Refereed journal papers

refereed journal papers

Irjes - international, refereed journal of Engineering

223-225 a high-Resolution uv spectral Atlas for Mira variable Stars Luttermoser,. 243-246 cool Stars Sing the Blues - the Encore luttermoser,. 2007, in Proceedings of the 14th Cambridge workshop on cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the sun,. Van Belle, (San Francisco: asp conf. Cd-sub61 fuse observations of a mira variable Star Luttermoser,. 2003, in The future of cool-Stars: Proceedings of 12th Cambridge workshop on cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the sun,.

The Sport journal, a peer-reviewed journal of sports

329-340 Hydrogen-Deficient Atmospheres for cool Carbon Stars Johnson,. 1985, Astrophysical journal, vol. 228-230 Conference Proceedings papers: Multiwavelength Study of Pulsation and Dust Production in Mira variables Using Optical Interferometry for Constraints Creech-eakman,. J., hora,., ivezic,., jurgenson,., luttermoser,., marengo,., Speck,., Stencel,., thompson,. 2009, in Stellar Pulsation: Challenges for Theory and Observation: Proceedings of the International Conference,. 137-140 Of Photons, gas, and Dust, The mira mixmaster Luttermoser,. 2009, in Proceedings of The biggest Baddest, coolest Stars,. Stencel, (San Francisco: asp conf. 163-177 u antliae - a dying Carbon Star Bidleman,. 87-88 Summary session: Where do we go from Here?

579-594, a vla.6-cm Survey of n-type carbon Stars Luttermoser,. 634-639 Stochastic Shock waves as a candidate mechanism for the formation of the he i 10830 a line in cool giant Stars Cuntz,. 1990, Astrophysical journal Letters, vol. L39-L43 Chromospheric Structure of cool Carbon Stars Luttermoser,. 1989, Astrophysical journal, vol. 543-553 The violet and Ultraviolet Opacity Problem for cool Carbon Stars Johnson,. 1988, Astrophysical journal, vol. 421-431 Ultraviolet Spectra and Chromospheres of cool Carbon Stars Johnson,. 1987, Astrophysical journal, vol.

refereed journal papers

Electronic journals and Periodicals in Psychology and

114,., the outer layers of a carbon Star: The view from the hubble Space telescope. 1995, Astrophysical journal, vol. 281-294, the Chromospheric supermarket Structure of the cool giant Star g Herculis. 1994, Astrophysical journal, vol. 351-365, line Profile variations in m giants - clues to mass-Loss and Chromospheric heating Mechanisms. H., cuntz,., stencel,. 1993, Astronomical journal, vol. 105,., ionization and Excitation in cool giant Stars. 1992, Astrophysical journal, vol.

J., leisawitz,., castelaz,. 2002, Astronomical journal, vol. 948-964, phase-dependent Spectroscopy of Mira variable Stars. 2000, Astronomical journal, vol. 120,., vanadium Oxide in the Spectra of Mira variables. 2000, Astrophysical journal, vol. 341-345, the Atmosphere of Mira variables: a view with the hubble Space telescope. 923-933, spectroscopy of Mira variables at Different Phases. 1997, Astronomical journal, vol.

Com - international, journal of Current Research

refereed journal papers

Journal of Agriculture and development

In addition, many of my research conference proceedings papers published since 1996 are also included (see my vita for a complete list) and the conference Proceedings book i have published. All of the papers are in Portable document Format (PDF). Refereed journal papers: An Interferometrically derived Sample of Miras with Phase using Spitzer: Paperi - a first look. J., guth,., luttermoser,. 2012, The Astronomical review, vol.

Radio emission from Substellar Companions of evolved Stars. Ignace,., want giroux,. 2010, monthly notices of the royal Astronomical Society, vol. 402,., infrared Light Curves of Mira variable Stars From. Cobe, dirbe data, smith,.

"Echo spectroscopy of bulk bogoliubov excitation in trapped Bose-einstein condensates. A 69, 041604 (2004). "Three-wave mixing of Bogoliubov quasi-particles in a bose condensate. "Bragg spectroscopy of the multi-branch Bogoliubov spectrum of elongated Bose-einstein condensates. "Baliaev damping of quasi-particles in a bose-einstein condensate.

