Malayalam essay on drugs

malayalam essay on drugs

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Coop, directed/co-written by and starring Cliff Robertson ; Robert Rodríguez 's El Mariachi (1992) and Once Upon a time in Mexico (2003 john sayles 's Lone Star (1996 tommy lee jones 's The Three burials of Melquiades Estrada (2005 Ang lee 's Brokeback mountain (2005. Call of juarez: The cartel is an example of a neo-western video game. Likewise, the television series Breaking Bad, which takes place in modern times, features many examples of Western archetypes. According to creator Vince gilligan, "After the first Breaking Bad episode, it started to dawn on me that we could be making a contemporary western. So you see scenes that are like gunfighters squaring off, like clint Eastwood and lee van Cleef —we have walt and others like that." 19 The precursor to these citation needed was the radio series Tales of the texas Rangers (19501952 with joel McCrea,. Electric Western edit The 1971 film Zachariah starring John Rubinstein, don Johnson and Pat quinn was billed as, "The first electric Western." 20 The film featured multiple performing rock bands in an otherwise American West setting. 20 Zachariah featured appearances and music supplied by rock groups from the 1970s, including the james Gang 20 and country joe and the fish as "The Cracker Band." 20 Fiddler doug Kershaw had a musical cameo 20 as does Elvin Jones as a gunslinging drummer.

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In the 1930s and 1940s, these were typically films about horsemen in rural Mexican society, displaying a set of cultural concerns very different from the hollywood meta-narrative, but the overlap between 'charro' movies and westerns became more apparent in the 1950s and 1960s. 17 18 Comedy western edit This subgenre is imitative in style in order to mock, comment on, or trivialize the western genre's established traits, subjects, auteurs' styles, or some other target by means of humorous, satiric, or ironic imitation or parody. Examples include The paleface (1948 carry On Cowboy (1965 cat Ballou (1965 The hallelujah Trail (1965 texas Across the river (1966 The Scalphunters (1968 support your Local Sheriff! (1969 support your Local Gunfighter (1971 Blazing Saddles (1974 rustlers' Rhapsody (1985 Three amigos (1986 maverick (1994 quick Draw (2013) and a million ways to die in the west (2014). Contemporary western edit Also known as neo-westerns, these films have contemporary. Settings, and they myself utilize old West themes and motifs (a rebellious anti-hero, open plains and desert landscapes, and gunfights). For the most part, they still take place in the American West and reveal the progression of the Old West mentality into the late 20th and early 21st centuries. This subgenre often features Old West-type characters struggling with displacement in a "civilized" world that rejects their outdated brand of justice. Examples include john Sturges 's Bad day at Black rock (1955 lonely Are the Brave, screenplay by dalton Trumbo (1962 hud, starring paul Newman (1963 robert Altman 's McCabe mrs. Miller (1971 The getaway (1972 junior Bonner (1972 Bring me the head of Alfredo garcia (1974 hearts of the west starring Jeff Bridges (1975 Alan. Pakula 's Comes a horseman (1978.

Citation needed Acid Western edit film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum refers to a makeshift 1960s and 1970s genre called the Acid Western, 15 associated with Dennis Hopper, jim McBride, and Rudy wurlitzer, as well as films like monte hellman 's The Shooting (1966 Alejandro jodorowsky 's. 's Greaser's Palace (1972). film El Topo is an allegorical cult Western and underground film about the eponymous character, a violent black-clad gunfighter, and his quest for mini enlightenment. The film is filled with bizarre characters and occurrences, use of maimed and dwarf performers, and heavy doses of Christian symbolism and Eastern philosophy. Some Spaghetti westerns also crossed over into the Acid Western genre, such as Enzo. Castellari 's mystical keoma (1976 a western reworking of Ingmar Bergman 's metaphysical The seventh seal (1957). More recent Acid Westerns include Alex Cox 's film Walker (1987) and Jim Jarmusch 's film dead Man (1995). Rosenbaum describes the Acid Western as "formulating a chilling, savage frontier poetry to justify its hallucinated agenda ultimately, he says, the Acid Western expresses a counterculture sensibility to critique and replace capitalism with alternative forms of exchange. 16 Charro, cabrito or Chili westerns edit Charro westerns, often featuring musical stars as well as action, have been a standard feature of Mexican cinema since the 1930s.

