Myth writing assignment

myth writing assignment

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Each group will be asked to select a bell Chapter 1-10. The goal of this assignment is to inform the class about the material covered in the selection and highlight the most important ideas. In addition, the group should relate these ideas to society, technology and the environment as well as explain their view of the authors ideas.  do you agree with what was presented? Each group will be asked to submit a single brief written summary of their presentation. Midterm examination There will be a midterm exam comprised of multiple-choice and short-answer questions. This exam will be based on course lectures, discussion sessions, and assigned readings. Final examination There will be a take-home final exam that must be completed and returned by the end-of-semester exam period.

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The rules and procedures set down in the student handbook as administered by the dean of Students office will be used to judge plagiarism. . If you are unclear about the rules, please see the njit student handbook. M will be used to check for plagiarized work. . All major potter writing assignments must be submitted to this page for review. . you will be able to view the report and make revisions for the rough drafts of your work. You must register for an account and then log into our class using the class id and password provided via an email form. Contacting the professor office: Culimore 420 Phone: http web. fax: Office hours-tr-2:30-3:30: W3-6 grading participation/Webct 15 Midterm Exam 25 quizzes 10 take halloween home final 25 Group Oral 10 Writing Assignments 15 a b 86-90 0-64 b 81-85 C 70-75 assignments introductory Assignment. Open a webct account, log into eps 202 and introduce yourself to the class. Define the terms in the title of the course—society, technology and Environment. Group Oral Presentation This group oral presentation is for 3-4 people and should last approximately 25 minutes per group including time for questions. .

There should be no contractions, spelling errors, punctuation errors, or mistakes in grammar. . Please be consistent within the paper with abbreviations and other acronyms. Please use times New Roman 12-point font, as it is clear and easy-to-read. . your margins should be a uniform 1-inch on all sides and the paper should minimize large areas of white space within the text. . If you wish to have assistance with writing, the hss department has a writing tutor who can be contacted for assistance with all aspects of the paper. The reviews lead contact. you may also ask your professor,. James Lipuma, for further assistance or more detailed information. . All assignments handed in for this course should be original and the sole work of the student. .

myth writing assignment

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Citations for pdf the presentation research used needs to be included with the paper and should follow the apa format for citations. . This means parenthetical citations within the text with a reference page at the end of the document. . Only works that are actually"d from or referenced directly should be cited. . do not list all works that were read for the creation of the paper. . This is not a bibliography but rather a reference page. . Please remember, simply lifting text from a dictionary or encyclopedia is something found mainly in high school. . Though it may be necessary to" from these types of sources, rarely are they the only works used for references. It should be stressed that the work for this class should be formal research papers.

The more you are able to read the better prepared you will be for class discussions. Attendance will be taken randomly throughout the semester. A greater emphasis is placed on participation rather than simple attendance; however, you cannot participate if you do not attend. . Absences and late work are excused only by prior arrangements with the instructor. Any late assignment is assessed a 10 reduction of grade per class day after the due date. . Throughout the semester, there will be homework and paper assignments that each student must complete in order to receive a grade in the class. . There is an in-class presentation and a final essay that is required for this class. The papers handed in for this course are to be college-level research papers. . A college-level paper is type written, has page numbers, contains references to research and includes a reference page at the end for works"d or otherwise referenced to in the document. .

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myth writing assignment

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We examine the social and scientific origins of environmental problems and evaluate the complex role of technology in creating and resolving these concerns. The perspective of the course is broadly social scientific, though this mode of investigation takes place against the background of a scientific appreciation of current environmental dilemmas. We will consider both the local and global implications review of current social activities on the environment and investigate specific issues such as air pollution, water contamination, acid rain, ozone depletion, declining biodiversity, and climate change. Other topics include energy, food production, biotechnology, and the environmental implications of contemporary consumption practices. . Solving problems, making decisions, and thinking critically will be power stressed throughout the semester to assist the student in understanding the variety of topics that are discussed. The main goals of the course are to expose students to current environmental issues along with the various disciplines of Social Science, as well as improve their ability to problem-solve, research, write, and public speak. In addition, students will be given the opportunity to work in groups and make professional oral presentations.

This is a writing intensive class intended to assist students to hone thinking skills by utilizing writing. The required texts for the class are as follows: Michael. An Invitation to Environmental, sociology, thousand oaks, ca: Pine forge Press. Notable selections in, environmental Studies, stamford, ct: McGraw-Hill. The assigned readings are designed to give you background knowledge needed to understand the subject matter to be tackled in class. The readings listed for each topic should be read prior to the class.