"Direct observation of the phonon energy in a bose-einstein condensate by tomographic imaging. "Excitation spectrum of a bose-einstein Condensate. "Molecular Hydrogen Formation on Astrophysically relevant Surfaces. Pirronello, and dali, astrophysical journal 575, (1999). "H2 Formation on Interstellar Grains in Different Physical Regimes ham,. Pirronello, and dali, mnras 296, 869 (1998). Donald Luttermoser's Published Papers The following list gives access to all of the papers to which I have been associated that appear in refereed journals.

International journals of Research Papers (ijrp)

A 72, 053614 summary (2005). Spectroscopy and time-dynamics lined of bulk bogoliubov excitations in a bose-einstein Condensate,. Davidson, reviews of Modern Physics 77, 187 (2005). High sensitivity phonon spectroscopy of Bose-einstein condensates using matter-wave interference. "Decoherence and dephasing in strongly driven colliding Bose-einstein condensates. A 70, 033615 (2004). "Bogoliubov excitation spectrum in anharmonic traps.

refereed journal papers

McDermott, matthew neeley, matthias Steffen,. Korotkov, science 312, 1498 (2006). Collisional decay of a strongly driven. Dressed-state approach to matter-wave mixing of bosons,. A 72, 053633 (2005). . Optically-Induced Polarons in Bose-einstein Condensates: Monitoring Composite quasiparticle decay,. peak in the static structure factor of a bose-einstein condensate,. A 72, 023608 (2005). Splitting in the excitation spectrum of a bose-einstein condensate undergoing tiger strong Rabi oscillations,.

matthew. Coherent State, evolution in a superconducting Qubit from Partial-Collapse measurement,. Bialczak, erik lucero,.

Ijhss is inviting papers for Vol. 2 which is scheduled to be published parts on February 28, 2014. Last date of submission: January 31, 2014.However, an early submission will get preference in case of review and publication process. Send your manuscript to the editor at, or, for more information, visit the official website of the journal m). List of, publications, refereed journal papers. 1/f Flux noise in, josephson Phase qubits, radoslaw. Katz, erik lucero, matthew neeley,.

International, journal of Scientific and Research

International journal of Humanities and Social Science (ijhss) is an open access, peer-reviewed and refereed international journal published by center for Promoting Ideas, usa. The main objective of ijhss is to provide an intellectual platform for the international scholars. Ijhss aims to promote interdisciplinary studies in humanities and social science and become the leading journal in humanities and social science in the world. The journal publishes research papers in the fields of humanities and social science such as anthropology, business studies, communication studies, corporate governance,criminology, cross-cultural studies,demography, development studies, economics, education, ethics, geography, history, industrial relations, information science, international relations, law, linguistics, library science, media studies, methodology, philosophy. The journal is published in both print barbing and online versions. The journal is now indexed with and included in Cabells, Ulrichs, doaj, index Copernicus International, ebsco and Gale. Moreover the journal is under the indexing process with isi, eric, econlit, Scopus and journalseek. Ijhss publishes original papers, review papers, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research, technical notes, and book reviews.

Refereed journal papers
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  2. (This is an extended version of our codaspy 13 conference paper All your Browser-saved Passwords could Belong to Us: a security Analysis and a cloud-based New Design.). Refereed, conference and Workshop, papers.

  3. Refereed, journal, publications Hossein Jiryaei sharahi, gajendra Shekhawat, vinayak dravid, simon Park, philip Egberts, seonghwan Kim, contrast Mechanisms on Nanoscale subsurface Imaging in Ultrasonic afm: Scattering of Ultrasonic wave and. Jos Stam and Charles loop, quad/Triangle subdivision, computer Graphics Forum, volume 22, number 1, 2003, 79-85. Halloran, and William. Assuring and evolving Concurrent Programs: Annotations and Policy. International Conference on Software Engineering (icse 02). Journal of Computers security, elsevier, 2014.

  4. molecular Hydrogen Formation on Astrophysically relevant Surfaces,. Pirronello, and dali, astrophysical. The technical program for the five-day conference will include refereed paper presentations, plenary sessions, panels, poster, and demo sessions. Kaplan, bistable Optical Solitons, journal de Physique,. 49: C2,69-74 (June 1988). ( pdf file ).

  5. Call for, papers for the, journal of soviet and Post-soviet Politics and Society (2017). The Swift Gamma-ray burst Mission. Refereed, publications from: journal papers related to swift. Refereed, journal papers : 1995, Astrophysical, journal, vol. 329-340 Hydrogen-Deficient Atmospheres for cool Carbon Stars Johnson,.

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