malayalam essay on drugs

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13 Classical Western edit The summary Great Train Robbery (1903 Edwin. Porter 's film starring Broncho billy Anderson, is often cited as year the first Western, though george. Fenin and William. Everson point out that the "Edison company had played with Western material for several years prior to The Great Train Robbery. " Nonetheless, they concur that Porter's film "set the pattern—of crime, pursuit, and retribution—for the western film as a genre." 14 The film's popularity opened the door for Anderson to become the screen's first cowboy star; he made several hundred Western film shorts. So popular was the genre that he soon faced competition from Tom Mix and William. Citation needed The golden Age of the western is epitomized by the work of several directors, most prominent among them, john Ford ( my darling Clementine, the horse soldiers, the searchers ). Others include: Howard Hawks ( Red river, rio bravo anthony mann ( Man of the west, the man from Laramie budd boetticher ( seven Men from Now delmer daves ( The hanging Tree, 3:10 to yuma john Sturges ( The magnificent seven, last Train from.

The plot often involves an elaborate chase and pursuit by a wronged individual, but it may also include elements of the classic mystery story. Cavalry and Indian story. The plot revolves around "taming" the wilderness for white settlers. The outlaw gangs dominate the action. The lawman and his challenges drive the plot. Gruber said that good writers used dialogue and plot development to develop these basic plots into believable stories. 12 Other subgenres include: In the 1960s and 1970s, the western was reinvented with the revisionist Western.

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malayalam essay on drugs

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Or revisionist westerns like i walk the line (1970) depict sheriffs dueling. Citation needed early westerns were mostly filmed in the studio, just like other early hollywood films, but when location shooting became more thesis common from the 1930s, producers of Westerns used desolate corners of Arizona, california, colorado, kansas, montana, nevada, new Mexico, oklahoma, texas, utah,. These settings gave filmmakers the ability to depict vast plains, looming mountains and epic canyons. Productions were also filmed on location at movie ranches. Citation needed Often, the vast landscape becomes more than a vivid backdrop; it becomes a character in the film. After the early 1950s, various wide screen formats such as Cinemascope (1953) and VistaVision used the expanded width of the screen to display spectacular Western landscapes. John Ford 's use of Monument Valley as an expressive landscape in his films from Stagecoach (1939) to Cheyenne autumn (1965) "present us with a mythic vision of the plains and deserts of the American West, embodied most memorably in Monument Valley, with its buttes.

2 Subgenres edit author and screenwriter Frank Gruber described seven plots for Westerns: 11 12 Union Pacific story. The plot concerns construction of a railroad, a telegraph line, or some other type of modern technology or transportation. Wagon train stories fall into this category. The plot concerns threats to the ranch from rustlers or large landowners attempting to force out the proper owners. The plot involves building a ranch empire or an oil empire from scratch, a classic rags-to-riches plot.

9 Western films commonly feature protagonists such as cowboys, gunslingers, and bounty hunters, who are often depicted as semi-nomadic wanderers who wear Stetson hats, bandannas, spurs, and buckskins, use revolvers or rifles as everyday tools of survivaland as a means to settle disputes using "frontier. Protagonists ride between dusty towns and cattle ranches on their trusty steeds. Citation needed western films were enormously popular in the silent film era (1894-1927). With the advent of sound in 1927-28, the major Hollywood studios rapidly abandoned Westerns, citation needed leaving the genre to smaller studios and producers. These smaller organizations churned out countless low-budget features and serials in the 1930s. By the late 1930s, the western film was widely regarded as a "pulp" genre in Hollywood, but its popularity was dramatically revived in 1939 by major studio productions such as Dodge city starring Errol Flynn, jesse james with Tyrone power, union Pacific with joel McCrea.

Released through United Artists, Stagecoach made john wayne a mainstream screen star in the wake of a decade of headlining B westerns. Wayne had been introduced to the screen ten years earlier as the leading man in director raoul Walsh 's widescreen The big Trail, which failed at the box office, due in part to exhibitors' inability to switch over to widescreen during the depression. After the western's renewed commercial successes in the late 1930s, the popularity of the western continued to rise until its peak in the 1950s, when the number of Western films produced outnumbered all other genres combined. 10 Western films often depict conflicts with Native americans. While early eurocentric Westerns frequently portray the "Injuns" as dishonorable villains, the later and more culturally neutral Westerns gave native americans a more sympathetic treatment. Other recurring themes of Westerns include western treks (e.g. The big Trail ) or perilous journeys (e.g. Stagecoach ) or groups of bandits terrorising small towns such as in The magnificent seven.

