Digital art essay

digital art essay

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digital art essay

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Then what is reality? In Drunken Santa, this problem is elaborated to the triumphant conclusion. The simplicity of symbolism of the warm and cold colors. The dazzling composition of figuration superimposed to abstraction. And besides the beauty of artistic logic, jaisinis works are marked with the rich, magnetic colors, as in Drunken Santa and others, strikingly attractive pictures in their intricate game of light and shadow, in their absolute congruence of visual and conceptual.

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digital art essay

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And so, he gets a company of some almost hallucinatory nature. A shark, a ghostly image, a profile of another prototypical drunk who is not accidentally situated in a horizontal position. An amalgam of the several female figures that consists of a woman in stockings, a nun, a big-breasted silhouette that create a shadow between. A heat can be presentations sensed around the hot colored Santa rose who has lost his beard and is holding a glass of red wine. He shows his thumb that may be just a polite substitution for the middle finger sign. The colors of the work are balanced by a virtuoso composition of a cubist character. The pictures space is divided endlessly.

More images start to appear. The world of Drunken Santa vitalizes to almost chaotic state. The work is a treasure. It depicts and witnesses the intangible mechanism of reality transformation. In the state of intoxication, what happens to the solid world of sober state? It is just like the dream world, that we call unreal, because when we are awaken it is not there. Just so the solid world must be unreal because it also vanishes in the drunk or deep-sleep states.

Drunken Santa is a work that creates a miracle of equilibrium. What seemed like a clash of an opposite spectrums colors became the unlikely harmony in this painting. Jaisinis artistic vision here is formed from two components of physical and emotional states of being. Freezing and heating serve as a symbol to a human need for warming up from the chill of solitude by means known to people at all times. The artist pursues his art philosophical quest for worldly knowledge that had left its traces in many of his works.

A line of composition literally ignites the paintings surface with the movement. The color of this work is phosphorescent, and it create the different planes if the subtle color nature. The warm color of purple supports the hot color of Santas figure and an exotic fish above santa. This hot color may represent the so-called material universe, the world of the gross senses that can be observed in a sober state. The cold, arctic blue color represents the unknown, the world of a deep state of drunkenness where real is unreal and otherwise. The only hard reality is the self, which never changes in any state. And maybe that is why jaisini favors the paintings main hero, santa, to possess the vivacious color of fire. Jaisini chooses this color of fire to manifest the self and the cold cerulean, cobalt and ultramarine to renounce self as a mortal entity surrounded by the eternal unknown. While santa drinks his feelings of frigid loneliness vanish.

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Trine kok (Instagram @trinekok) is craftsman-knitter, mother of biography two kids, e-shop owner, where her knitted handmade goods are sold, and just creative person, inspired by arts. Girl has published post with picture of one of Rosins works and persistently recommends everybody visit all his exhibitions and get experience of catharsis for real! Interior designer nicknamed @krakenvrt on his account publishes page shots taken in travels, natural landscapes, lovely pets and art objects. Among others there is video of unique beauty from Daniel Rosin exhibition with work called Snow mirror. Actually thousands and hundreds thousands people are admired by digital art, and also by craftsmen who create. And sometimes, as we are managed to notice in our research, it is not the object evokes delight but resourcefulness and genuine talent of masters of their craft, including Daniel Rosin, who composes his exhibits from everything he can find plywood, discarded packs or common. Needless to say that there is no more noble way to support kind name of company in social networks than to sponsor prodigies of digital art. Drunken Santa, oil painting on linen Art Essay by yustas guaranteed Kotz-gottlieb circa 1995 nyc.

digital art essay

which specializes on street art, American art, impressionists works and modern talents from all Europe. On her Instagram page nicole publishes best works of various art masters, expressing her attitude to every picture and installation. And mirror work of Daniel has not been avoided. Burton Rast (Instagram @misterburton) is software developer from San Francisco. Among his hobbies are mathematics, arts and everything related to his favorite work. There are no personal images on his Instagram page, but a lot of beautiful landscapes, architect objects and art. On the web-page of art gallery with works of young modern painters, @bitforms Barton (Barton is a fake name) couldnt keep delight of Daniel Rosin work penguins mirror.

We selected Daniel, principally because he combines both occupations: artist and inventor. His installations the are being altered under spectators glances and interacting with public. For example mirror assembled from small wood pieces breaks standard perception of reality. Artist proves that any surface can reflect image. Person, watching on installation, is observing himself in real time picture is unclear, however it is live and natural. Authors concept is exactly such types of displays, which draw a portrait of a person who is looking on it by certain logical sequences. In order to recognize which emotions of different public are evoked by digital-projects we have studied users Instagram accounts.

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It has developed historically, that all kind of creative work is the authors monologue and viewers are passive participants of art. Due to digital-art emergence a new concept known as interactive has appeared, when individuals take part in action instead of being outside observers. Like a bomb of slow action popularity of digital art has been growing among public and now it is on its peak. No doubt that the digital art itself arose neither yesterday nor today. However people has been involved to the process lately and social networks are overflowed with delightful publications under hashtag installationart (16455 posts digitalart (510695 posts). The main objective of todays Popsop research is to examine society response to ability of sharing the creative process along with artist itself, which has appeared due shredder to digital-art. As instance we took works of popular digital-art member daniel Rosin.

Digital art essay
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  1. Digital, art, spacecraft - "Planetary warp-Gate" Speed painting by spart (UltraWide qhd film animation, Spacecraft. Drunken Santa oil painting on linen. Art, essay by yustas. Decoration decorative disco discoball dawner davinci digital digitalart drugs dmt).

  2. Yllattynyt abstract word limit extended essay art project proposal. Due to digital - art emergence a new concept known as interactive has appeared, when individuals take part in action instead of being outside. Understanding your Style is an illustrated guide/ essay on style - not specific styles, or how to draw said specific. Digital art, skin art, themes. Digital, art, works The exhibition at the zkm media museum explores questions related to collecting, exhibiting, and maintaining computerbased art.

  3. Exposicions: Strobe ix festival de vídeo. Art, digital ; Cicle «Dèria» a la capella sant Roc; Jep Cerdà i l'escultura sonora; Art i gastronomia. The hands that didn't miss tritn 212 14 happy birth bby its elias lmao einhornprinz 83 9 an illusion? Essay, based in, digital, art. Fotografia:cassiosamara digitalart digitalartist digitalpainting paiting moda artmoda artfashion fashion. Digital audio essays hume dissertation sur les passions analysed two sided argument.

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