The namesake movie review

the namesake movie review

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He starts distancing himself from his traditional parents. He changes his name to the more American-sounding Nick. He moves to another city and begins dating a white girl, max Jacinda barrett, although he knows his parents expect him to marry a bengali girl. On a visit home, ashoke finally explains to gogol the relevance of his name. In the 1970s, when Ashoke was a young man, he was critically injured in a train accident. He was reading Gogol at that point of time and was engaged in a conversation with a fellow passenger, who urged him to see the world. Every day since then, Ashoke tells Gogol, life has been a gift. The story takes a turn when Ashoke dies of a massive heart attack.

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The clash of the old and the new, when asked to assignment follow their traditional values. Mira takes time to set things up and when you do get acquainted with the characters, youre slowly sucked into their world — their problems, their differences, their beliefs, their sorrows. Thats one of the primary reasons why the namesake works so beautifully! Ashoke, irrfan Khan and wife Ashima tabu, a bengali couple, migrate to new York from Kolkata after an arranged marriage. Leaving behind her family in Kolkata, ashima decides to adjust to a new life in New York. Soon, they are blessed with two kids — son Gogol Kal Penn and daughter Sonia sahira nair. Ashoke and Ashima want their children to grow up in the land of opportunities, but retain the traditional Indian culture and customs. Gogol struggles with his name named after Russian papers author Gogol and his heritage/roots. Gogol wants to be like other American kids, but no matter how hard he tries, he cant escape reality. Gogol attempts to find his way and identity.

Keep pdf checking ThereviewMonk for further updates! Audience reviews for The namesake, loading the player. A mira nair film is special! Over the years, miras films have won tremendous acclaim and admirers on home turf as well as on foreign soil. Although opinions and feedback to her films vary, theres no denying that the competent storyteller handles human relationships with astute sensitivity. The namesake, based on Jhumpa lahiris best-selling novel, is a cinematic triumph. Like monsoon wedding, the namesake explores human relationships, besides raising several poignant issues in those two hours: The diverse cultures and how most children belonging to Asian-American families find themselves in a quandary.

the namesake movie review

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Thats exactly what the father did and in the end, the son finally understands and was best able to accept his name, gogol, for the reminder of what. When she and I got out of the theater, i thought to myself, hey, that wasnt too bad, with its limited subtitles and my lack of ability to hear but I could understand the movie and managed to make some reflections of my own. Whats so cool is that I get to see a movie that hasnt been released in theaters nationwide and free too! Critic Rating 0, review 0, rating, no critic reviews yet, audience rating 0, review 0, rating, movie info, synopsis, the namesake is a 2006 film which was released in the United States on March 9, 2007, following screenings at film festivals in Toronto and New. It was directed by mira nair and is based upon the novel of the same name by Jhumpa lahiri, who appeared in the movie. Sooni taraporevala adapted the novel to a screenplay. The film received positive reviews from American critics. Cast, the namesake reviews, no Critic review info for this movie yet.

Even in a few nude scenes, his body actually reminds me of Gandhis. Sad to say, kal Penns fate, to me, may be already and forever sealed as a slacking college Indian whiz who smoke marijuana joints. The movie takes us through different phases of life that we all may have experienced at some point of our life. It is a movie that reminds us that we arent the only ones experiencing lifes struggles and that all the immigrants who came to America, from the pilgrims to Englishmen to germans to Italians to Irishes to Chineses to purples and lately, indians all experienced. The movie moves mostly in a chronological order with a few flashbacks linking to the name of Gogol and ends with a feeling that is touching and that life shall. Although the movie title says the namesake, it doesnt necessarily revolve around the name but we can see how the story is developed behind the name and how they resolve together to overcome obstacles they face in life—unknowns, hardship, death, infidelity, and family/cultural values. If you found yourself covered in blood, barely able to move but you see this book that spells Gogol that stares directly into your eyes, you cannot help but bound to feel that you are meant to survive, to live and with that, you damn.