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The western typically takes these elements and uses them to tell simple morality tales, although some notable examples (e.g. The later Westerns of John Ford or Clint Eastwood 's Unforgiven, about an biography old hired killer) are more morally ambiguous. Westerns often stress the harshness and isolation of the wilderness and frequently set the action in an arid, desolate landscape. Specific settings include isolated forts, ranches and homesteads; the native american village; or the small frontier town with its saloon, general store, livery stable and jailhouse and the open desert, where there are no structures and only windswept sand dunes. Apart from the wilderness, it is usually the saloon that emphasizes that this is the wild West : it is the place to go for music (raucous piano playing women (often prostitutes gambling (draw poker or five card stud drinking (beer or whiskey brawling and. In some westerns, where civilization has arrived, the town has a church, a general store, a bank and a school; in others, where frontier rules still hold sway, it is, as Sergio leone said, "where life has no value". Characteristics edit The American Film Institute defines Western films as those "set in the American West that embody the spirit, the struggle and the demise of the new frontier." 7 The term Western, used to describe a narrative film genre, appears to have originated with. 8 Most of the characteristics of Western films were part of 19th century popular Western fiction and were firmly in place before film became a popular art form.

malayalam essay on drugs

This Western depiction of personal justice contrasts sharply with justice systems organized around rationalistic, abstract essay law that exist in cities, in which social order is maintained predominately through relatively impersonal institutions such as courtrooms. The popular perception of the western is a story that centers on the life of a semi-nomadic wanderer, usually a cowboy or a gunfighter. 1 A showdown or duel at high noon featuring two or more gunfighters is a stereotypical scene in the popular conception of Westerns. In some ways, such protagonists may be considered the literary descendants of the knight errant which stood at the center of earlier extensive genres such as the Arthurian Romances. 1 like the cowboy or gunfighter of the western, the knight errant of the earlier European tales and poetry was wandering from place to place on his horse, fighting villains of various kinds and bound to no fixed social structures but only to his own. And like knights errant, the heroes of Westerns frequently rescue damsels in distress. Similarly, the wandering protagonists of Westerns share many characteristics with the ronin in modern Japanese culture.

released during this time including High noon (1952 Shane (1953 The searchers (1956 and The wild Bunch (1969). Classic Westerns such as these have been the inspiration for various films about Western-type characters in contemporary settings, such as Junior Bonner (1972 set in the 1970s, and The Three burials of Melquiades Estrada (2005 which is set in the 21st century. Contents The lone ranger ; a famous heroic lawman who was with a cavalry of six Texas Rangers, until they were all killed but him. He preferred to remain anonymous, so he resigned and built a sixth grave that supposedly held his body. He fights on as a lawman, wearing a mask, for, "Outlaws live in a world of fear. Fear of the mysterious." The western genre sometimes portrays the conquest of the wilderness and the subordination of nature in the name of civilization or the confiscation of the territorial rights of the original, native american, inhabitants of the frontier. 1 The western depicts a society organized around codes of honor and personal, direct or private justice"frontier justice"dispensed by gunfights. These honor codes are often played out through depictions of feuds or individuals seeking personal revenge or retribution against someone who has wronged them (e.g., True grit has revenge and retribution as its main themes).

Common plots include: The construction of a railroad or a telegraph line on the wild frontier. Ranchers protecting their family ranch from rustlers or large landowners or who database build a ranch empire. Revenge stories, which hinge on the chase and pursuit by someone who has been wronged. Stories about cavalry fighting Native americans. Stories about a lawman or bounty hunter tracking down his quarry. Many westerns use a stock plot of depicting a crime, then showing the pursuit of the wrongdoer, ending in revenge and retribution, which is often dispensed through a shootout or quick draw duel. 3 4 5 The western was the most popular Hollywood genre, from the early 20th century to the 1960s. 6 Western films first became well-attended in the 1930s.

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For other uses, see. The, western is a genre of various arts which tell stories set primarily in the later half of the 19th century in the. American Old West, salon often centering on the life of a nomadic cowboy or gunfighter 1 armed with a revolver and a rifle who rides a horse. Cowboys and gunslingers typically wear. Stetson hats, bandannas, spurs, cowboy boots and buckskins. Other characters include, native americans, bandits, lawmen, bounty hunters, outlaws, soldiers (especially mounted cavalry settlers, both farmers and ranchers, and townsfolk. Westerns often stress the harshness of the wilderness and frequently set the action in an arid, desolate landscape of deserts and mountains. Often, the vast landscape plays an important role, presenting a ".mythic vision of the plains and deserts of the American West". 2, specific settings include ranches, small frontier towns, saloons, railways and isolated military forts of the.

Malayalam essay on drugs
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