Turn in essay 5 revision 15 Essay portfolio selection 2 Bring all essay drafts for first three essays to class. 16 20 In-class Writing Workshop Bring essays to work. 22 Essay portfolio selection 3 Bring all remaining essay drafts to class. 17 27 Reflective writing Write a 500- to 1000-word essay reflecting upon the contents of your writing portfolio. Bring it to class for peer critique. 29 Turn in Final Portfolio course policy syllabus handouts resources Unless otherwise noted, all information posted in this course website is Copyright 1999 by john.

Permission is granted to" from original copyrighted material for academic purposes only. For all other uses, send inquiries. This page was last modified on ). Society, technology, environment, eps 202 Syllabus   Professor James. Lipuma       Spring 200 8, eps 202 "Society, technology, and Environment" is an introduction to environmental issues from the perspective of the social. Sciences by considerations of the Interrelationships between science, technology, environment, and society.

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287-322 meeting place to be announced - 8-12 spring break 10 16 Regulating Speech read Juxtapositions,. 388-401 thesis Write 500-word journal essay on one of the "Suggestions for Writing". 18 Language as Power read Juxtapositions,. 402-17 Write journal responses to each of the three essays. 11 23 essay 4, draft resumes due in class 25 Mothers read Juxtapositions,. 98-119 Writing Assignment tba 12 30 Fact and Fiction: Two Accounts. 120-49 Writing Assignment tba turn in essay 4 revision April 1 reimagining a fairy tale read Juxtapositions,. 304-21 Writing Assignment tba 14 i l 6 essay 5, draft due in class 8 Essay portfolio selection 1 Bring all essay drafts for first three essays to class. 15 13 Essay portfolio revision Workshop Bring essay drafts to class for revision.

myth writing assignment

418-39 Write 500-word shapes journal essay on one of the "Suggestions for Writing". 7 16 essay 2, draft due in class 18 Formatting and Document Design read Writer's Brief Handbook,. 245-64 Write responses to each of your peer critiques, explaining which ones you find useful and why. 8 23 Language and Manners read Juxtapositions,. 324-33 Write a one-page journal entry detailing your position on "vulgar" speech. 25 The power of Naming read Juxtapositions,. 334-45 Write 500-word journal essay on one of the "Suggestions for Writing". 9 arch 2 essay 3, draft due in class 4 The library/The research Paper read Writer's Brief Handbook,.

and why. 2 meaning on the mall read Juxtapositions,. 280-97 Write journal response to one of the essays. 4 meaning on the mall, 2 read Juxtapositions,. 298-302 Write 500-word journal essay on one of the "Suggestions for Writing on the juxtapositions". 6 9 Why Is weight so weighty? 260-79 Write journal responses comparing at least two essays. 11 Mirror, mirror read Juxtapositions,.

12, thought for food, read. 218-32, write journal responses apple to both essays. 14, language and Word Choice, read. Writer's Brief Handbook, "Word Choice" (pp. 157-86 write 500-word journal essay on language in food labeling or advertising 3 19, mickey mouse: An American Myth. 234-59, write journal responses to at least two essays. 21, writing Arguments, read. Writer's Brief Handbook,. 265-75, write 500-word journal essay on some easily recognized American symbol, character, or icon.

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46 syllabus spring 1999. Syllabus, english 102: Freshman Composition, section 46, spring 1999, the University of Mississippi. Department of English, all reading and writing assignments listed are to be done before the respective class meeting time. Additional and/or other reading or writing assignments may be announced in class. You should be prepared to turn in any writing assignments upon request. Note: This syllabus is subject to frequent and abrupt changes. Week, tuesday, essay thursday 2,. N u, a r, y jan.

Myth writing assignment
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Lappe and Collins, food First, beyond the. Myth of Scarcity, sources,.

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  1. 19 Mickey mouse: An American. Myth, read Juxtapositions,. All reading and writing assignments listed are to be done before the respective class meeting time. Myth : The wc sounds like a service meant only for traditional-age students/native speakers. Ask students about their assignment and what they want to focus. The journal of teaching.

  2. In any event: Lets put to rest the myth of exceptionalism of baen books. Availability for Interviews, Appearances, Writing, work and Optioning Existing Work. All sources are not created equal. In an academic assignment, it is important to use evidence that is reliable, accurate, objective, and up-to-date. This resource takes you through the process of analysing your task, giving you some useful techniques to ensure that your work remains focused on the requirements of your assignment and.

  3. Immediately download the Who Wrote the new Testament?: The making of the Christian. Myth summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays,"s, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything. Do you feel anxious at any time there is essay writing assignment your college professor is going give? This really is a myth. Flow is both a possibility—most people experience it at some point in their writing lives—and a myth. You can also approach your instructor with questions about your writing assignment.

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