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the namesake movie review

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In spite of that, the family moved during the 1970s and they and were among the first group to migrate from India so the husband and the wife only had each other to support, then they had a son which they named Gogol. They spoke hindu, thus, some English subtitles were shown. The name, gogol, is a russian name taken from a short story author, nikolai gogol. It is his book that has miraculously stayed in the fathers bloody hands after he survived a devastating train accident which left him in a full cast and unable to move for a few weeks. After having recovered, they left India to live in New York city with his wife and soon thereafter, they have a first-born son and they decide to name him Gogol after the russian author, to remind how lucky and blessed their life are and.

Obviously they did not think about the social effects that the name may bring to the boy and his life. Sloppily dressed in a navy baseball shirt with a number 83 on his chest, gogol, acted by kal Penn who was made famous from the movie, harold kumar go to White castle., shows what it takes to be an American. He dates a white girl, plays loud metal songs, rebels against his parents, smokes a joint and of course, hates his own name. Even his sister is equally American, spraying colors in her hair, sporting both bright and dark lip colors, and wearing fishnets on her legs. Later in the movie, it would have to take someones death in the family to finally realize what does it mean to be an Indian and sheds a baseball shirt with a white saree. Kal Penn tries his best to portray as an Indian-American but his limpy body prevents him from looking like an All-American guy and resembles nothing like those model bodies in Abercrombie fitch cover magazines.

Guess where the movie screenings were at? None other than the motion Picture Association of America (mpaa) building in Washington dc, the sorry organization ive been leeching off from on my linux server. The irony was that it was free too but in a different sense. The only difference was that I cannot put the movie on pause for my bathroom breaks. Out of all movies that are out there, the movie turns to be The namesake about an Indian boy who has an identity crisis with his name that is not even Indian. Before i even start, i have this firm belief that if you are deaf and unable to hear what characters are saying and that there are no subtitles, there is absolutely no reason to go to movie theaters.

Youd be clueless as to what the movie is talking about and you can slowly feel your ten dollars being drained away unless you think cool special effects justify the ticket purchase, which some of my friends did with Star Wars movies. Its almost as same as buying a glossy hard-covered book with blank pages. When you finally do get out, your understanding of the movie isnt that much better than you step into the theater before. Light saber fights were so awesome! Um, why did Anakin turn into darth Vader? But she gently informed me that this movie, the namesake, might have some subtitles since it follows an immigrant family from India, settling into the city that is the most diverse city in America and home to millions of immigrants, new York city.

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Movie rating timepass, naomi dutta —- so all in all, given that her source material was rather mediocre, mira nairs has done a good job with this gentle, heartwarming film only to be expected! Merril Diniz — night though the premise sounds flimsy, the namesake breathes life into the books characters by leaps and bounds, expanding the central idea to encompass a whole lot more. Movie rating.5/5, aparajita Ghosh —, the element of realism has been very strong in all of nairs films. The namesake, too, is very realistic and credible, not just in its look but also in the way the story has been treated and presented by mira nair. I just did something today that I have never done before. That was to attend a movie screening. Thanks to a cool girl I met recently, her name. She works as a movie critic for her school newspaper at georgetown University, so she gets to go to movie screenings and for free!

the namesake movie review

The beauty lies in the depth of the relationships touched upon. This is one of those rare occasions where how the story is told consumes the audience rather than the story itself. Movie rating 4/5, garam —, the content of the story is such that it fits more into a literature format than a cinematic experience. The namesake keeps you grey glued, more for its storytelling than the actual story itself. Movie rating.5/5, subash. Mira nairs new film is so tender at heart you often forget these are actors enacting scenes from a well-known Pulitzer-prize winning novel. Movie rating 4/5, sreeram Ramachandran, namesake, although not very fast paced and not an entertainer keeps you interested.

