinnaker has a weight of about 1 smoz. Salmanazar a large wine bottle holding about 9 liters, 12 times the volume of a regular bottle. Saltspoon (ssp) a unit of volume formerly used. The saltspoon equals 1/4 teaspoon or about.2 milliliters. Sao a traditional unit of land area in vietnam.

arshin.1336 meters. Sagene is an older transliteration of the russian word. Saffir-Simpson category a ranking of the strength of a hurricane, introduced by two American meteorologists and used by the. National weather Service to rank storms in the Atlantic and northeastern Pacific Oceans. A complete description, from the. Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory in miami, is provided. Foot the south African geodetic foot (see below).

Sacks of different commodities are of different sizes, but a typical measure is 3 bushels (about 105.7 liters based on the. Bushel, or 109.1 liters based on the British Imperial bushel). Sack 2 a traditional unit of weight, varying for different commodities shipped in sacks. In Britain, for example, the sack was a traditional measure for wool, fixed by Edward iii at 364 pounds (26 stone) in 1340. S., a sack of salt is traditionally equal to 215 pounds, a sack of cotton 140 pounds, and a sack of flour 100 salon pounds. A sack of concrete is traditionally 94 pounds in the. S.,.5 pounds in Canada.

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Units: S sabin a non-metric unit of sound absorption used in acoustical engineering. One sabin is the sound absorption of one square foot of a perfectly absorbing surface-such as an open window! The sound absorption of a wall or some other surface is the area of the surface, in square feet, multiplied by a coefficient which depends on the material of the surface and also on the frequency of the sound. These coefficients are carefully measured and tabulated. The unit honors Wallace sabine (1868-1919 a harvard University professor who founded the systematic study of acoustics about 1895. Sabine used this unit, which he paper called the open window unit (owu), as early as 1911. Sack 1 a traditional unit of volume.

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  4. One sabin is the sound absorption of one square foot of a perfectly absorbing surface-such as an open window!

  5. Shed, building a workshop Solid build Sheds. The ielts writing task 2 sample answer below has examiner comments and is band score. The topic of social media is common and this ielts essay question was reported in the ielts test. Check the model essay and then read the comments. Many people believe that social networking sites (such. S sabin a non-metric unit of sound absorption used in acoustical engineering.

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