Rajeev masand —, despite all its beauty and despite the fact that its a warm, poignant and a relatable story, the namesake does not dig as deep as Mira nairs. Monsoon Wedding mpared to that film, The namesake only skims the surface and isnt quite able to get under the skin of its characters. movie rating 3/5, taran Adarsh —, on the whole, the namesake is a classy product that caters to a niche audience mainly — those who appreciate qualitative cinema. At the box-office, its a film for very select multiplexes. Movie rating.5/5, joginder Tuteja — if you are looking for an entertaining 120 minutes while watching the namesake then lets make it clear at the very onset the film is hardly entertaining. Movie rating 2/5, meetu nair —. High on emotions and jerking tears along the way, namesake is worth a watch just for the performances.

Probably the two important passages of the book is firstly when Ashoke ganguli (Irfan Khan) explains to gogol Ganguly, the real reasons for naming him Gogol and secondly when Gogol finds the book on the russian writer which his father had presented to him many. In the movie version, these two episodes are played down in that they do not register to the viewer in the right significance and also do not linger on when you leave the movie hall. The screenplay goes hand in hand with the book so much so that there is a need to cram everything in and this is precisely where the movie falters and the essence of the book is lost. All said and done, the film offers some great cinematic moments, ashima's (Tabu) fascination for Ashoke's shoes during the initial moments and Gangulis and friends replicating their Bengali culture in the us being some of them. And a special mention for one actor who stands out among the good ensemble and thats Irfan Khan who simply rocks. posted by Praveen @ 6:06. Mira nair who gave us such great films like salaam Bombay and Monsoon Wedding biography is back with her latest movie.

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"The reader should realize himself that year it could not have happened otherwise, and that to give him any other name was quite out of the question."- nikolai gogol. The russian writer nikolai gogol's short story "The overcoat" was a masterpiece. Jhumpa lahiri's book "The namesake" whose protagonist is named after Gogol is among the best works by an Indian in the recent past. Without prevarication, yet with a language that is clear, lahiri visits the world of Bengali immigrants in America, about the identity crisis existing and about the lead charactor's dilemma in coping with an odd name like gogol. The namesake - the movie version of the book by mira nair is effervescent, brilliant in pieces, interspersed with subtle humor and is very real. The lead actors are very good, the passage of the times of nikhil Ganguly from child to adult, the shifting of the locales back and forth between New York and Calcutta is handled adroitly. However, this is definitely not Mira nair's best effort. If the main rationale behind the making of the film is to depict how the characters played by tabu and Irfan Khan have to cope with their dour lives far away from home then it succeeds to a large extent. If the intention is to invoke empathy for Gogol Ganguly (played by kal Penn) for his name, the movie fails.

The namesake movie review
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The namesake movie review. I just did something today that I have never done before.

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  1. The namesake (film s wiki: The namesake is a 2006 film which was released in the United by mira nair and is based upon the novel of the same name by Jhumpa lahiri, who appeared in the movie. Sooni taraporevala wrote the screenplay. The film received positive reviews from American critics. Jhumpa lahiri's subtle style and neat asides enchant Julie myerson in The namesake. When Gogol meets Maxine, soon to be a girlfriend, she is kneeling on the floor at a party talking about a movie and "spreading a generous amount of Brie on a cracker". "Why rani, abhishek lost out on Namesake ".

  2. The namesake (movie ). For other uses, see namesake (disambiguation). The namesake received positive reviews from American critics.3. Summary and book reviews of The namesake by Jhumpa lahiri. It made me laugh out loud at some points, and i even shed some tears (and i am not the kind of person who cries at sad movies!).

  3. Home magazine cover Story movie review : The namesake. In The namesake, he plays the strong, silent Dad and will remind many watching the film of their own, as men of this generation were not encouraged to go on and on about their feelings to all those around them. The namesake movie reviews and ratings rating.83 out of 5 Stars. Synopsis Watch Trailer Videos Photos Cast bios Director User reviews Official Site. The namesake - movie review. "The reader should realize himself that it could not have happened otherwise, and that to give him any other name was quite out of the question."- nikolai gogol.

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